PTCL Brings Super Basant Offer

Basant is festival, which reminds us Kites, Food and Lahore, but this February PTCL is going to offer a different kind of Basant named Super basant, where you won’t have to Fly kites but fly yourself high with discounts on local and nationwide calls.

What’s the discount?

50% Off on On-Net Calls Local and nationwide in Off Peak Time and Sundays Whole day.


  • Promotion period: 1st February 2010 to 28th February 2010
  • Off Peak Time 8:00 pm to 8:00 am (Weekdays)
  • Local Calls: Rs. 1 for 3 mins. (PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone)
  • NWD Calls: Rs. 1 for 3 mins. (PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone)
  • Applicable for all PSTN subscribers excluding Payphones and PCOs.
  • Standard Taxes Apply

  • Good! but has anyone ever thought that PTCL landline is the most expensive in the telecom industry? Billing is started after Rs. 200 (line rent). Look, if you make only one call in a month, that simply costs you more than Rs. 200. PTCL is the also network that charges Rs. 30 for CLI. Calling mobile network is also too much expensive around Rs 2.50/min. And last but not least don’t ask what happens when phone line becomes faulty and remains faulty for half or full of a month and you’ve to pay a full bill, and in some cases also the bill of the calls the lineman has made.

  • hehehe right said mr sherjeel but its a fact that we have only 1 landline network in Pakistan….!!!
    so enjoy with there rates…we cant do any thing…

  • PTCL ki misal aisi hy, keh ek Jangal k sher ne shikar kia aur teen hisay kar ke Lomari se kaha,
    1 hisa jangal ke badsha ka, 1 hisa jis ne shikar kia aur thersar hisa agar himat hy tu utha lo.

    PTCL is the only giant landline network and note that some thing is better than nothing … !

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