Warid Denies Its Sellout Reports

Warid has denied recent press reports that said it was in talks with various Pakistani operators for sellout of its stakes.

In a company statement issued, Mr. Bashir A Tahir, CEO Warid Telecom International denied the mentioned story. He further said:

Recently there have been misplaced news items in certain section of the press that Warid Telecom Pakistan may be up for sale because of the shrinking interest of the sponsors relating to the market conditions in Pakistan.

Warid telecom Pakistan categorically and unequivocally denies such reports and impressions. Warid Telecom Pakistan is not being sold off rather is on course with its expansion plans with the continuing focused view to extend quality services to its loyal customers to whom it is deeply grateful.

Warid Telecom Pakistan also extends sincere thanks to  its business partners for their support and professional contribution., Bashir A. Tahir, CEO, Warid Telecom International

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  • Don’t you think you should apologise for presenting the story with tag line “its official”? Although its not your fault entirely as you quoted some crappy newspaper from UAE but its partially your responsibility as well to investigate the sources and don’t present it with strong word that “its official” when it is not

  • This story of Warid initially being bought by Telenor as a rumour,
    then confirmed,
    then yesterday revealed that Ptcl & Telenor both in talks aur ab Warid claiming nothing as such going on.
    Honestly I’ve had it with this story.

    Can the link of the company statement be added in the above article please.

    I’d prefer reading material that’s referenced esp related to this issue so it’ll be helpful if the above article is quoted or paraphrased.
    Thank you in advance.

    ps: yeh warid wali story tau full time ‘saas bhi kabi baho thi’ banti jaa rahe hay din ba din :|

  • Aslaam O Alaikum. Aamir Attaa, now a days we are not receiving any news sms from Pro Pakistani, even we have already subscribed. ? ? ? Waiting……..

  • Warid is alrady sold-out. CEO Warid is just mending the damage. Want to calm down the customer if they are in some panic.

    Its already been sold out to telenor and employees from Warid and Telenor both knew this thing. Even i have spoke to few Wateen Guys and thay also know this thing. Poor Bashir A. Tahir, CEO, Warid Telecom International.

  • G3 its not like that, you actually know nothing about it and just making it. Yes people like you actually make such false information floting in the market that does not have any base. Nevermind :0 Mr 3F

  • why on youtube it says:

    This Site is Restricted

    browsing with EVDO PTCL

    • Dear G3,
      Everyone knows industry will end up with consolidation. But from customers’ point of view, we will have lesser choice. Suppose ufone & telenor are merged into one company then we being the end user will have only 4 choices, possibility of further reduction in price will be less.

      I think PTA should take a lead & safeguard the interest of end users.

  • One way of looking at a merger is that it reduces choice, whereby decreasing benefits for consumers. Conversely, note that although these companies are making phenominal revenues, their profits (and ability to invest in new products) are reducing drastically. A merger helps them in becoming more profitable, which “might” encourage them to invest more in innovative products and solutions. So I guess time will tell how consolidation unfolds in Pakistan.

  • In my opinion this take-over of Warid’s control by another company has been finalized and done.

    During last 3 months Warid has done one major thing. It has paid major portion of long overdue commissions of its franchises. But before doing it, all such amounts were reduced to just 35% to 50% by making fraudulent deductions and absurd reductions.

    It seems warid management is not at all serious in welfare of its franchisees. All it wishes to clear its payables in its balance sheet by incorporating unethical deductions of its franchisees and please its new share-holders.

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