Shocking: PM media cell Using GMail Account

Earlier today I came across this news playing on GEO television network where they showed an email sent from PM cell. The address was mentioned as pmmediaoffice [at]

Went into shock and awe. The government official channel is using GMAIL account. What is going on here? Thought it was some kinda mistake so I just googled the email address and I found the exact email address. Exact Match!!.

Check it out for yourself here

  • When we have all the official IT infrastructure to help the cause then why do they use the GMail account?
  • When we have Electronic Government Directorate to enhance the efficiency of the government, then why do we have GMail account for official purpose?
  • When we have official email addresses backed by Government own IT infrastructure, then why do we keep our mails on public servers?
  • When there is petty amount of tax payers money going to the pockets of providers of securing government communication, then why do we rely on freely available email address?

Do we not know the repercussions of having freely available email address? Out of my narrow sightedness. What do you think?

  • I am not shocked at all. I don’t even care.

    I mean, if Govt is using Gmail for emails, so what?? (What’s the big deal?)

    Even if they use their own server (which will be down 10 times a day), what’s the good about it?

    Its not that they read those emails or give a damn care about what the people of this country have to say. They only thing important for them is to fill their pockets and that is going on pretty smoothly. (Gmail or No Gmail, doesn’t make any difference)

    /rant over/

  • Or they can just use google hosted solution but atleast with there own domain.

    I dont this they you compromise the information with google… google is evil

  • Pakistan hai bhai,,,, yahan sab possible hai,, shock honay ki bilkul bhe zarorat nahi thi kamran bhaiiii :P

  • I disagree. Not a useless topic to discuss. Good job Kamran for putting this up here. Next item: Spread this. Online Community Groups, Newspapers, Media so that the idiots within the Govt wake up and notice and recitfy this.

    Just because some lazy idiots in the Govt are not following the e-mail policy does not mean we have to be lazy idiots and turn a blind eye.

    Who said this? “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  • Yes, it is really not a bad thing but is because they are not allowed to
    Rules are rules buddies…..

    However, they should adopt gmail server as their main server but use their own domain

    Like mine email for the University is:


    So, that people dont shout !!!

    But I admire the person who caught this big deal……….

  • I think there is no harm or does not make any difference that what email address is being used but the point is that there is no benefit for ordinary people who want to have their complaints attended by PM Office. I am really disappointed by the performance of PM Office as they don’t attend the Complaints of ordinary people at all.

  • there will be alot of spam so he considered using gmail .. this is the only reason one should use gmail ….

  • When we have IT advisors like Latif Khosa then this is no big thing to worry about.

  • IT Advisor: PM sir, I have brought an ultimate tool to cut down price for Mails.
    PM: WoW ! How?
    IT Advisor: E-Mail.
    PM: How does it work ?
    IT Advisor: Sir the total budget is 400,000$ Including Server machine, Admin and few employees to mop the Server.
    PM: Approved ! keep it clean and enivornment friendly.
    IT Advisor: Oh yeah ! He doesnt even know google, its FREEEEEEE !

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