Consumer Alert: Beware of Automatic Activation of VAS Services

Lately, it has been observed, and reported by multiple ProPakistani readers, that telecom companies are activating value added services without the consent and demand of customers.

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is at top of the list, while other services, such as email to SMS services, daily alerts are other such services that are activated on customers’ numbers, which they never requested, rather few of them don’t even know of the service type and it’s pricing.

This is a clear violation of customers’ rights as these services are not free at all – or even if they are free, auto activation can easily be termed as a SPAM.

Even worst, when you notice that these services are activated on your number, and you try to get them blocked (through call center), you are not given back the money for the time you have (unwillingly) used the service.

Such practices are badly hampering customers’ loyalty and the brand image, though, such deeds may do little good in next year’s balance sheet however, in the long run it’s a clear deficit for sure.

Tip for Customers: If you doubt that your balance gets deducted without any activity, call help line and ask for all the paid (VAS) services activated against your number. Keep those that you have subscribed, and block the unwanted services.

How to Complain? PTA is the authority that looks after such things, so there is no other door available. Follow this link to know how to register your complaint.

Even you can file a lawsuit, against the company – and win hefty amount.

If you are one of the victim, you can share your story in below comments..!

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  • I personally visited Mobilink’s to my MobiTune. After a week, they reactivated it without my consent.

    What should I do now?

    • – Call Help line and ask them to deactivate
      – If not useful, Register a complaint at PTA
      – If not useful, File a law suit…!

  • i also recived a txt from telenor that “your WAP and GPRS service is activated ,dial 0000 for the next incoming msg for the pin code ” even though i dont have a WAP or GPRS feature in my cellphone.. i wonder how it happen & laugh for a sec . thats gr8 telenor is moving forward with any attention to its customers ,thumbs DOWN :S

  • ufone es kaam me bohat tez hai, her huftay mere number pe info service active kr deta hai aur meze ki bat main ye nmbr use b nhe krta. shaid ufone wale daily rent charge krte hai. aur help line pe cal kro to wo 2 din me deactiv krte hain aur btaty b nhe k kon c info service activ hai, q hai, ks ne ki hai. meze ki baat deactive honay k bad 1 din ka gap ata hai aur 2nd day phr se unkown info service k charges phr shura. is hal ye hi tha k wo sim use krna band kr deta, aur maine esa hi kia.

  • I agree with the post.. as i too have received sms from UFONE thanking for subscribing their info services whereas i havent done so!! cheaters!!!

  • I also receive info service messages and now receving thanks message about using their service and it cutting above Rs. 2 daily. Shame on U.

  • Well,

    the biggest fraud was done by PTCL. As they activated “voice mail boxes” of all landline cusatomers without their consent. As a result, anyone dialing to PTCL customer will go into the voice mail box after 6 or 7 ringing bells and thus a call will be charged to the caller.

    Amazingly, we dont have any trend here in Pakistan to record voice messages as the receipient never checks (including myself).

    As my personal observation, this facility is well used by in USA.

    Note: i have decativated voice mail box facility from my all landline numbers to protect my caller for unwanted charges if i am failed to attend within 6-7 bells.

  • I faced this Problem, Ufone activated VAS itself.
    More 6 time I blocked this service but Ufone itself activates after every 2 months now from two months after a lot of argument and fight it is blocked yet. There must be action against companies.

  • I was auto subscribed to “info services” of ufone. I called the helpline to ask why I was auto subscribed and told that I must have subscribed it myself. I disagreed but anyway requested I be taken off all these sms’s being bombarded at me, on which the lady asked for my CNIC.
    That blew the fuse and I asked to talk to a supervisor. I dont plan on giving my CNIC to unsubscribe something I never subscribed to! The lady on the other side backed down and just took my residential address to unsubscribe me.
    Now I get bombarded with SMS’s saying I am unsubscribed to “info services of ufone” …they keep reminding me of this as if I’m suffering from amnesia

  • I have been a ufone postpaid customer for many years, and they activated info service without my consent. they often activate other services without my knowledge too.
    ufone is certainly robbing of customers

    PTA should take serious notices of that cheating


    this is shameless, and disgracefull act of stealing few paisas from every customer a day and make a few million rupees a day, since a 10 paisa deduction will not be bothered by customers and since there are 10 million customers they make a million easy,

    it is similar to theft, theft is when someone takes some valued thing from other without owners knowledge and concent, and clear violation of trust. and integrity,

    millionere bossed of these telecom firms palnning these petty thefts and earning HARAM .
    it is worse then a crimnal stealing mobile on gunpont, worse then a pic pocket, worse then purse snacher, samefull and consistent stealing, and then denying, and riddiculing customers.

    once i was frauded out by 20 rupees by the supernet, and when i called they said why i am bothering for 20 rupees. i said true 20 rupees is not big enoguf to borhter but it is shamefull for you guys to steal 20 rupees. what a disgrace and shame. keep it you guys need it. like beggers.

    when will they learn integrity, grace, faithfullness. and trust.

    THIEVES will never learn

    it is said ” jis ke mon ko HARAM laga wo nahin choorta phir haram ka mal”’

    jo chor he wo chor hi rahega,

    chor chori se jaye heera pheri se na jaye


  • UFONE ! WTF ! they activated INFO SERVICES on my number automatically , i never use / nor requested about ufone infoservices !

  • yes, Ufone is a robber. I loaded two cards of 100 rs in two days. my first card vanished without any calls and with just few sms. My second card is half now. No idea where money goes.

  • Yes,that’s true and Ufone is Top on the list.Although I had called on their helpline and they always misguided me on it.And further I had registered my complaint to PTA but Ufone management didn’t take any serious measure.At last I’ve thrown away Ufone SIM .

  • I have worked for ufone as Customer Care Executive (CCE). ufone activates value added services on customer’s number from backend or by sending them flash messages. They even give advance balance without even consent of customer on which they charge service charges. I left ufone for their unfair means.

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