(Ab)-Using Engagement on Social Media

Who so ever coined the term Social Media and Engagement should have been repented the way these terms are used rather abused in Pakistan.

The blogs and social media are relatively a new phenomenons but they have literally taken all and sundry by storm as commoners have no better medium available to them to address/ share their thoughts and opinion with a sizeable majority and that too without any substantial cost. Politicians, businessmen, investors, corporate entities started taking care of the opinion coming from web 2.0 or what they call internet with public interaction.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has resorted to cyber catharsis these days for obvious reasons; you don’t have to be identified by any one, you may conceal your identify without much ado and behind the smoke screens of words, you can literally fire on any one – at your own free will.

However, let me acknowledge there are those who raise valuable questions and points to the benefit of others.

In the beginning everything looked so positive and promising. One would see Politicians, actors, professors’ luminaries, business tycoons and corporate giants using Facebook and Twitter dispelling false impressions and bridging the information gap during the process. However things started to emerge topsy-turvy when some unscrupulous elements rather abused the facility, making it extremely difficult and unpleasant for those who were supposed to hear us and utterly forgetting that they could be paid in the same coin.

While MNCs and corporate sectors are always open for any useful criticism but it should not be verging on the uncouth; abusing others in a foul language is totally uncalled for in cyber world as it also reflects on personal grooming; cyber world may give you a freedom and a liberty of not getting caught, but who these idiots are who enjoy freedom at the cost of poking their nose into others? How many retards have actually realized that they reveal their own self and betray their own unpleasant making to others? Don’t they realize this area is populated with those minds and souls made of flesh and blood that exists in real world along with us with their daily lives and everything.

Criticism, feedback, advise is one thing, but what about the language we see on internet?

Why do we think that we can say whatever we want to on Internet, even those things which we abhor to say in real life situation since our self esteem comes into question? My question is “then why this dichotomy of standards?” If I dare not level serious charges on one in person then why on internet?

Idea is very simple, unless we own this cyber-world our own and do practical efforts to make it productive, constructive and even better than the real one, we will be finger pointing to others conveniently forgetting that during the process four fingers are pointed at our direction.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK