Who is Most Popular Pakistani Politician on Facebook?

I have been seeing Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary, Imran Khan & Pervez Musharraf facebook ads quite often.

But never thought of clicking on them. Just because I hate ads. They distract me. But somehow today, when I was all sad about Haiti Earthquake, I thought of clicking on them and see what’s in the store. Too my amusement, they have got pretty much fan following.

Now, I don’t know that which one of them uses Facebook personally but here I am going to share some count on number of followers/fans. Some got groups, some got pages. Some are made to make fun of them. Not Funny,facebookers!!

Apparently, Musharraf wins in the end. Buckle up So-Called-Democrats. Pump the Gas!!!

Note: We cannot confirm, if these are official pages or not -Please add more in list, or notify us in case any of the list is not official page.

  • Pervez musharaf himself create his own fan page and he uses this page as ads in Tv/Newspapers and he himself…..Imran khan never did this kind of cheap publicity…..so for me Imran khan is number 1.

  • page of pervez musharaf is official..there iz no doubt about musharrafs page..everyone knows n he himself hlaunch his page n to some extent imran khans page may bi official..but pages of all others are most probaly not official..

    • yes President Musharraf keeps posting his thoughts on his facebook page about different happenings.
      He also posts videos (of foreign visits/speeches), his thoughts and answers to fan questions.

      It should be noted that according to statistics on his facebook fan group, majority of his fans are are age 18-28 and around that.

  • In terms of numbers Zardari is number one, he has largest number of people who hates any politician on facebook (search for page Uloo ka patha)

  • guys! all in musharraf’s fan page are not his fans but most ppl like me joined just to show him the real side.. well on the sad end of the story, That so called commando barred me from posting any comment at his page.

  • what matters is who is being supported by honest and comitted Pakistanis,and Imran comes out as winner….
    Others are supported by ethonationalists,corrupts and beneficiaries

  • well musharraf kills everyone and rightly so, obviously he was pakistans greatest leader after jinnah who brought an economic revoloution after ganja bankrupt the country.

  • Iftikhar Chohdary is surely a politician. He was in rallies organised by political parties.A corrupt man, who has done nothing for the common people after his restoration.

    • For Example He stop want to NRO People,He Want to control Petrol Prices but govt…….,He want to control sugar crisis but govt. not….and the biggest one missing person case and so on:)

  • i agree iftikar choudary is definatly a politian and not a judge, because pakistans consitution states no judge especilly chief justice is allowed in public or allowed to hold rallies and iftikar choudary was a master at that, he is a politian,

    @muhammad ali aslam, he is only doing what army wants him to do now otherwise if army wanted they will throw him out, lets now forget army brought him back and now will use him to kick this goverment out.

  • Keep all the comments aside ……. i wonder 453 fans of Rehman malik ……..hahahahaha ……. Who are they?? silly people……. I still wonder….

  • It’s worth mentioning that Marvi Memon is perhaps the only politician who maintains a blog, as well as keeps updating on TWITTER!! comendable!

  • i think khan imran is only person who is well educated and pure honest man, INSHAALLAJ he will be our next PM.

  • i think ppl of pakistan should b on top of the list. show unity patriotism.humanity at every site u visit.u klnow what every body is doing fighting for their egoes self intrust,indidually v re a drop united v r an ocean.blame game is chame game pl b serious about yr future where u want to lead your country and youth. god bless our politician. and u all.

  • Pervez Mussharraf happens to be one of the most intelligent and far sighted person . He visualizes the situation and analysing it with great authority and knowledge. In my opinion he is one of the most petriotic and country lover, whatever he had done in his tenure, to err is human running a country is not a joke and especially with oppotunists around him. However we the common people were not facing these sort of hardships which we are facing now. But as the saying goes and we as muslims believe that wehe your deeds and behavior is bad and morally you are at the bottom you have to face hardships and wrondoings. Now it is for the people of Pakistan to lift themselves from this ground and unite to raise their voice.
    best regards

    As the saying goes

  • I fail to understand why efforts are made by some people to show that President Musharraf is not as popular as indicated by his following on the facebook.It is indicative of the fact that no matter what the nationality of the follower he has some intrinsic qualities which people like.We are a nation of sheep lead by propaganda and half truths.Imagine a state of affairs where sole criterion of judging a person is his leanings are pro or against Musharraf.May God give some independent analyzing powers to our wise men.

  • 1)perwaz musharaf zindabad
    2)mustafa kamal zindabad
    3)merza ekhtyar baig owner( taxtail industri)
    4)irani presedant
    5)we all pakistani peaple hate ppp…………….

    thx….pls musharaf you come back 4 god sake …..

  • Plz don’t level those dogs with Imran khan
    There is no similarity of those dogs with IMRAN KHAN LOVE YOU IMRAN KHAN

  • just wastage of time to talk about dirty political parties and politics of pakistan except one man to whom we sign as a symbol of change may god bless him (Mr.Khan Imran) with success to save our sweet country who is under threats of many zardars and lohars

  • Imran Khan is the most popular politician in Pakistan specially in Youth. But at this stage his party is not seeming to be live long. The party workers are having quarrels with each other and leaving Imran Khan.

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