Warid Network Covers 500 Cities

Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. achieves another milestone by expanding its quality network services to 500 cities of Pakistan.

Connecting all major cities, rural areas, small villages and towns the network covers a road length area of 12500KM across Pakistan.

Warid’s commitment to excellence and unparalleled network experience has led it to provide coverage in extremely difficult terrain of South-West Punjab collaboration with USFCo for DG Khan Lot.

Being acknowledged as most reliable network service provider the company is also the first one to introduce proper In-Building Solution with Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in Pakistan.

Currently Warid has 66 IBS on Air in the network that covers buildings include all Airports, Major Shopping Malls, Major Hotels and Important Corporate Buildings.

With an ambition to maintain and deliver unmatched high quality network experience to every nook and corner of the country Warid is pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy to spread its network coverage from cosmopolitan cities to smaller towns and villages of Pakistan.

  • Are you working at Warid?

    This is not even a thing to talk about. Others are covering much more cities.

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    • lol i actually agree !

      not even the topic but article itself is written from a “warid” prospective

    • Exactly what I thought. When it comes to Warid, they’re all praises and head-over-heels for the company here in ProPakistani. They treat other companies as if they’re indifferent.

      Frankly, if you want to be more credible, I’ll suggest you to NOT infuse signs of bias in your reports. It’s not what an independent news source does.

  • Ozair, don’t talk without knowledge when mobilink says it has covered more then 10000 areas it doesnt mean it has covered 10000 cities instead it include cities, town’s, villages and many more . Here the author is talking abt cities only see the post which is coming in related posts which referrs as warid crosses 6000 destinations btw, i’m nt from warid :p

  • Warid needs to work on their costumer service…if they want to increase their revenue

  • These are not destination these are cities in which warid have the franchies and distribution network along with coverage
    in trems of destination these are around 8000 +

  • warid is very third class company. I think they have awaken very late, rather I would say very sorrry for them as they are adopting a drowsy strategy of reactive approach, tell me any 1 how warid is good than any other company like I mean to say they dont have anything to surpass other companies, like rates, their rates are too high infact most expensive than zong,telenor,ufone and mobilink, same is the case with sms packages. their most inexpensive sms package is monthly which charges rs 180 per momth with 5000 sms , which is nothing by any means as compared to other four, I mean my opinion is warid is a flop company in overall scenario, sms rates and quantity, call rates, customer base, network coverage, brothers im not bias toward warid, but thats what ground realities are think over my comments thoroughly. good luck

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