ProPakistani was Down and We are Sorry for This

ProPakistani readers  may have noticed that this website is undergoing some problem for last 24 hours now.

We were down, then back then down again – and now ProPakistani is up with optimized design and database.

Good news is that nothing is lost – however, we will remain in same optimized design for another 24 hours at most.

We are sorry for this down time and un-parallel design.

News will keep coming – you will be served with all other services, such as newsletter etc.

Thanks for your support during this.

Update: Apparently reason for downtime was the SQL Database that got crashed. We had regular backups, but they were not of much help – as all versions crashed when put live. We are still under some unknown attack. We were unable to identify the issue, as all logs are normal, and do not pose any possible threat.

Currently, we are serving static pages, using locked down super cache plugin, so that there is least load on database. Thanks again for your support, calls and emails during this.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK