Telenor Karo Mumkin – Play Your Part

In ‘Matrix’ (the movie), you remember Morpheus telling Neo that nothing in this world is impossible, anything that hits your mind is possible, has a meaning for all of us -particularly during a time when we are feeling low and not up to the mark.

As we covered before, Telenor recently launched this campaign called Karo Mumkin, and company is asking whole of Pakistan to participate through bringing their ideas for bettering Pakistan.

Motive behind campaign is apparent, Telenor Pakistan wants you to think and bring the best of your work forward in order to achieve glorified Pakistan.

Some might think that their ideas are not do-able, or it looks too un-realistic in current situation, but we have examples from past when undo-able was achieved with honor by combined human force, and at times by a single person.

So guys here is the time to re-collect your vision, thoughts and brain – think the way you want Pakistan to be, and share it with Telenor.

You got something interesting? Share it here:

SMS/CALL: 576 (for telenor customers only)
CALL: 0345-555-5540 (For all networks)
PO Box: 345 Lahore
Or through this page:

You can send entries before 31st March, 2010

Telenor says it will examine all the ideas and the best out of them will be presented in Karo Mumkin Show.

Telenor has said that it will work on the feasibility of best known idea for its possible execution as well.

  • Beautiful advertise…appreciate telenor pakistan work…i hope they will not only present the best idea in the show but also implement it with the help of UN aid or with Govt of pakistan…!!!

  • Well i must say that the thinking and milestones achieved by Telenor and Pakistan over the years is amazing. May Allah prosper Pakistan in all walks of life.Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :)

  • i will apprise Pakistanis through my articles which i am writing for them.
    AND I study in class new 9th.
    i have written an inspiring article “be apprising Muslims”. for not only Pakistanis but also for all the Muslims of the world.

  • all hats to telenor to imagine us and take us to future pakistan.
    great camapign and I beleive they will not only keep these ideas but also provide foundation stones for the bright ideas.
    looking for roshan pakistan
    with lot of electricity
    good transport systems
    good industry textile to pharma
    good health facilites
    great use of human capital
    provision of basic facilities ,

    lets c what comes in these aspects
    great work telenor

  • its my article for Pakistanis and Muslims. because you could be aware the thoughts of a 13 years old girl.
    An article written By: Seema Rehman
    Student of class: 9th

    Be Apprising Muslims!
    Observe your status:
    All Muslims when ever you suppose about you? You are all the broken stars of the galaxy. That tribe brings you up which bruise/crush the crown of leader. At this moment you don’t know about your elders and great philosophers. How they got distinguished superiority owing to embody their operative ideas which they got from Quran and owing to amenable the only one God (Allah) and the last perfect prophet (S.A.W)’s life.
    If I want I dearth the map of my elder’s past life but, this time you are busy in Americanism and you have art to save yourselves from the truth and you haven’t enough time to go back into that view of past. That how our elders got that status?
    Now you have no interest in purity. You know, you give up that superior system of Islam to others. Resultantly we have erased our elder’s foot prints from distinguished superiority mountain top. It isn’t about government. Government is an accidental (temporary) thing. We are the Muslim of this universe the messengers of true religion Islam. But the owners of those pearl, educational books were our elders, when it is to be seen in the Europe the heart blows out and weep in bloody tears.

    Muslim’s Present:
    We have nullified the eastern system, and constituted the western system. Look with in yourself and ask are you Muslim? Are you the messenger of truth? Are you obeying your elders? Your perfect prophet? You’re only one God (Allah)?
    The single answer of these questions is “NO” only “NO”.

    You’re Point Of Thinking:
    You all think that you are Muslim, and you have ruled so many years on this world. Dear Muslims! You haven’t ruled over this world, your elders had ruled. But you have given that status. And becoming grotesque. Islam says: If you forgive others Allah will forgive you. But it also allowed fighting with enemies and that fight called “jihad”. Now this suffocated world we can’t see difference between the path of Satan and righteousness. But you say we are on the path of righteousness, but still why are you Americanism?
    America had no law. But it chisels the law and the system of Islam from us, and started acting upon it and getting that superior status now that our elders had got since millenniums, and had leaved for us. Which we haven’t cared. You think America should to respect us because it got laws from us, but also think who had become embroils? And who become elated?
    Well Columbus and Vaskooday Gamma has died but leaved a great problem for World especially for Muslims.

    About Pakistani Government:
    Pakistan was the first Islamic Atomic power. So owing this it has the remarkable ability to form linkages with other Islamic states.
    Sir Asif Ali Zardari only passing the bills. I think he has infinite ink in his pen. The bills about women specially. Due to this most elopes are occurring, but still the government give safety to that eloped women. Is it right?
    Most of the N.G.O’s women disturbing the minds of married women. Resultantly in courts most of the cases are of divorce. Because not every women can think broadly. And sir Zardari stopping the men from four marriages, but Islam give the permission of four marriages. Think Pakistanis are you living in an Islamic Nation? That nation which was built by our famous Muslim leaders but now being destroyed by your anomalies (irregularities).
    If current Pakistan is not an Islamic state so why you say it “Islami Jamhooria Pakistan”. I want to take back the “Islami” and that Pakistan which my elders left for. Because current government hasn’t enough experience to brought up nicely Pakistan.

    Sir Zardari Cleverness:
    Sir Zardari allowed the nation that when he will be died the all main parts of his body add in the trust. It is not his great sacrifice. Through this he has got the sympathy of rank and file. (May be if he dead in blast his not any part of his body will reach in trust). Because think how many Priceless and Hardworking bodies, well developed and well behaved bodies he took during the period of his regime. And he made the democratic Pakistan. He only allowed for his parts of body which help almost 5 to 7 people only. What about rest of the Pakistanis. He not allowed about his infinite money like his infinite pen’s ink. Dear Pakistani people why are you testing the already tested people. That is why ANGUISH is your Consummation (fate).

    Become Arc:
    If you want to get your distinguished superiority back so first ignore your embroilment, think consistently, don’t emigrate after study specially, become the part of circumference of a circle of true religion called Islam. And be apprise (aware) the world we have the courage to uphold our previous status, and have the courage to face the already veil enemies. If we console each other and act upon religion Islam so we get back our superb status. If we not become united, our consummation (fate) will be that, about no body can think and say after 4 to 5 years. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace. I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. So we have to make charity and brotherhood the pleasure of our eyes.

    Some points which you have to do:
    Respect your kith and kin. And in case of need extend them your help/assistance.
    Do not indulge in “Back Biting”.
    Overlook the deficiencies and weaknesses of others.
    Do not exploit other’s weaknesses for personal advantage.
    Do not act against your conscience.
    While extended help and assistance to the needy make sure you do not burden them with obligation.
    Value time, life is short and there is mush to be accomplished.
    Do not seek reward for the help you are able to render to others.
    Live austere life, as for as you can.
    Do not be ashamed to acknowledge mistakes and never put blame on others for your own failings.

    If I can do some good today,
    If I can serve along life’s way,
    If I can something helpful say,
    Lord, show me how.

    If I can right a human wrong,
    If I can help to make one strong,
    If I can cheer with smile or song,
    Lord, show me how.

    If I can aid one in distress,
    If I can make a burden less,
    If I can spread more happiness,
    Lord, show me how.

  • if you like my article please give your comments. owing this i get courage to write more more and more articles for whole Muslims of the world.

  • Thanks bro.. but there r some mistakes in it bcuz its too old article which i had written:).. but now i have corrected that mistakes :) i want to publish it in newspaper but how can i do this?? i need help// :)

  • Asalam-o-likum …
    i realy apreiciate this show …
    i wan tu take part in this program so plx guide me how i’ll b d part of karo mumkin

  • i want to give vote to no 4.i realy apreciate this show.i want that future of pakistan is better than before.thanks

  • its an osum idea put up by by telenor these contestents will prove them so.And other youngsters will also get chance.I Request to telenor if they have started a program to establish a good nation so plz plz plz carry on and make this platfom an honour for all pakistani.i would like to vote Zeeshan Shahid.No 1.Hats off to you telenor.Have a great sucess theirafter.

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