Hamari Awaz Won’t Remain Free After March 12th

Hamari Awaz, a mobile social network, will start charging for sending and receiving messages starting March 12, 2010.


  • Sending SMS: Rs. 1 plus tax
  • Receiving SMS: Rs. 0.40 plus tax

Hamari Awaz, a US Government Backed mobile social network, allows users to create groups, which other mobile phone users can join. Any message sent to the group is relayed to all the group members.

US Government had said that it will support first 24 million Humari Awaz messages, and looks the limit has reached.

Hamari Awaz on other hands lacked support issues, with no website, helpline or any advertisements; network is running absolutely at its own.

Mobile phone users also had concerns over US’s involvement in the project, and could be the reason that they didn’t use Hamar Awaz at large.

Pringit and Chopaal are other mobile social networks running in Pakistan, which are free but not fully flawless.

How to Un-subscribe:

Simply send “unsub” to 7111 – so no SMS is sent to you from Hamar Awaz

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  • Fakhre Alam

    Bakwas service.

  • never even heard of this……

  • Such a nonsense service.


    hum har chez muft chAHTAY HAY

  • u guys talking about the ROSHAN one????

  • sherry

    haha.. very nice service … message reach after 4 to 5 days.

  • jadoo

    i am subscribed to this service and now i am outside the country on roaming… now i want to unsub this… what to do now?

  • omer

    very nice brother

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    it was a great service , sad it is not free any more after 12th March , but still one thing is not clear , Re 1 +tax PER SMS or PER DAY ??
    and 0.4 per sms or per day charges ??

  • It seems a new one to mobile social networking scene. I’ve never heard of it before.

  • ali adnan

    aslam o alikum
    zong ki inquiry karain
    franchise paraishan
    ,custumer parishan , network , or bohat kuch
    hamari awaz b suniye

  • Faheem

    I have tried to unsubscribe from 7111 but the message is not delivering.

  • Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

    It was a great service but i think it wouldnt remain continue for not being free. Roshaan Khan kahatak from UAF used this very positively at a massive level. I salute him for his contribution towards sharing knowledge in a very interesting way.

    I am discontinuing too because of its unclear policy about charging. . .

  • Waqas

    not none

  • sardar ayaz

    Thanks bro for useful information , i just have unsubscribe from 7111