Car DVD Buying Guide [Pakistan Focused]

Remember old good days; long drive or wading through busy streets in your car with music of your choice, making journey sweeter for you? Personally speaking, I remember buying Sonic, Eagle Stereo or a TDK audio cassette in Rs 25-35 (I personally preferred TDK, though).

A quality car Cassette player used to cost around 1500-5000 and the variation was, of course there due to difference in quality and features.

Technology kept on developing at a faster rate and car Cassette players were consistently replaced with better technologically-driven gadgets like CAR CD players then CAR CD Changers, Video CD’s, DVD’s and now DVD Player with multifunctional data input and connectivity support like USB flash disks Memory Cards, Wifi and Blue tooth

Markets these days are flooded with automobile audio video gadgets. Companies offer competitive prices with maximum functions and connectivity support and quite astonishingly prices are not that high either.

Prices start from Rs 3000 and go upward to Rs 20,000. If you visit your local automobile audio video shop or market, you might get DVD players with offering maximum functions and connectivity support in reasonable price starting from Rs.3000 – Rs. 20,000.

But China in this field has also excelled and people literally ask for a Chinese device as it offers maximum functions on unbelievably low prices. China made Car DVD players are also equipped with Touch screens and built in analog TV Tuner. Prices tend to differ from company to company depending upon features and functionality offered.

What comes with new China made CAR DVD player?

  • Box
  • Car DVD player position Lock, in local language known as “Kara”
  • Remote
  • Manual
  • Sometimes with Headphone (this depends on the manufacturer offer)

But wait a minute, before you buy make sure:

  • You have visited market to get a pulse of industry and well aware of price variations in different models. A low quality purchased set of DVD player may land you in trouble , so be watchful about market price and do not hesitate to spend an extra dime for reliable quality.
  • Make it a point that you are the first user of DVD player which you have purchased out of your precious money. You can easily check it by viewing” Lens Locked Screws” on the top of DVD player. This shows that DVD player has not been used so far.
  • Thoroughly check its functions.
  • Check its album shifting button; it is however quite a hassle to locate that button in Chinese made DVD players but Chinese manufacturers have acknowledged this flaw and they are trying their best to rectify the short coming.
  • If incase album shifting is not available or not discovered. Then “RDM” button can provide you function of shuffling songs with minimum numbers to maximum numbers.
  • If it is touch screen car DVD player then make sure that its touch screen is not having pixel fault. I.e. green dots, white dots, or some part of touch screen might not be working.
  • Features like plugging in USB flash disk or Memory card have not been very reliable; spare some time to properly check its functionality.
  • The best way to avoiding dust or lens disturbance is to buy Car DVD player with the inside “DVD” or hidden “DVD” disc jacket. Ok let’s make it simpler, if you are able to insert DVD behind the face plate, then it would be hidden “DVD” disc jacket. Because this helps in avoiding dust to disturb the lens.
  • Ensure its reading of every format like WMA, MP3, and DVD. For this you can take your own CD/DVD catalogue with you to check.
  • Check Radio, radios sometime create noise when car is driven or at least their FM signals remain weak at times;try replacing your car RF antenna which will hopefully fix the problem

To cut it short, one must embrace new technological advancement without any grudge and keep one’s pace with fast changing technological scene around the world. However up-to date knowledge in this regard is a must.

  • I would have appreciated if some specific models are also presented as a review along with their prices.

  • Salam,

    Great listo f hing to verify, but as mentioned in above comment , i would have also prefer some advise on different model available in pakistan market.


  • Guys i am looking for MP3 VOICE RECORDERS for recording lectures and similar type of stuff. I think the ordinary MP3 players like audionic etc donot have a good sound recoding quality.My main purpose is to record lectures(never going to record any musical type of voice) in good quality without the sound of enviroment and fan and other voices mixed.The speaker may be far away or may be very near to the recorder.i donot want very large memory size, only i need long battery time and long recoding time.would prefer USB chargable Recorders (as i think cell battery discharges very fast and may be diffult to get possibility of recharge).I have looked around on the internet and have read about Sony ,panasonic etc voice recorders, willing to know what options are available in pakistan.I would prefer that the recoder has both bultin and external mic option.
    Below are my preferences, Although this is not hard and fast as long as i can get good recoding quality.
    recorder directly in MP3 or common audio format.
    good standby time with recharging on USB prefered rather than battery based.
    if some software is required to convert recoding format to MP3/others .that software should support all windows OS.
    builtin + external mic option
    Ease of use
    budget range below Rs10,000 ,if there is some very unique product then can think of increasing price range.

  • i think in china electronics, do not go for models and brands,rather go for spex n features….

  • Salam,
    Can someone tell me what is the password/passkey for pairing bluetooth on Chinese DVD Players, I have Digiteck 7 inch Car GPS Dvd player.
    i have tried 0000, 1234, 1111, 2580, 2850. but no one is working. please Help.!

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