Zong Introduces ‘Chine-Ease’ One SIM Two Numbers

Zong has introduced ‘Chine-Ease’ one SIM two numbers, an additional service for ZONG postpaid subscribers.

Chine-Ease is a service through which subscribers using international roaming services will be given roaming facilities in China at the cheapest rates.

‘Chine-Ease’ subscribers will be given a ‘China Mobile’ number, mapped with their ZONG number; enabling them to have two numbers on one SIM. Thus, the China Mobile number will serve as the calling number, when the subscriber is in China. The ZONG number will serve as the calling number when the subscriber is in Pakistan or in any other country.

The calling number is switched automatically, according to the registered network and location while incoming calls can be received on both numbers. This service will allow subscribers to avail the cheapest rates on roaming while in China and at the same time have the convenience of carrying their regular ZONG SIM.

Awais Malik, Director Segment, Products & International Business, ZONG, while expressing his views said that the new service would particularly benefit people who travel frequently to China and do not want the inconvenience of purchasing local SIMs for making calls .

“Giving our subscribers the best possible rates and a wide range of services is the hallmark of ZONG philosophy. Chine-Ease will help ZONG’s subscribers to stay in touch with their key contacts while traveling in China at much more affordable rates,” says Awais Malik.

ZONG has again produced a highly innovative and affordable service for its subscribers. The Chine-Ease tariff is very cost effective, it is even less than half of China roaming tariff being offered by other operators in Pakistan. Moreover, as the calling number is switched automatically there is no inconvenience to the subscriber.

During initial phase the Chine-Ease service has been offered in Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Xinjiang provinces with plans to expand the service to other parts of China

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