Try This Before Calling Wateen Customer Support

There are times when you call on customer support people and they tell you various tweaks to get around the problem. Using Wateen, you usually come across problems of front page not opening or prepaid page not opening. So, here are the various little things that customer support guys normally share.

  • Delete temporary files
  • Clear Browsing History
  • Enable Java Scripts
  • New Login Page can be found at or
  • Alternate Address for prepaid portal is
  • Alternate Address for selfcare portal is
  • Alternate Address for Internet Login page is

If you follow above mentioned steps, and then login – there are good chances that you will be able to browse now. And for the rest of the queries, try 111-365-111. By the way, I found Wateen Customer Support extremely good to interact with.

  • nice tips by the way there is one more ip address for login page
    wateen customer support is just marvelous…

      • just name your any query and i would answer it
        there is one more that if you wanna login or recharge kindly check the LAN setting from IE
        tools–>internet option—>LAN settings
        that no check box should be selected and use Internet explorer for login or for recharging your account
        and remember to log out properly when you are done with your internet browsing cause if you don’t then your session would be held and you definitely can’t login and would have to call the support for releasing your session.

        • There is way around for this session thing. cz it happens normally that you fail to sign out the connection due to load-shedding. So, when you try to connect after power is back, try address. There you will find the welcome page. Click on LOG OUT. and then login back with regular address.

          Thanks man for your positive feedback. We will try to let know all the people here to email you for any future queries on Wateen. Just Kidding!! :)

  • Mrs Bari! send email to the board and president of wateen to punish such culprits

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  • Well my query is a bit different. Hav been using Wateen since lst 3 months. Nd the problem i get stuck up in to is tht the Device while trying to authenticate the Network Fails do to which am not able to connect to Wateen. While some time iv the device authenticates the Network it cant obtain IP to log on to the server.

    Well these problem arrives and leaves automatically. Just need to ask is thr sme thing wrong with the device i am using or is it due to Traffic Problem on the Network whn am trying to access the network.

    Thank You

  • yes, no login now, since they have mapped each users id to MAC address of the device. to cut off illegal use. Since i know many people who were using ONE ID on three to four devices at different places! so now ONE ID for ONE device only! no more login.

  • i had problem issues so they gave external device (motorola OSU-450) my basic need is to run a DVR on static ip. for that i have been issued a static ip. now i am facing another problem, every after few mins i have to login. during the day its posible as its a small office and 2 computers are open during the day but at night only standalone dvr will use internet for 4 cameras. please guide me if there is any option to overgo this login problem and have continus connectivity. i also have a d-link wifi router which i am willing to use. i am still under 15 days return policy. although wateen customer care has told me loggin problem can not be solved until i keem one computer open all the time

  • plz wateen centar reply me
    im usman from .narowal. pakistan . ye k wateen ka network narowal mai kio nai lagaya ja raha tel me .?

  • plz wateen centar reply me
    im usman from .narowal. pakistan . ye k wateen ka network narowal mai kio nai lagaya ja raha tel me .? my number 00923476308114

  • Jazakallah khair!
    I always visit this page to see how I can recharge my Wateen card. Don’t know why page suggested by Wateen doesn’t work. :D

  • salam mery net speed bht slow h,last month bilkul thk thi,btaen kesy thk krn???any method????
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me,i’ll thnkful 2 u

    • Can you tell how much is the Signal Strength being received and what is the specification of the Internet package that you are using….

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