Facebook: A Savior for Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf has transformed from a military ruler and president of Pakistan to a friend of more than 140,000 Facebookers. Being the most successful campaigner on Facebook amongst all other Pakistani Politicians, Musharraf has now become one of the Facebook Stars worldwide.

Facebook actually turned out to be an opportunity for the retired general, who had left Pakistan with very little chances of returning back, at least in near future. He has managed to remain in the minds of Pakistanis through his Facebook Page.

Musharraf’s Facebook fan page can be viewed here

Through un-confirmed sources we have come to know that his Facebook page is managed by a New York based advertising firm. And they have done pretty well in advising Musharraf to personally respond to most (common) of the queries that his fans ask.

For instance, it was Facebook that he first admitted he had made a mistake by promulgating the National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Recently he was given tough time by fans on issue of Aafia Siddiqui.

We don’t want to get into debate of how good or how bad Musharraf is, but we will have to admit that he has used Facebook in best possible manner. He actually thanked Facebook in an interview given to CNN. He admitted that his supporters were dispersed, while Facebook gave him a chance to recollect all the supporters.

He has set an example and has proved that emerging tools are not for the developed world only, rather, if executed well, Internet and social media has strengths for a country like Pakistan as well.

By the way, President Asif Ali Zardari bears a techy mind too. For sure he is busy these days, but he may come up with a similar campaign once he is not in government (I am not giving you the exact time for that).

Moreover, let’s expect more campaigns in a specialized manner from other political parties.

There are total of 1,578,940 Facebook users in Pakistan, as of Feb, 2010.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • He is famous because in his time there was atleast SOME transparency. We could see the aid coming into Pakistan was being ulised too. But what about today?? Danish development assistance to Pakistan has been raised to$28million for the next two years but we do not see any progree. We should have the courage to appreciate his good points.

    • $$$$$$ Dollors $$$$$$ how can we forget the way this man sold our people and with NRO transparently handed over whole nation to Mr 10% (Pakistan Comes First was actually My Life Comes First)

    • i Think a man personality should be see as whole. and then u can decide is this good or not. well i say that overall he is not a good resource for pakistan. everyone know that the war actually we are fighting now not our. but we are bearing how much loss financially and human resources both in the form of army and innocent people that are killed(shaheed)in the war from last many year. so what u say…?

      So the whole and comment not only at one point.

  • I can not see that all those following his facebook profile may be his supporters. For instance I may follow him just to keep up-to-date to his latest idiocies.

  • why as a nation we have such a short memory, this is the same General who’s transparency is only clear from the fact that he bread terrorist and sold them to America for Millions of dollars with a confession is own book, anybody got any record where that money went ??? … the guy shook hands with India and let them build dam on rivers that is now costing us dearly in the name of CBM. Now living in the most expensive cities of the world on the money that is also coming from transparent sources like the billions of dollars that came here for war on terror … the money helped in our growth no doubt but most of it went somewhere which is unreachble.

    The silver lining on the cloud is that no matter what kind of rulers we have atleast we can get rid of them in 5 years time (now less than 3).

  • quoted from the above article,
    “There are total of 1,578,940 Facebook users in Pakistan, as of Feb, 2010”
    itni tau Pakistan ki abadi bhi nahe :s

      • well then I guess one of the logical reasons could be that there are a lot of people in Pakistan having more than one facebook a/c :s

    • aray merey nadaaan bhai 15 lac seventy eight thousand nine 40 abaadi hai kia pakistan ki?? phelay count kerloo sahi tarha kia lihka hai…1578940 almst 16lac users hai abhi tak pakistan k…

  • I support Musharraf instead of these ignorant politician. We dont need them. These so called democrats should be hanged.

  • after zab and bb musharaf is international personality.in his last days of govt badly trapped by hidden hands;rule of law to get mushraf.like nizam mustafa to get zab.decision of bugti and laal masjid adviced by agent inside like bb was advised bycott of 1985 election,[missed the train]inside exective committee of party.any how now he knows what was wrong and what to do next.he can advocate pakistan in peace lover countries,i think inside pakistan.he need more three years,out side,he is patriot bt he came from the wrong door,his exit bcause nato knows tht they cant win the war on teror with army ruler and without support of people of pakistan,islam west and democracy.to enter pakistan he has to clear why bb emailed to seagul about his role in bb assasination.

  • He’s very cleverly engineering his comeback to Pakistani politics. Many people would be on his side if he comes back through legitimate and transparent means. Whatever he did, he was at least better than the current government.

  • Musharraf is great leader and he has done well then any f**** politician ever played in Islamabad, anyone should thank him for his response on so immoral questions, he never deleted someone from his page no matter how many bad words people have used for him, people now talk about Justice, Constitution, democracy, selling people, all is bulshit, he is far better then Nawaz Sharif, Ch Shujat, Zardari even benazir, no one could ever prove that he has transferred funds to swiss banks, he has earned money for himself through illegal means, no one,,,His every decision was good and for Pakistan, he is the only leader did politics in the name of Pakistan, People now talk about Aafia, know the facts that their are thousands of aafias being raped everyday, people talk about f**** constitution,,,know the fact that current govt including our so called opposition rape this constitution everyday,
    There is this thing that no one could dare take his name or ask a question if he has not given this much leniency to people ” come and interact ” can someone dare say something about Zardari, or Nawaz Sharif ?? NO

    • Why this great leader is not coming for Pakistan …. where is his skin now “Sab say pehlay Pakistan ya meri Jaan” we want to see him hanged openly!

    • For Some F***** people and their supporters money is everything and now living as a brave fugitive after looting steel mills and NRO with zaradi. On which grounds his supporters speaking against zardari. He openly write in book that he sold his nation’s sisters , mothers just for money. we want to see that man hanged openly. Here we are supporting any Nawaz or etc …. and we don’t care what is facebook and numbers. if he is so much popular then he must come back and face the court otherwise for us he is a fugitive and for your kind information he will never come back :)

      • @Tanveer Akhtar can only laugh at your baseless self assessed comments about a great leader,,,I bet you have even read his book, he mentioned about sending terrorists to USA or handing them over so many reasons, and that is written on page 131, tell me the page number where he mentioned that he sold people ??? you blind nawz sharif supporter…..

  • And it’s notable that his current fanbase is growing at a rate of over 1000 fans per day. While some of them might not be actual fans, it is still far ahead that any other politician of Pakistan can dream.

  • He has lot of free time to sit on Facebook, in punjabi “WAILA”. He can add more than million friends, what so special in that

  • The root cause of terrorism in Pakistan is Musharaf; He played a key role in accomplishing the Propaganda of Jews (ruling America) against Muslims, especially of Pakistan and Afghanistan (where true lovers of Islam exist). the death of Benzir Bhotto; Zardari became President of Pakistan, all is chain of Jewish plans.

      • :) @ Get a Life … Defeat of Sheikh Rasheed in election is a slap for Musharaf and his supporters. Get more than Seven Life not for any thing but Shame for supporting a F****** dictator.

        • and shame on you for being a supporter of corrupt politician like Nawaz Sharif,,,,,, I will get 100 lives for Musharraf, get your f******* facts straight dude

          • For your Kind Information i never support Nawaz Sharif or Zardari and @ Mushraf + sajjad hyder and all his just 140000 supports which is lesser than Nawaz Sharif’s Supporters please For God Sake come out from Nawaz Shahrif Phobia and get join Musharaf Marasi (Expert Tabla Nawaz) POP Group. Baseless supports of Musharaf could never answer a single question regarding NRO with zaradi. and responsible for killing in Karachi and steel mills corruption ….. dear list is very long but i don’t have time for such f****** Mush and his supporters keep supporting and go to hell.

  • I want to kill him. Anti islam person. If islam doesn’t exist in this country then what for this country is achieved?

  • damn bulllllllcrap and that is it,,,,you people are just blaming Musharraf for nothing,,,,you have said that he has lots of free time so can make fake IDs and add over 1000 perday ,,,what if this goes same with you ??? why not some other politician does the same ? well here is the answer….no other politician has gutts to reply a single man for his/her deeds and participation in destruction of Pakistan, Yar just name one SOB pig politician can answer your question so openly ?

    you people only believe in their shit what they bark on TV or on a speaker in the corner, who gave you this sense of freedom of speech ? I wonder if someone ever asked a question directly to some so called where Musharraf in his era greeted,,,,Someone up here said Musharraf is responsible for Terrorism in Pakistan what a F**** joke, Zial ul Haq promotes molvism, drugs, refugees, and sectarian violation in Pakistan but people have marked his pictures on walls, someone said that Why this great leader not coming to Pakistan ??

    Well he is not that much stupid to give away his life for nothing, we need him and we want some platform to bring back and InshAllah we will do it, if you are talking about bravery then I have a question for you, if you are so brave and think better for Pakistan, why not you go ahead and start shouting against Zardari on street ?? you will see if you were good or just do it against Nawaz sharif,,, I will see how bold/brave you are ??

    Pakistan Zindabaa’d

  • @Fakhre Alam, If I understood your strong English, stop this crap to proclaim Islam, people like you biased arguments, illiterate, uneducated, unskilled, unprofessional people are cause of bad name for Islam, what the hell do you know about Islam ?? is this what Islam telling you to kill someone, what do you know that how this country was achieved, this country was never made in the name of Islam, THIS COUNTRY WAS MADE “”” FOR “”” MUSLIMS, AND NON MUSLIMS TO PERFORM THEIR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES FREELY, learn some manners before you argue

  • We are missing musharraf. He was a great leader and we hope he will coming pakistan soon. Great man, great leader, great ideas.

  • I really do not understand why we cannot grow up and admit the reality that Musharraf is being maligned basically because –
    a)because he is not the son of soil,
    b)he tried to bring the middle class in the driving seat,snatching power from tycoons and Land Owners and Land Mafia,
    c)finish Thana Culture,and,
    d) steered the economy on capitalist pattern as against socialist basis.
    His good intentions can not be doubted due to Nawaz brother’s politics of revenge So please grow up..
    He is the only ray of hope.

  • Shame on Shahid Raza comments;
    the problems we basically have is we dont belive in Allah, rather he nominated his only hope with Musharaf.
    He sold his people; create artificial economic growth thru leasing of even bicycle.
    although todays Zardari is the chain of Jewish propedenda against muslims; and Musharaf was the pioneer who was used up by Jewish lobby

  • What Sajjad Hyder is saying….. i think mr. Sajjad u are most illetrate person in world favoring Musharaf; u even dont know what Islam is…

    if we keep Islam aside, i think he tried to ruined Pakistan…

    and this must be very clear, PAKISTAN was PURELY MADE FOR ISLAM, where muslims can perform their islamic ideology…
    try to understand what islam says… but i dont think u could ever…
    strange lover bloody musharaff…..

  • there r more then 3 imran kahn pages on facebook.and he have more then 67000 and 54000 fans on two diffrent pages.Every one know how many people vote 4 him in election.mushraf have more then 160000 fans.so if mushraf is thinking he is still popular in pakistan then he is stupid.

  • He is stupid no doubt but his fans are more stupid i read some comments on his FB page where his fans requesting him to comeback and save Pakistan. :) no one is asking him about NRO and his corruption cases, killing innocents and selling people just for his own bank account. and i am sure few paid men are working for his FB and increasing numbers by fake identities.

  • نیا مشرف اور پرانا مشرف ….قلم کمان …حامد میر

    پچھلے دنوں سابق امریکی نائب وزیرخارجہ رچرڈ آرمیٹج پاکستان کے خاموش دورے پر آئے اور پرویز مشرف کی پاکستان واپسی کے امکانات تلاش کرتے رہے۔ انہوں نے مسلم لیگ (ق) کے ارکان پارلیمنٹ سے ملاقاتیں کیں اور پوچھا کہ اگر اکتوبر 2010ء میں پرویز مشرف لندن سے کراچی پہنچیں تو ایئر پورٹ پر کتنے لاکھ افراد اُن کے استقبال کے لئے آئیں گے؟ مسلم لیگ (ق) کے رہنما یہ سوال سن کر مسکرائے اور خاموش رہے۔ رچرڈ آرمیٹج نے اپنا سوال دہرایا تو ایک خاتون ایم این اے نے کہا کہ ہوسکتا ہے مشرف صاحب کراچی ایئرپورٹ تک پہنچ جائیں لیکن وہاں سے وہ لاہور یا اسلام آباد تک نہیں بلکہ کسی جیل میں جائیں گے کیوں کہ سپریم کورٹ 31 جولائی 2009ء کے فیصلے میں اُنہیں غاصب قرار دے چکی ہے‘ اُن پر اکبر بگٹی کے قتل کا مقدمہ درج ہوچکا ہے‘ سابق کورکمانڈر شاہد عزیز ٹی وی چینلز پر کہہ چکے ہیں کہ مشرف نے فوجی قیادت سے پوچھے بغیر امریکہ کو پاکستان میں اڈے دیئے اور ڈرون حملے شروع کروادیئے۔ مشرف دور میں لاپتہ ہونے والے سیکڑوں پاکستانیوں کا مسئلہ بدستور عدالتوں میں زیر التواء ہے اور سب سے بڑھ کر یہ کہ جس شخص نے این آر او پر دستخط کئے وہ کس منہ سے آکر پاکستان میں سیاست کرے گا۔ آرمیٹج نے خاتون ایم این اے سے کہا کہ آپ مشرف کی وجہ سے پارلیمنٹ میں پہنچیں آپ کس منہ سے اُس کی مخالفت کررہی ہیں تو خاتون نے جواب میں کہا کہ میرا لیڈر مشرف نہیں بلکہ چوہدری شجاعت حسین ہے اور مشرف نے چوہدری شجاعت حسین کو بھی دھوکہ دیا۔ مسلم لیگ (ق) کو لال مسجد میں فوجی آپریشن ‘ ججوں کی نظر بندی‘ اکبر بگٹی کے قتل اور لوڈ شیڈنگ نے الیکشن میں شکست سے دو چار کیالہٰذا ہمارے سامنے مشرف کا نام نہ لو کیوں کہ مشرف دور کے بہت سے اسکینڈلز ابھی فائلوں میں دبے ہوئے ہیں اور ہم مزید بدنامی مول لینے کے لئے تیار نہیں۔ خاتوں ایم این اے کی بات سُن کر آرمیٹج نے موضوع تبدیل کردیا۔

  • agree with tanveer.i write on his wall that if u r famous then y did u write “Please engage constructively; uncivil posts will be removed or edited.after some min” he remove my comments from his wall and ban me.

  • Same Happened with me And jawad sb even in this case i mean after you are banned to post in this FB page they are still counting us as a Musharaf Fans. He banned all who try to criticize and only appreciator is allowed.

  • I agree, it is a successful campaign. I was in Pakistan for few months and facebook was cluttered with PervizMusharaf’s ads, having that said, i believe Musharaf or his advisers cannot think of such campaigns, i am sure it is crafted, designed and funded by goras to later use Musharaf for their political agendas.

  • مجھے تو مشرف بے چارے پر ہنسی آ رہی ہے کہ اس نے فس بک پر اتنے لوگ اکٹھے کے اور فس بک بند ہو گئی

  • مشرف نے اپنے فین بنانے کے لئے پتا نہیں کتنا پیسہ خرچ کیا ہو گا کتنے جعلی اکاو نٹ بناے ہوں گے سارا حرام کا مال برباد ہو گیا

  • He has more than 50,000 fans from rest of the world, i guess he would keep on going, FB ban shall be removed.

  • Now facebook banned forever with 50,000 Fans of Fugitive Musharaf as you mentioned :D

  • اب طبلہ نواز مشرف اور اس کے حمایتی لندن میں ہمیشہ ٥٠ ، ٥٠ پونڈ کے نوٹ کنجروں پر لوٹا سکتے ہیں

  • REZ آپ کو کچھ شرم آنی چاہے کہ آپ کنجروں پر نوٹ لٹانے والے مشرف کے لئے فیس بک پر سے پابندی ہٹانے کے حق میں ہیں

    • Tanveer Akhtar, app ko sharam ani chaiay ka ap typical paki ki tarah dosroo ko judge kerna shuru ho jatay hein, ap ko es lia bhi sharam anii chaiya ka ap etnay baray ho gay hein or ap ko baat ki essense samjh nahi atee, learn to comprehend!

  • بل کل شرم آنی چاہے بات تو سچ ہے پر بات ہے رسوائی کی. بھائی معذرت کے ساتھ سچ کچھ کڑوا ہوتا ہے. بل کل شرم آنی چاہے ان لوگوں کو جو اپنے آپ کو قوم کا لیڈر کہتے ہیں اور کنجروں پر حرام کے نوٹ نچھاور کرتے ہیں. اور ان لوگوں کو بھی شرم آنی چاہے جو اسے بے غیرتوں کی ابھی تک حمایت کرتے ہیں، جو اپنی ماؤں بہنوں کو بھی روپوں کے بدلے بیچ دیتا تھا. بل کل شرم آنی چاہے

  • مجھے لگتا ہے جب سے فیس بک پاکستان میں بند ہوئی ہے طبلہ نواز مشرف اور اس کے حمایتوں کے دماغ پر اثر ہو گیا ہے. کتنے جعلی اکاو نٹ بناے ہوں گے سارا حرام کا مال برباد ہو گیا. صبر کرو آخر وہ حرام کا ہی مال تو تھا

  • ”فیس بک“ اور یو ٹیوب پر امریکی خاتون کارٹونسٹ کے ہتک آمیز خاکے بھی کولڈ ٹیسٹ کے زمرے میں آتے ہیں، یہ ہماری غیرت کا کولڈ ٹیسٹ ہے
    پاکستان نے کہوٹہ ریسرچ سینٹر میں دسمبر 1984ء کو کئی کولڈ ٹیسٹ کئے تھے، جس میں نیوٹران کی تعداد اور وقت پیدائش بالکل ”ٹیکسٹ بک“ کے مطابق تھا، اس وقت کے صدر مملکت جنرل ضیاء الحق کو جب محسن پاکستان ڈاکٹر عبدالقدیر خان نے جنرل انیس اور کرنل عبدالرحمن کی ہمراہی میں ایوان صدر جا کر کامیاب کولڈ ٹیسٹوں کی خوشخبری دی تھی تو ضیاء الحق کی خوشی والہانہ تھی، وہ ڈاکٹر خان کا ہاتھ مضبوطی سے تھام کر بار بار مبارکباد دیتے رہے تھے، کولڈ ٹیسٹ دراصل ایک ایسا کمپیوٹرائزڈ طریقہ آزمائش ہے جس میں دھماکے (Fission) کی ضرورت نہیں پڑتی۔

  • ”فیس بک“ کولڈ ٹیسٹ ناکام ہو گیا ہے، پاکستانی قوم نہ صرف یہ کہ بیدار ہے، جذبہ ایمانی سے سرشار ہے بلکہ اسلام دشمن قوتوں کا پوری طرح مقابلہ کرنے کی صلاحیتوں سے بھی مالا مال ہے۔

  • اگر مشرف اصلی سید زادہ ہوتا تو فیس بک پر امریکی خاتون کارٹونسٹ کے ہتک آمیز خاکون کے بعد اپنا فیس بک بند کر دیتا پر نہیں یہ سچ میں ان لوگوں میں سے ہے جن کے بارے میں بھٹو صاحب نے کہا تھا. یہ پیر زادے ، نواب زادے ، سید زادے سب حرام زادے ہیں

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