Share the way You want Pakistan to be – Telenor’s Karo Mumkin

Telenor Pakistan wants you to share your thoughts and opinions for for the promising future of the Pakistan.

Idea is very simple; Telenor wants Pakistanis to connect with each others’ ideas, at a platform governed by the company. Users can post ideas through SMS, call, Telenor’s website and via postal mail.

Telenor is maintaining the list of all ideas (category wise) on its website. Along with it has success stories, inspirational videos and  images.

All ideas will be discussed and evaluated by a panel of Pakistani intellectuals through the nationwide television coverage.

One winning idea will be selected & recognized through the “Telenor Karo Mumkin” show.

Through Karo Mumkin, Telenor intends to achieve CSR goals and first hand relation with its customers. A good click to start with, however to calculate the effectiveness we will have to wait for the results and changes that this campaign will bring for the society.

You got something interesting? Share it here:

SMS/CALL: 576 (for telenor customers only)
CALL: 0345-555-5540 (For all networks)
PO Box: 345 Lahore
Or through this page:

You can send entries before 31st March, 2010


You can post your idea in following categories:

  • Education
  • Human Capital
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Support
  • Entertainment

One suggestion: Posting ideas through website is little hard to understand, one click submission should be enabled so that non-techy persons can share their thoughts with further ease.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Telenor, its time to hire an SEO guy, look at the permalinks on this karo mumkin thing, this is poor work

    • permalinks are server dependent mere dost :-) maybe telenor is not supporting it, so no issue coz maybe they dont want SEO coz they know they can drive traffic from many other sources, look at the concept and I and many like it, good step towards change.

  • i suggest for pakistan in future to c sucesful n prosperous to b gud muslims n always speak truth n trust on oneself own not on others teling lie n cheating is big crime so v shoulds nip the evil from its bud so v shold act upon true muslims teachings n get gud religious knowledge n gud education to improve lifestyle n our economic condition so think firstly as pakistanifor pakistan n everything else come next so pakistan our first priority n v should behave like responsible citizen so acountability sense led us towards right path of prosperity n suces so our goal peaceful country with all resources of life n blessings of allah almighty thnx

  • sir i am the syudent of final year muet jamshoro, me want to internship during summer vacation so how to apply. can i get internship here. rpy

  • pakistan need new blood like it happened in USA pakistani old decayed wood is full of termite and the youth of pakistan must get rid of it with new election.we can change the pakistan only by giving a tiny spark in our youth.I don’t say leave your personal life, and go door to door and start guiding people that how Pakistan requires us! It’s not practical because people would say let us find 2 kg sugar first, then some wheat after that we will think about that!

    Let government handle big issues like suicide attacks, Indian involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan.I understand we are busiest nation in the world;-] But atleast we can pass on something positive for Pakistan. From understanding the diplomatic strategies to cleaning our own street, from making a promise with yourself to giving small social tips positively to the people!
    Time is running fast and we have to do SOMETHING FOR PAKISTAN.are you agree with me…???

  • agar pakistan k polticis change ho jaya to shahyad pakistan ka kuch bana saka hum pakistan to ek tarki_ya_fta country dakhna chahta hai as like other country

  • Dear Sir

    I am Asif from city BahawalPur Pakistan currently cit is Karachi Pakistan,

    I would like to suggest that presently we need to select for our govt, some new and educated and honest n young people who can handle all this matter you know our majority of highly educated people went across the countries in the World and felt good to working over-there why not in Pakistan its very big problem of Pakistan when your youth will not still n try to built our own country then how we can get success

    previous and crept people should left their the politics n give change to serve new generation for Pakistan.

    I am sure that if give change to new generation to development hopefully it can control of the every thing because every thing price increasing day by day with all politics taxes u know if we couldn’t control this we will let down front of the whole world within few couple of coming years.

    This time need to correct all things / Thanks Asif

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