Telenor Puts Charges on Missed Call Alerts with Additional Feature

If you want to notify all your callers (who called you while your phone was switched off), when your phone is switched-on, then “Alert My Caller” service is just right for you.

This additional feature comes with Miss Call Alert Service of Telenor, which was earlier free, but now is being charged at Rs. 3 per week plus tax. One time Rs. 30 plus tax, as activation fee, is in addition to weekly charges.

So, whether you are out of the coverage area or your cell phone is switched off, you can never miss a call with Telenor’s Missed Call Alerts. MCA provides information about the caller’s Mobile number, date & time, and frequency of calls.

MCA works when?

  • You are Busy
  • You are out of coverage area
  • Your cell is switched off
  • There is no reply from your side

The Activation Process

  • Dial **62*00923455555503# for activating Missed Call Alert option if MCA has to be activated on switched off condition. To deactivate the service dial ##62#.
  • Dial **61*00923455555503# for activating Missed Call Alert option if MCA has to be activated on no reply mode (after 5 bells). To deactivate the service dial ##61#.
  • Dial **67*00923455555503# for activating Missed Call Alert option if MCA has to be activated on busy on other call condition. To deactivate the service dial ##67#.
  • Dial **21*00923455555503# for activating Missed Call Alert option for all incoming calls. To deactivate the services dial ##21#.

Call Telenor Call Centre at 345 or Visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre or Franchise to activate the service on your account. Telenor Representative will ask for your approval for the activation of this service. On successful activation, a welcome SMS will be sent

Alert MY Caller

A SMS notification will be sent to calling party when called person becomes available.

Direct Key-words for Activation / Deactivation


  • Activation: Rs.30+Tax
  • Weekly recurring: Rs.3+Tax applicable after 60 days of activation
  • Each SMS to 345 costs an additional (2 Rs. + Tax).
  • Service activation is free of cost for postpaid users.
  • Please note existing Customers before 20th March will be charged Rs.3+Tax per week after 20th May.

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  • first it was free then they had one time activation charge of 50+tax for life now it is 3 rs weekly wth….. :@ good thing i have ported out of telenor :p

  • Telenor looting their customers. WARID offering same service for just rupees 10+tax/Month no activation charges and not only that 1st month is absolutly free…

  • aik dafa phir ______ telenor

    nahi leni itni mehangi service

    balance checking non free+delivery reports not free+expensive telenor calls+ expensive sms packages+ expensive MCA+smart tones charges+ easy paisa 5rs monthly charges= customer khajjal khawar


    [Comment Edited]

  • good going telenor you rock :P :D
    new ideas earning with a non-sense & idiotic way to loose its beloved customers
    thats why you people called



  • Hey guyz you are right… Telenor phoookha ho gya hai jo paglon key tarha customers ko looot raha hai.. dafa maro asey ch**tia service ko.. and port out hoo jao bahi.

  • Itna bara FEATURE ohooooooooooooo my God mei tu hiran hi hoo gya hun.. phele en-hon nay Rs50 par life time kaha tha … es ka koi deen eman nehi hai.

  • first 60 days yeh free hay after that weekly 3rs charge hotay hayn.

    jab ap k 60 din puray ho gay to weekly base pe yeh aatay hayn. ab ka mujhay nai pata lakin jis ne us waqat service active ki us k yehi charges hayn.

    apni apni pasand ki baat hay

  • Telenor, your such kind of offers and activities are just bad things…. Pehlay yea free offer kartay hain, phir jub daikhtay hain kay customer unka ho gaye… phir charges apply kar daita hain.. Whats a ideas for getting money from their valued customers…….:D People are aware everything and they have a knowledge about these things…… Top Management is sleeping… But I am surprise to know that how they can getting customers day by day…. After members statistics… Whats the reality behind that? Dont know?

  • Yeah how dare they charge for services, anyone would think they were here to make money. I get so fed up with you ____, broke ____ people complaining about the price of services.

    If you had paid attention in school, you would have got a good job and could afford your phone. Stick to sending letters to each other, maybe not, you could not afford the stamp!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Such a bullshit service of crap network. i mistakenly activated some 4 months ago but neither i received a single message of this crap service even when my mobile was switched off. Geo Telenor aur Khud Hi Geo. Awaam Ko Ch**tiya Banao.

  • Its activated in every new sim in these days with additional services like azan alert etc,and deduct amount from user account its so annoym for new user and they never back to telenor

  • One stupid rep called me, when he was still telling me the I said “OK, I see” and he just ended the call and activated the services without my approval. How pathetic Telenor is, Shame on You

  • i tried to deactivated service several times, but every time I receive a sms back which says

    ” Moaziz sarif, aap ki unsubcription ki darkhast mukammal nahi hui. Baraye mehrbani dobara koshish kerien”

    so this is a total scheme, since each SMS cost RS. 2 and when customer has to send it multiple times, they earn money from it

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