DELL Notebooks Unleash ‘Core i-Processor’ Power

Dell is offering the latest range of high-performance Notebook computers, including the Dell-“Studio” and Dell-“Inspiron” series. These futuristic and stylish machines are powered by the latest Intel “Core i-Processors” delivering unprecedented intelligence, speed and storage capacity. Core i-processors are the latest technological tools for enhancing computer performance to the Next-Level.

Dell has become the first company in Pakistan to introduce Core i-Processors in its latest range of Notebooks. Parallel to this distinction, Dell has also attained tremendous advancements in creating the most compact and lightweight Notebooks with exceedingly expressive and stylish designs and applications.


As a result, the Dell-Inspiron-Mini offers revolutionary capabilities and unmatched speed contained inside a compact shell. The Stylish Inspiron-Mini comes in a wide array of colors like Pretty-Pink, Obsidian-Black, Cherry-Red, Passion-Purple and many more.

A vast range of consumers will be benefited tremendously from these innovative Notebooks, that deliver exceptional computing and communication experiences. The communication and social networking enthusiasts can find diverse modes of self-expression through these products. Users with a heavy appetite for Internet access anywhere, anytime, can now fulfill their passion for performance, design and style with these latest Dell Notebooks. The salient features of Dell’s new range of Notebooks are stated as under:

Dell Studio 1557 (i7-720 Core)

Studio 1557 is the most advanced, Top-of-the-Line Notebook from Dell, powered by the Intel Core: i7-720QM processor, which is globally acknowledged as the ultimate processing tool for computers today. The fantastic performance of Dell Studio 1557 is reflected by its 1.6GHz processing speed, enhanced by Turbo up to 2.8GHz, along with 4 Threads and a 6MB Cache memory.

The Dell Studio 1557 boasts a 4GB DDR-3 Random Access Memory (RAM), along with a 320 GB Hard Drive. The other desirable capabilities of Studio 1557 include WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, Web camera, and a Card Reader.

The most advanced Operating system branded as the “Windows-7 Home Basic” makes this machine a dream computer for every user who seeks the Lasting Top quality of Dell, and wants to achieve total freedom in communication, processing and entertainment. Dell Studio offers the most impressive value-for-money.

Available at a very reasonable price of Rs. 89,900/-

Inspiron 1464/1564 (i-5/520 Core):

The premium model of Dell Inspiron 1464/1564 series comes with a speedy Intel i5/520M Core processor, presenting a speed of 2.4GHz, which goes upto 2.93GHz through a Turbo option. Additionally, a 3MB Cache Memory and 4 Threads are also included. This Notebook also comprises a 4GB DDR-3 RAM and powerful Hard-Drive options of 320GB and 500GB. Other worthy features include WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, Web-camera, Card Reader and a Disk Operating System (DOS).

This highly capable machine is attractively priced at Rs. 79,900/-.

Inspiron 1464/1564 (i-5/430 Core):

Another Inspirational Notebook model from Dell is the Inspiron 1464/1564 with an Intel Core i-5/430M processor that offers an amazing speed of 2.26GHz, that reaches upto 2.53GHz using Turbo. Other features include 4 Threads and a 3MB Cache. It has a 3GB DDR-3 RAM and a 320GB Hard Drive.

At an economical price of Rs. 68,900/-, this amazing Notebook offers great communicative and interactive capabilities like; WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, Webcam, Card Reader and DOS.

Inspiron 1464/1564 (i3/330 Core):

Extending truly unmatched features at a truly unmatched price of Rs. 59,900/-, the Dell Inspiron comes with a capable, economical, and agile i3/330M Core processor, offering an amazing speed of 2.13GHz along with 4 Threads and a Cache memory of 3MB. This impressive computing device is complete with a 2GB DDR-3 RAM, a 250GB Hard Drive, WiFi, Blue Tooth, LAN, Webcam, Card Reader and DOS. This machine is the best buy in its category, offering great value-for-money to the consumers.

Another remarkable highlight of all Dell Notebooks is the exceptionally long battery-life for extended and continuous usage. Therefore, it is concluded that Dell has created truly exclusive digital experiences with powerful Multi-core technology, providing all the bandwidth needed for next-generation, highly-threaded applications.

  • i recently bought a laptop for myself, my first choice was an intel i3 powered dell because of the price tag but then i came to know that the dell’s i3 powered laptops have some graphics related problem
    dell inspiron 1564 was the model

  • i bought this laptop about to weeks ago from panorama computers. it was the i3 model .It has some awesome speed much much faster than core duo2 .. There is no problem of graphics in my laptop as im using windows7..

  • oh btw i bought a compaq i5 instead.. pretty awesome :) and you can google to see, many people have reported problems
    btw is this a sponsored post or something? jw

  • hi there,
    i am also using dell inspiron 1564(i3).
    the main reason for graphics is that this machine is design for 64 bit operating system and u might be using 32 bit OS …
    then you have to get it from Intel site like me i am using 32 bit win7 home premium and it works perfect..
    see yaa

  • Aamir bhai please upload a comprehensive article on Laptop selection. Please customize the essay with respect to pakistani market only.

  • forget inspiron and get latitude E6400! it simply blows away inspiron & studio series of Dell!

  • I bought Dell Inspiron 1564 from Techno City Khi for Rs. 51,000 (i3,2GB) International Warranty.

    Some vendors who did NOT have 1564 were saying that it has graphics problem. Don’t buy it.

    I bought it anyway.

    It came with Dos.

    I installed Windows 7 64 bit, downloaded latest drivers and LATEST BIOS.

    Its been 1 month now, and I am glad I did not listen to those vendors.

    It rocks!

    Nabeel Amin.

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