Zong Offers Free on-net Calls for Specific Cities

Zong did this before by offering free and unlimited on net calls for specific cities or LBC (Location Based Charges). Zong has done this again with larger number of cities in the list this time.

This time, cities include: Kasur , Daska, Kamalia, Pirmahal, Bhakar, Yazman and Duniyapur, Jampur and Chitral.

Customers residing in these cities can make free on-net (Zong to Zong) calls.

How to subscribe:

All new and MNP subscribers get free subscription for one month, meaning that they will get this free calling facility for no additional charge for first month.

However, old customers can subscribe to this offer by sending an SMS to 522 as following:

LBC Citykeyword
Kasur“ksr” to 522
Daska“dsk” to 522
Kamalia“kml” to 522
Pir Mahal“pml” to 522
Bhakkar“bhk” to 522
Yazman“yzm” to 522
Duniyapur“dnp” to 522


  • For New and MNP Customers: Free of charge for first month, and then Rs. 7 per day
  • Existing customers: Rs.7 per day

For more information contact helpline

Via Telecomandit