Warid Takes Back SMS Delivery Reports

Reportedly, Warid has pulled down its popular SMS delivery report service (popular because no other operator was offering this for free).

Service center was earlier saying that this blockade is temporary however they are now responding that service will remain down for in-definite time; maybe forever.

Some call this service additional burden on network capacity, while others loved it for the advantages it offered to end customers.

It merits mentioning here that all other operators had already taken down SMS delivery reports, while Warid was the only operator offering this service for free.

By the way, free balance check is another attribute of Warid (only), hopefully it will remain in-tact.

  • I just only join warid for SMS delivery report,
    Because i have to send international SMS to my family and i want to make sure the SMS delivery which warid was provide.
    I am now surprised what i will do?

        • Dude..lots of hidden charges. Call the Ufone call center and ask them what service do you have enabled & are you being charged on daily bases for that. Don’t be surprised when tell you yes. Lots of hidden charges..Wake up

  • lOlzzz
    log to warid use he sirf isy wja se kr rhe thay…ab warid k customers b switch kr rhe hain na…..Hehehehe

  • i also decided that i port out my number from warid network coz i only using the warid due to delivery reports so i wil now decided to leave the warid network.

  • Warid stopped this service without informing their customers, i think warid should be inform to their customers in advance, but there are no rules & regulations. Warid may lose its customers.

  • That is enough. Warid ko izzat raas nahi ai. I’ve already sent a port in request to Ufone. and Im plannig to ask my friends to do the same. Warid ke kuffun mein ye akhri keel sabit hoga.

  • this system was installed by warid separately on each tower and i think it was not the burden for network. and its still working for me

  • Rs. 1 +Tax will be charged only on the first On-net Glow Gang call made in a day.

    yh kb sy start hu :::::@@@@@@@

  • All the Operator offering 64K sim to store upto 500 contacts in sim. I purchased new number from warid but its capacity is only 100 contacts, so warid want to earn from everything. I think warid is worst. Leave it

  • I am using Warid from last 5 years…but I think this is time I should quit.

    1- In my area network is conjested and calls drops are very normal now, ILMAO when CSR said “it could be due to network conjestion” wow wow..you are telling me that reason of problem is that your network is over-subscribed and want me accept this and live with it ? If these people were in any developed country they were never going to say that.

    2- Warid is known for over-charging and I experienced this alot during 5years, and every time I lodged a complain.

    3- They first took voice mail back, and tha without any notice….they never bother to inform their users, no respect.

    4- SMS delivery report service is taken down, no information to customer regarding this…well done.

    5- They change ownership of my number without my consent, I have been visiting their CS centers, Frenshises and always got service using my name and CNIC, even email communications, ported to Warid on this number using my name…I am in shock how they can be so insensitve regarding my privacy.

    Time to say good bye to Warid

    once I get my ownership issue resolved (Probably someone tried to get my number due to its “Golden” feature, not knowing that ported number can’t have ownership change) I will say BYE to Warid.

  • i’m a user of ufone honestly speaking intahai 3rd class voice quality hai ufone ki aaise kam rates ka kia kerna jab baat he saaf sahi tarikay sai na ho,i have used warid warid and mobilink r best in term of voice quality

  • Although it must not be like this because these were the distinctions that were differentiating WARID from other operators.

    I love WARID for the services they are providing us. the network quality is quite excellent in comparison to others..

  • @…Mr. Khalid the word is “congestion” not “conjestion” that’s why you are facing this problem, I’m using warid since it’s launch but have no problem excellent in every term. You’ll feel it once get port out your number. . . Wish you best of luck.

  • I’m so disappointed in Warid… they should’t have atleast done this to this postpaid subscriber base…

    anyways, who else is offering Delivery Reports on postpaid??? Any idea??? coz now i think its time to switch over…

  • I hate these kind of steps
    Come on Warid you are a mature cellular company
    Shame on u….

  • why do you want deleivery reports, what % of your SMS are not delivered. Each sms sent out with a reply for deleivery is two signalling events – you only pay for one – why should you get it for free – especially with the very low price of SMS – this is value added – not a right.

    • The (so called) Truth! If u r ignorant and dont need delivery reports, that doesnt mean evwrybody is like u. Its a confirmation that sms is delivered. If the number is off, u dont wait for the reply wondering y there is no response. Its a satisfaction. U dont hav to ring to check which number is in use. etc. Now who says that it should b free. We say it should b provided, not taken back. its a facility and can b given due with charges.

      • Exactly… Even if it is a value add or not it should provided, if not free then for some amount… but just takin it back completely makes no sense… and lets not forget about international SMS here as well…

        I’ll send an Email to Warid Customer Care regarding this, shortly, and if they don’t get this service back online soon (irrespective of being Free or not) i’ll port out to some other MNO who provides this service… I don’t mind them putting some charges on it (like Ufone did) but at least the service is available…

        Besides these services are a Value Add for Prepaid customers not Corporate users… These were such facilities due to which Warid started gaining customers (if you see the current stats) which they’ll probably blow now

        This is so frustrating… i didnt pay them this huge amount of bills to keep thinking OH! WHY HAVEN’T I RECEIVED THE RESPONSE YET… HAS MY SMS BEEN DELIVERED…

        PS And i’m trying to portray it as a necessity for my business use not personal

        • Agreed with waqar. Waqar! Port to Ufone, as Im doing so. Warid customer care(less) wont care.

    • @The Truth

      Why you pay for Calling someone in which you can Hear their Voice & Talk to them??

      Why not Pay separate for Hearing thier Voice & Pay Seperate for Talking to them ???

      Talking & Listening is two signalling events – you only pay for one – why should you get it for free – especially with the very low price of call – this is value added – not a right.

      why you think of this??

  • Warid…life ka network…i thought so…

    BUT i was wrong

    I’m searching another network because of your first deed that deleting last call cost from call summary and now the delivery report

    huh… disgusting
    [email protected]

  • Warid…life ka network…i thought so…

    BUT i was wrong

    I’m searching another network because of your first deed that deleting last call cost from call summary and now the delivery report

    huh… disgusting

  • Just Chill freinds

    Warid is still the best in voice quality and customer care. Recently introduced packages of glow and glow II are the best packages right now in cellular industry and these packages are especially designed for customers need.

    • We are not talking about best Package plans here.

      We are just Talking about SMS Delivery Reports here.

      If u want to talk about Packages then Every Networks Delivers that….but only Ufone has SMS Delivery Report Enabled.

      • you are rite anila,,, agar package ki bat ho to Uth bhi to kamaal ka package he. but our protest is against withdrawal of delivery report….
        322 805 2393

        • @ zeeshan

          writing your cell phone number down after a reply to her shows how cheap you are zeeshan!!!


          • ali ap ko kia takleef hei. wese agar ap us number pe rabta karna chaho to mujhe koi aetraz nahi, i found her thoughts near to mine,so

            • @ zeeshan

              tumhare jese hi “L Characters” her unknown numbers pay call krte hain k shaed kise lerki ka number nikal ae ga,

              ager kisi bud naseeb lerki ne call pick ker li ya tumharay jese Farig insan ne us ki awaz sun li to us ka jeena haram ker dete ho “Friendship, Friendship…love love…date date aur gande gande” SMS & MMS ker k!!!

              • han yeh baat to apki theek hai agr bura na mane to ak haqeeqat yeh bhe hai k aisa sirf Pakistani boys hi kerty hai mai 7 countries mai reh k waha k network use ker chuki hon waha larkiyo k number k liye koi pagal dewana nahi hota

  • what the hell is this ? warid started chargin 12p on balnce chk from *100#…..:::::@@@@@@ we hav cnfrmd it from 321 n thsy said dat warid strtd it frm last day..

    what the hell is this doin warid ? aur kitny dakay marain gy yh log ? kutay salay :@

  • All mobile networks of Pakistan are big ______ yaha such bolne walo ka monh band kerwadia jata hai mere pehle true comments delete kerdiye gaye because mene such bola tha in mobile networks walo nai tv pe ads dikha dika k logo ko khas tor pe nojawaan nasal ko pagal kia howa hai sasty call rates or sasty sms ….yeh loag zehno mai yeh daal rahay hain k mulak k koi or kaam na kero bus batain kerty raho….kash postpaid sims nikal ayeen ta k hamari ghareeb awam k chasky khatam hojayen …

    [Comment Edited]

  • Warid network sirf apni sms delivery report ki wajase popular tha warna is sim mai koi khaas baat nahi ab inho nai sms delivery report block ker k ghalti ki hai

  • Warid k kuch numbers per charges lag rahay hain or kuch per nahi lag rahay, pata nahi kia tariqa hai warid ka calculations main.

  • every company is crap here,,,ufone and zong have really bad voice quality,,,teleonr,warid,mobilink have better voice qualities but either they are not offering delivery reports or have less sms packages,,so customers are stuck ,,,we dont get everything in 1 sim even though we pay for the bills,,,
    really sad,,,,,

    a disgruntled cellular customer.

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