Rs. 1 Per Min – Country Wide: PTCL


PTCL is offering new call rates from landline to landline and Vfone network – for local and nation wide calls.

All calls, after March 1, 2010, will be Rs. 1 per min from all landline numbers to other landline numbers of Vfone numbers, anywhere in Pakistan.

Earlier call rates were Rs. 2 per 3 mins on local and nation wide on-net numbers.

  • Rs. 1 per minute for all Local and Nationwide Long Distance Calls (PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone)
  • All other Off-Net Local Calls Rs.2/3 min
  • Off-Net NWD calls are Rs. 2/min
  • Free Conference Call Service for all PTCL Wire line subscribers from 1st March-2010 to 31st Dec-2010

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  • It mean that PTCL has increase it rate while mobile companies offer rate less than PTCL.

    PTCL Rs. 1/m is more (has line rent Rs. 174)
    Ufone Rs. 1.20/m is less (has no line rent)

    so mean PTCL is closing it network? Did here any way to stay on 2/3m rate?

    Kind regards,


  • This is is a good move…i know many ppl who wouldnt make a call from PTCL thinking that Rs. 2 is too expensive for a minute’s call.

    PTCL’s flat packages such as double up address the needs of subscribers making longer duration calls …..

    Well done PTCL and about time they reduce tariffs for mobile networks as well.

  • I think this is a very bad move
    As they have freed the service of conference calling but @ the same time they are increasing the prices to get more profits

    Ptcl sucks !!!

  • Nice. I always thought why PTCL couldnt charge on per minute basis when the mobile operators are charging on smal denominations….i think the voice quality for land line to landline is too good in comparison to mobile to mobile calls and rupee a minute is not so expensive afterall.

  • it means local call rates are going to increase.

    before Rs 2/3imints which is 0.6667 Paisas per minutes onnet
    Now it will be Rs 1/1 mint for local call
    Keep in mind that customer who have to call nationwide use Pakistan Plus package for Rs 200/month rather per minute call plan. fasten ur seat belts as March’s PTCl bill gonna increase by 33%. Long live PTCL.

  • It isn’t that simple kashif. I think majority of the calls are of shorter duration and it was this segment that ptcl was fleecing with its outdated 2 for 3 minutes tariff.

    I like this tariff as it’s simple and clear.

    Ptcl should come out with pakistan package type offering for local call users as well as I don’t make long distance calls and am not on pakistan package

  • Yaar isse acha to GO CDMA hai Rs.2 mai 3 mins. deta hai. Aur Vfone ka Unlimited packae acha hai. Daily k Rs.20aur month Rs.600 mai unlimted calls kre.
    Rs.1 mai 1 min. wrong decision take from ptcl. plz immediately cancel & again contionue previous package.

  • A few years ago, PTCL reduced the duration of local call from 5-minutes to 2-minutes. But due to aggressive protest from the public, it increased the duration to 3-minutes.

    Though it looks good but the upcoming bill will show the dark-side of this tariff.

    Logically it seems unfair to impose such a tariff on on-net calls when they are already getting a big line-rent. In other countries, when companies charge such a big line-rent, they offer free local call or at least enough free minutes. PTCL was considered cheaper than mobiles’ tariff but now there is no difference. These are the decisions that company is going down day by day. In my area, Shadbagh Lahore, there was a time when almost every house around me had PTCL landline but now I’ve found out after talking to the lineman that only 6 houses in whole MOHALLA have PTCL landline.

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