Least Concerned about Punjab Assembly’s Verdict

By A Cellular User

I have been living in this country since I was born 37 years ago. I have seen so many ups and downs in the country, when I was told that Pakistan is in serious crisis. Worst of all, all the serious situations were severe than the previous ones.

As a common person, with my limited vision, I can understand that all those situations were either due to violation of law or no law at all.

Recently, Punjab Assembly passed a regulation about the permanent ban of all the night packages in the country, or at least in the province. Decision was welcomed by a massive majority including the youth of the country.

I am wondering no cellular company or the authority has taken any step in order to work on the implementation of the resolution. It looks, we are facing another very similar instance when there is a protocol available to follow but no one is bothered about what law has to say.

Even worst, a cellular company has just introduced an SMS package that is valid from 12 AM to 12 PM, meaning that instead of banning previously available night packages, cellular companies are busy introducing new ones.

This is quite a dare on their end – and questionable act on authority’s part.

  • The elected representative of public unanimously passed resolution against Late ‘Night package’ and the but the other side these Mobilink Jazz is offering new packages for late night.

    Is there any authority that can contour this privilege operators to protect our youth from health and moral weakness???

  • Can Mobilink Jazz SMS sytem support the traffic??? beacause earlier Mobilink also had offered ‘Bundle SMS’ but due to insufficient system they had to withdraw this offer. Will this happen again???

    I request Mobilink first improve the service then launch such offers. Mobilink is worst as far as SMS are concerned.

  • Mobilink will never penalize whatever they do as they are the blue eyed boy of the telecom authority. There is no respect of the elected members in the country.

    Restless nights are naturally not healthy for human body, and these kids end up with serious mental and physical disorder, if they keep making night calls and SMS for long time. But who cares.

  • well people calm down you see just one aspect of the thing

    if you dont like the packages then dont talk i think its the responsibility of the parents if there childrens are under age and using cellphones why to blame on companies

    if someone is above 18 and he uses the night packages what is harm in it

    if you are talking by law then this is also the law

    student youth in under age have got cellphones its not government or netword carrier responsibility

    there are no revolutions here in 2g networks and we are just going backward well

    if they will block the packages then there are enough voip softwares available to get same benefits even video calling

  • admin is looking very concerned about that resolution passed by the Punjab gov why dont you pops up other matter which are causing more severe damage to out nation espcially out youuth??

  • i realy amazed as i learned that world is just moving upward n we i mean pakistan are just heading downward as our government is about to inforce a new sanctions on night packages which are offered by the cellular companies………what i belive we have to growup now and we have to give a bit of freedom to the businesses, support them and let them florish in our country. then may b we will be able to creat some jobs for the people of our country………apparently we are poor country n we have to do a lot to get our country back on track………m i right….?

  • I agree with hami, you can’t blame those low cost packages, if someone is using them for wrong stuff its their own fault. Why not see the positive aspect of things.

    The night packages is tiny stuff, if someday an assembly says that internet is not being used for good overall in Pakistan so lets block it, will anyone agree, off course not.

    Definitely following the law is responsibility of every one but law makers must also think what they are doing.

  • @K. Shahzad: we can say internet is being used negatively, but its usage is 50/50, (50% bad/ 50% good) i agree with u that nobody will agree on blocking internet until its usage moves to 100% for bad reasons. but as far as Night Packages are concerned is there any POSITIVE side????
    @Hami: “if someone is above 18 and he uses the night packages what is harm in it” if there is no harm in it then for above 18, interaction between girls & boys also should have been allowed by ALLAH Subhana’u? (as we r MUSLIMS) .As u know these packages are mostly used by “Love Birds”. What i mean is if i m 22 and i m talking all night to someone, then what i’ll do in day time?? obviously i’ll Sleep. you think in this situation i can perform my duties to society and my Country??
    if u say everyone above 18 should use it with care, i don’t think our youth (mostly) is that mature.
    (i might be wrong, but this is what i think)

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