"Humari Awaz" Pakistan's 1st Mobile Social Network

Pakistan’s first Mobile phone based Social Network, named as “Humari Awaz” will be emerging has emerged soon with assistance from United State of America, announced Secretary Clinton during her visit to Pakistan.

As per a press released published on a US state website, Humari Awaz will be is available on all five mobile phone networks. Release further says that platform will leverage SMS technology and enable Pakistanis to build mobile-based networks around shared interests, themes and subjects.

How to Use “Humari Awaz”

  • Simply send an SMS “HELP” or “MADAD” to 7111
  • Follow the instructions to complete the registration


Humari Awaz or Our Voice is free right now. U.S. support for the program will cover the costs of the first 24 million Humari Awaz messages.

How it works

Once you are registered, you become the member of main “Our Voice” channel or let’s call it room. Messages sent on this channel are received by everyone registered with Our Voice.

In addition to linking friends and families, the network will also help a range of other users – from farmers and resellers who want to share market prices, to businesses that wish to communicate with their staff on the road, to news outlets that want to share information with targeted groups.

Humari Awaz participants also have the option to identify themselves or remain anonymous.

Humari Awaz demonstrates Secretary Clinton’s continued support for using new technologies to create social networks that facilitate more people-to-people interactions.

Via US Department of State

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hidden Eyes

    we already have got million message for 1 paisa or so like scheme… why the hell do we look forward to something from Hillary? More spam :-(
    Or is this way to just check our messages ;)

    • “Or is this way to just check our messages ”

      agree with you…

      • irfan

        agree with you

        • Ammar BJ

          Well friends for Pakistan I had started an information based sms service for this you just have to type in your message space ‘Bajwaz’ (with out ‘) and send it 7111 no receiving charges this is free of cost…. do join it… No service chharges especially for zong users

  • Jadoo

    what are the sms charges on 7111?

    • It didn’t charge me anything, however, official confirmation isn’t available as of now.

  • Haroon

    Is the service ‘Our Voice” is free and is this service copy of Chopaal or its Different?

  • It is just a way to get information about the users and USE them for their interest as they did with Facebook they collect information from there as facebook is not accessible easily in Pakistan so they introduce an other way … i request to all that PLEASE DO NOT use it and try to avoid giving your personal information (such as your pictures(because they do no delete even if you delete it) personal email ,phone no etc) to other social Networking site such as facebook, tagged, twitter,…

    • good argument – that why US government would fund such a platform for Pakistani common people. We know secretary emphasized, multiple times, about changing the perception of common person in Pakistan – maybe this is one of the way, to get the masses on board and then broadcasting messages of their will. However, let’s not anticipate things, maybe it is too early; but probability is there.

      • Rajal 786

        Hi aamir bhai app ki pehlay wali pic ziada achi the profile may

      • Nadeem

        To some extent your right Aamir. US is trying to change the thinkings of the people about US. They will send anonymous (without any name) to all the people. It could be any type of message which will weaken the belifs of Pakisatni Muslims and slowly brainwash common person.

  • Rez

    My question is, why United States investing into this, is their strategic move to spy on what we talk about? well, this is bit creepy.

  • Nouman Khan

    Agreed with Originative !

    This is now revealed to the internet buddy that CIA is the mastermind for following us. They now want to penetrate more on us. They now how our nation is now get aware of the latest and other issues by these SMS campaigns.

    If anyone is unaware of how they work they just google and youtube the terms:

    media mind control
    jew watch
    cia dirty games

    and list goes on…

  • Shehzad

    Is it for pak only our other country people can also join us in it ? I think it will be limited to pk only but little confused as its lunched by us may be us other also can be connected

  • I am tried 2 use it i have registerd.but when ever i want 2 send sms to other friend the sms comes returned 2 me plz help me.

  • Shehzad

    How To Remove it then from a number ?

  • Looks to me more like a spying service but I will still manage to give it a try.

  • Kashif Bashir

    I think this is not Pakistani 1st mobile social network. 1st mobile social network is chopaal

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    to quit from this service , please type
    and send it to 7111
    you will b unsbscribed from it
    but if u dnt want to receive msgs from a specific USER only then you cant.
    ita a bug of this 7111 service.

  • Adeel

    I have been using chopaal.pk. They send close to 7 Million SMS/month. Goes on to show the ignorance and arrogance of Hillary Clinton that she did not even know that Pakistan has a very large SMS social network already that is used by over 500,000 pakistanis. I just noticed that samaa news even sends its officials news alerts through them. Just go to http://www.chopaal.pk and use this Pakistani social network, rather than using CIA-sponsored networks to gather information about pakistanis.



  • Bright Boy

    chopaal is lot better than that and is Pakistan’s first social networking website.

  • Khalid

    i love the heathly paranoia exhibited by everyone, but do you really thing the US need a social network page to get information on you. Our government gives it too them everyday …..

    • shah

      dost muje ye batlo k man kis tarha msg karon pkfun walon ko? man apni awaz kis tarha logon tak pohchaon plz reply?

  • Haseeb Khan

    7111 Is Amrican Service!
    But it hink Its FEAUTRES is better, Because no type of Registration is required for Getting SMS alerts

  • Amigo Adnan

    Like We Have chopaal.pk Web Site To Gain Information About It, I Think “ Humari Awaz ” Don’t Have Any.

  • mobi

    koi mojay es kay baray may mazeed batay ga yeh kya hay aur esay use karnay ka proper tareka kya hay?

  • Asad

    Well guys, USA never does things tht are useless 4 them. They r nt dumbs. Evrything that they do, values them. Be aware, lets fail this service. Wese i hv joined. Bt soon i ll unsub.

  • to block only one no, write

    unsubscribe userid and send to 7111.

    if any one know any other commands do post them their, how can i hide id from others. or how can i invite other user, means if i have only userid how can i invite some1

  • kamran zaki khan

    this service is tooooo slow

  • Adeel

    I do not understand the debate. Pakistan already has a very large, fast mobile social network called ChOpaal.pk. It sends over 7 Million SMS in a month. Then why even consider joining an America sponsored network with at best dubious intentions. I think we should all boycott this american network and join http://www.chopaal.pk . Be Pakistani, Use Pakistani!

  • kamran zaki khan

    i m using from two days first it was free and now its charging me Rs2+tax/sms

  • Muhammad Ali

    @adeel agree with u.. chopaal is great just need to help them… becoz some time its down

  • kamran zaki khan


    • Muhammad Faisal

      kuch pata chala kamran is chopal se jaan churane ka tareeqa plz share… Thanx

  • Imran Manzoor

    Hey People Join CricNews on 7111. Just Write CRICNEWS and send it to 7111. Its Very COOOOOL Tag. Cricket News regularly updated and also live cricket score alerts.

    @kamran zaki khan this 7111 is tottly free. not charging anything these days. and for chopaal, just leave all the tags in chopaal u join. SIMPLE :)

    • Aimy

      how will i know what is my user id?

  • kamran zaki khan

    but it charging from my acount.my id is KAMRANZK.

  • Tariq

    server of 7111 is not working
    no reply form the server (Any type)

    • Zeeshan

      yes…..mujhe b koi reply nai aaya. bas thora sa load aaya hoga server pe to yeh 7111 ki service down. is se to CHOPAAL 10000 derje theak hai. kamzkam msg send to ho jata hai beshak agle din hi kyu na ho

  • Amir

    The 7111 service is not working from yesterday? .. any one know the reason?

  • its coooool service….

  • 7111 is not good at all ..!! it cant send a messagelonger than 1 page , also sme msgz arrive very late to the reciever ..!! (send TxxT to 7111 if u want all ufone jkz newz n much more)

  • Wel its a nice service indeed but as previously said that its a GAME of U.S.
    Wel i am here just to say Stay Safe!

    Write “STOP TagName” to Stop recieving msgs from a specific tag
    Write “UNSUBSCRIBE” to Delete your account from their server…

    Thanks for your wonderful and informative site…


  • Amir

    im living in Faisalabad.. and here the service works for 2 days only now when i send msg to 7111 it shows to pending. and nothing happens

  • Qaisar Mushtaq

    i m already subscribed to this services. this is a good services and it is totally free…

  • Qaisar Mushtaq

    I also know about a site from where you can get 100 rupees balance. Just gives the answers of the simple questions daily and get 100 rupees balance after a week. But only two lucky winners will get balance after the lucky draw.

  • Asad

    ChoPaal Sucks……….Worst ever SMS service

  • itstariq

    7111 is back on on warid

  • itstariq

    First send help to 7111
    wait for reply
    then chose user id for registration and send to 7111
    after this Send “sabkijan” to 7111 to subscribe free service from my side
    In Last you send your user id to me on 03212005570 for your messages

  • Subhan

    7111 is worst service. chopaal is way better than 7111. the delivery time in 7111 is almost 12 to 14 hours and in chopaal sometime its too quick but when its worst it just take 5 or 6 hours. so chopaal is better. and also in chopaal we can chat but on 7111 its just one-way sms. so in my opinion chopaal is better. but if u r using 7111 then Write CRICNEWS and send it to 7111. and enjoy free cricket updates.

  • TAS

    This project surely doesn’t ring any good bells. Chopal is way better.

  • Muneeb

    I think This is a plan of USA to know what is in the mind of Pakistani people
    Any way i am using Chopaal
    Thats good
    I was finding a better serves then chopaal if some one can tel me is there any better serves then chopaal
    i shall b thankful…………
    post here or reply me on [email protected]

  • kamran zaki khan

    any body can tell me why its charge from telenor numbers.

  • khan

    lot of this type of services in pakistan so edit the title :)

  • Shaida Ikram

    Use Ourvoice to Develop the country. Don’t waste the time.

  • Muzamal

    Choopal is Superb

  • sdam

    join kre fun-kit aur receive kren be inteha sms free apne mobile per bus fun-kit jis trah hai es trah likh kr apne mobile se 7111 pe bhej den es k koi charge nhen hain end bahut kuch

  • Mehar

    write msg
    send it to
    7111 for news alet and much moore

  • Sohail

    Plz tel me any 1 wht is the awaz msg 7111 WHTS THIS SERVICE ANY 1 SND ME TXT AND TELL ME. who its wrk and proper mean. Plz tell me its my num 03334510740

  • lovrboy0004

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  • nokiax30

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  • nokiax30

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  • Amara

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  • Please unsubcribe me

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  • abbas

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  • zeeshan

    7111 me apne subscribers ki tedad kese malom ki jaskati hea ?

  • amin

    Can anybody tell me about “How to activate 7111 sms sending account”


  • plzz plzz tell me how i subscribe daily sms on my mobile daily alert my mobile no:03337330649

  • sUNny

    itX fAKe:-( BooR:-( ReaLy BooRiNg:-(

  • azhartyfon

    god help these who help those

  • Noman Saaqi

    Asslam o Alaikum Friends… Yar Plz Koi Mujhe Yeh Bataye k Agar Mein Ne Chopaal Jesa Social Network Banana Ho To Kya TAreeqa Hai Plz plz plz .. My Mob.. 03445458173

  • Sana

    may tang agae hn hud se mere telenor no pe activate ho gaya hai ye 7111 wala service ab na stop pe band hoti hai na end pe or na stop (id) pe ab may kia krn sara balance kharab kia hai koi mada kre on this no 03459336334

  • Ammar BJ

    Well friends for Pakistan I had started an information based sms service for this you just have to type in your message space ‘Bajwaz’ (with out ‘) and send it 7111 no receiving charges this is free of cost…. do join it… No service chharges especially for zong users its checked….

  • Asif

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  • SMS Nirmeen

    This is curious.

  • Soha

    Last msg is one year old. What is recent update ?

  • Abdulmajid Gujrati

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  • abid

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  • Asfandiyar

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  • Asfandiyar

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  • mudassir hassan

    plz help me
    mujhe apni 7111 ki id bhool gyi ha..aor yaad b ni arhi na he stop horahi ha..koi mujhe iska hall bate mere number pe plzzz main usko load dunga plzzzzzzzz +923136133858
    plz any one tell me solution

  • how to block it now?

  • Bob, I love your theme but if I have an image which is linked it has an ugly yellow border.

    For example, if you check out These posts You’ll see each of the images has a nasty yellow outline.

    Any ideas how I can remove this.

    Great work on the theme and thank you for sharing it :)


  • Don


  • But let me tell you a little something: Gone are the days when you simply start a blog and people come flocking by the millions. People need to be able to find you and no, they aren’t going to come looking.

  • Haya

    H0w To use Twitr? Any b0dy help me?

  • funny
    lot of this type of services in pakistan so edit the title :)

  • azim riaz

    hello every body