Wateen Likely to Fire 40 Percent Managers [Updated]

A list of senior managers, managers and area managers has been prepared for lay-off at Wateen Telecom, told us highly reliable source in the company.

Reportedly, termination letters were to be served last Friday, however for some reasons it got delayed and now the judgment day is destined this week, by Friday at most, according to the source.

When we spoke with a Wateen official, who wanted to remain unnamed said that this news is somewhat correct. He said, “no salary yet, fuel cards blocked since months, bonus not yet transferred, we are in big problem”

Another source in the company gave us similar confirmation.

Reportedly lay-off count is around 120-150, including senior managers, managers and some area managers.

On other hands, General Manager HR at Wateen has denied any such plans, he said there is absolutely no chance for said lay offs.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen had fired some 550 employees in August 2009 before it went public in April 2010.

Wateen Telecom’s share is being traded at Rs. 6.50 today at Karachi Stock Exchange, well below the par value.

Update: We have reports, from sources inside the company, that around 80 employees were served termination letters in the evening today.

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  • Yes unfortunately this is true, and those in the list are the ones having no connections with higher management.

    Another 10/12 managers who are simply useless for the company will survive because they are on wishlist of senior management.

  • I have heard Telenor is looking for Wateen too? Maybe Telenor had wished for these lay offs. who knows?

  • Well the overall reputation of the Arabs after the Death of His Hihgness Shk Zayed did not come out to be good regarding the dignity and respect of human being .

    Wateen is a new enterant in this land of pakistan for telecom buisiness so if it gets ruined or destroyed by the ARabs , it is thinkable and possible . While the PTCL which was an established and well in profits phase before the privitization is being destroyed and ruined by the Arab Badowans, Etisalat .

    If PTCL can not be managed and runned by the Arab which was a well esteblished company prior to privitization then what to think of Wateen which had no background regarding the telecom buisiness in the land of Pakistan.

    May Allah be merciful on all of us .


  • i totally agree with most of u. Arabs don’t have respect for Pakistanis. well i can say the same for ZONG(chinese).after zong other companies have started lowering their employees salaries instead of increasing following foot step of zong .only English men know how to run organization and keep employees happy

  • Wateen has provided jobs to thousands of people
    Now the Company is in crises so might take such decisions
    Such decision is necessary for the Survival of Company and nothing is unethical in it
    Every business men have his own decisions for the survival

  • still there are alot of ppls who are useless but due to FnF culture they are in the company and now i think its the time of revival ….

    those who got fired are sales managers, support managers, they know how to do business.
    i think cisco and polycom should have to think about their name.

  • i have said this before, and i will say it again. Watteen is a big con, a scam, whoever puts money into this company are fools. Abu Dhabi Group is robbing us blind – not treating our people right and stealing our money

  • I just took initiative and bought shares of Wateen of worth 100,000 and now due to decline in its share my money become of PKR 60,000 Only
    This shows there reputation in the market
    Every one is now using abusive language for Wateen

  • This company will be turned to ashes. The Chief is responsible as ther’s alot of corruption in there.From fiber to IP every one has made his or her own company and they are robbing the company.

  • Oh but this same website previously proclaimed that Wateen IPO was to blast out of the stratosphere.

    • Good point… I was going to buy those darn shares… I read the prospectus and it didn’t seem fair…

  • these arabs, they dont know any thing how to run company. these arabs don’t have any respect to their employees and cinees they don’t have repect for human. As for as europiens they respect thier employees they care their employees. I agree these arabs destroy our national asset PTCL, They are getting t salaries in millions from Gop account and do nothing because they know nothing

  • The Arabs agreed to pay 2.6BN for PTCL and are not getting salaries from the GOP account. That’s nonsense. The GOP got over 1BN USD for PTCL

    I am a Pakistani and have no love lost for the Arabs however lets get one thing clear: The Arabs came to Pakistan to invest and to get a decent return. Thank God they came otherwise we’d have even more problems.

    This problem is of Pakistan’s own making, and we as Pakistanis are ourselves responsible. I don’t know about others, but I for one believe the sooner we wake up and realize this, and stop blaming others for the plight of our own making, the better.

  • I could not comment much
    But the Etisalat pay not much to the Pakistani Govt and still have to pay 2 Billions or some more money
    But they are hiring new good people as old employees (Political background) made they frustrated (Steels equipments and burn systems and discourage new enterants
    Imran Saqib

    • Well Fozia Almas ,

      It is not 100 percent right that the old lot is useless.

      PTCL is very large organisation.

      It is the over all impression due to the phones regions while i tell u and also ask u to visit and see ur self that the core services region are not what as u r saying .

      Here the old and new whosoever it is are working in cooopertion to each other.

      While in phones side , ptcl is still to mend its attitude and it is still failing to change itself becuase of the old people.

      All the people who are techinically weak and have no solid footings in engineering and techinical side , such people have opted to go to the sides like phones and HR, Admin etc etc and these are the actually those people who do nothing , simply they are passing the time and getting salaries.

      And due to these mis-fits , the actual working people of the ptcl are lagging as these clever cunning are now in the front line in direct contect with the arabs. So the real deserving person is not being seen by the arabs and those people who were useless pile are now in the forefront to the Arab master providing them the wrong guidence and advices.

      The arabs are kept happy with by telling them all good news all the times while the company is being erroded from the in side. The Arabs are held busy in the enjoyment by these cuning forefront pakistanies while the real people who work have been pushed to the walls.

  • Yaro strong rumor Wateen has start firing people
    List is with management and on daily basis it will be shared with employees

    Related Lahore firing will be started this Friday
    In MTR and NTR list is ready to share next week

  • Wateen is just ________ a F&F & Place of Corrupt People. _________________

    No need to mention names as everyone in Wateen knew them all very well. Off course all of them were with him in his last Kaghan visit. Now you can easily imagine honesty & commitment level of a _____ CEO (Salman Taseer Sb called him a _____ when he left World Call) so a ____ & a Guy can do all this just to divert attention of the stake holders from his corruptions and mismanagement in Wateen.

    We (all employees of Wateen) challenge him to just explain JDs of those who are getting salary on providing his ____ Services.

    [Comment Edited]

    • Well most of the comments of Mr Imran have been edited .
      It is clear and quite evident that the Arabs have no good reputation as employers.

      They are just time pass , lack profesionalism and they deserve the such langauge. So whenever the truth is being utered over the misdeeds and wrong doings of the Arabs , then kindly such remarks must not be eliminated.

      I m from ptcl and i know thier lust towards the evil and more more more ………….

  • There’s no fault in wateen or in arabs, the only problem is local management. everyone knew what happened with IPO money 0.6 billion jis tarah se apni jebon main bhara gya hai NEPL k naam per its no more a hidden story.

    CEO is no doubt having some people ass his closed ones and this factor is pushing people at wateen in deep frustrations and anger.

    I bet, a visionary man can turn around wateen in just 3 months.

    wateen needs immediate change of CEO to make it a success, but the question is, either BOD want this???? (as they must be collecting their share in dirty money)

  • very true durrani saheb.

    i guess you are ex-gm hr wateen?

    hahahhaha, you are also the victim of Nannha (TM)?

    • Nannha yes yes . Alif Noon,

      I now came to know the old character but the Actuall Nanna of Alif Noon was very inoocent and decent character,

      While MR TM in ur company will be what kind of character , i m not aware

      But our PTCL TM ( Tahir Mushtaq ) was a negative character , involved in the sins and evil practices. He had no good reputation in ptcl till its privitization in 2005 due to slugishness and was tricky person for avoiding the work. So no one was ready to keep Tahir Mushtaq , At last he found the place in ptcl h/qs where he found a clerical responsibility of endoursing the orders of his highups in ptcl h/qs to the field units .

      In the meanwhile , ptcl privitised and the Arab Badouins Came in as new owners. The arabs who are very fond of enjoyment and dating and like that , to ful fil the evil desires of the Arab masters, Tahir Mushtaq came forward with the stuff required for the amusement and enjoyment of the Arabs.

      Over the night the man (TAHIR MUSHTAQ) took a big leap and became the EVP (HR) and from there starts the journey of the devastation of ptcl.

      PTCL turned into a new complextion by getting flooded with beautiful young faces and ptcl h/qs became more like a five star hotel with beautiful faces , good looking figures and attractive bodies as if some miss world or miss universe contest is going on rather than a teleco.

      There was yet more to write and ellaborate the picture which the ptcl h/q presents today but as per Pro-pakistani policy , the comments are deleted so i think for a mature sane person the above mentioned lines better indicate the direction where the thinking should be lead.

  • Hi All,

    Any body can comment abount NE (NE PL-Solution) JA?

    What they did with Wateen? specially NETs?

    Actually a big reason is also this, Wateen hired too many peoples from PTCL specially for Long Haul Fiber, GPON etc. Those were from PTCL & all knows Wateen is Green but cruption from insdie peoples made the Green shad towards RED? thats alarming for Pakistan.

    Some how its valueable for Pakistan. We all peoples must have to work for it better working, must have to highlight poeples name involved in curpption. Its bringing thousand of Family meals.

    Please join cleen hands & think how we can help Waeen employees.

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