Consumer Alert: Beware of Automatic Activation of VAS Services

Lately, it has been observed, and reported by multiple ProPakistani readers, that telecom companies are activating value added services without the consent and demand of customers.

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is at top of the list, while other services, such as email to SMS services, daily alerts are other such services that are activated on customers’ numbers, which they never requested, rather few of them don’t even know of the service type and it’s pricing.

This is a clear violation of customers’ rights as these services are not free at all – or even if they are free, auto activation can easily be termed as a SPAM.

Even worst, when you notice that these services are activated on your number, and you try to get them blocked (through call center), you are not given back the money for the time you have (unwillingly) used the service.

Such practices are badly hampering customers’ loyalty and the brand image, though, such deeds may do little good in next year’s balance sheet however, in the long run it’s a clear deficit for sure.

Tip for Customers: If you doubt that your balance gets deducted without any activity, call help line and ask for all the paid (VAS) services activated against your number. Keep those that you have subscribed, and block the unwanted services.

How to Complain? PTA is the authority that looks after such things, so there is no other door available. Follow this link to know how to register your complaint.

Even you can file a lawsuit, against the company – and win hefty amount.

If you are one of the victim, you can share your story in below comments..!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK