Basic DSL Connection Troubleshooting Tips

It usually happens that we end up hearing those routine tips from our ISP support guys whenever we are stuck with browsing or downloading. So how about creating a check list of those usual problems and try to debug them ourselves before bugging the Support team?

Note: If you are on Wateen, we did this post for basic trouble shooting here

Whenever you feel like your internet isn’t working, start debugging in following pattern:

Ping your modem/router: Ping is a dos command that suggests or finds out availability of connection between two computing devices. To ping your router/modem do following

  • Open DOS, by going into start menu and typing “cmd”
  • on DOS shell, type this command: ping and press enter is usually router/modem IP – but that’s not necessary, its IP can be, in such situations, it is good to find out router’s IP when internet is working well. You can ask support to help you finding the router IP.

if your ping command gives following output:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request time out
Request time out
Request time out
Request time out

It is apparent that connection between your laptop/PC and router is lost. Your cable maybe is faulty or otherwise lose-connect. Try re-plugging the cable – dusting it is even better.

If pinging your router gives something like following:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=2446ms TTL=247
Reply from bytes=32 time=1932ms TTL=247
Reply from bytes=32 time=3427ms TTL=247
Reply from bytes=32 time=3051ms TTL=247

it means you are connected with router, and the problem is between router and ISP. Possible problems can be:

  • Your telephone line is maybe dead
  • Splitter may have gone bad
  • Worst: Your ISP has ditched you, so better wait for them to come back live. Calling support and cursing them is another better idea

Pinging your ISP

If your phone line is good and so is splitter, you can try pinging your ISP, here is how we do it:

During peace days, when your internet is running well, you can find out your ISP’s DNS server by following command

  • Open DOS shell by clicking start menu and typing CMD
  • On DOS shell type this command: ipconfig/all

this command will have many values amongst DNS server IP (likely to be the second last line of output)

Now you have DNS server of your ISP (this is usually valid for home users, corporate users who have in-house DNS servers better contact their network admins)

Now again ping this ip by typing “ping DNS_Server_IP” in DOS shell

If its pinging then your ISP is up – everything is good but the website you are visiting is either down or its a bad URL, so better trying more than one website before reaching a conclusion.

Distortion in the Phone line after DSL installed?

You might have observed distortion or the noise in phone line has increased after DSL connection installation. If situation arises, below mentioned steps are necessary to rectify the situation.

  • Connect phone with direct line (without splitter in between) and check the dial tone and noise.
  • If no noise without splitter, then you have figured out the problem. Go for replacing splitter first.

Noise problem generally arises due to malfunctioning of splitter; if such is the case with you, replace splitter and then see the difference

IP conflict problem

IP conflict problem is generally experienced if more than one computers are used with same DSL connection. The explanation is that in this case both computers share the same IP address. If your IP is statically assigned then you might have to check settings of your modem or router also ensure about local configuration with unique IP address.

Otherwise, in case of dynamic IP, common trouble shoot steps like restarting your modem or router will work and new IP will be assigned automatically. There are other suggestions for resolving the problem like IPconfig/release and IPconfig/renew commands which can be done by typing windows DOS. (However, discretion on the part of user is advised in this regard)

Other Troubleshoot steps / scenarios:

After resetting modem, DSL is up but internet is not working. Sometimes it happens, just 0.1 percent times usually, that router/modem settings are restored to default (or factory setting) after restart/power failure. DSL setting manual will help you through in settings like VPI/VCI addresses, encapsulation types, user name and passwords; DSL provider helpline may also be used in this regard.

Every time, settings memorizing/ storing problem. There are some cases, when routers / modems are unable to store settings that have been saved for establishing successful DSL connection. This problem can be fixed by visiting modem / router support website for Firmware upgrades.

Please note that, firmware upgrade is crucial process and may cause damage to the device (especially in case of power failure during the upgrade). You are referred to firmware upgrade manual as author is not responsible for any damage done during the process. It could be available on OEM support websites

My DSL connection gets disconnected automatically, and too often!

It has been observed that the root cause for this problem is the Static Discharge. Though, there might be many reasons for this, but common issue is static discharge problem.

This fact may be verified easily by checking the dial tone of your phone. If it’s active with noise, noise could be the problem, try fixing joints in cable – or if you are lucky to have contacts with lineman, ask him to get your line connected shortest available PTCL switch.

Now back to static discharge, it comes into play when you observe that dial tone is coming consistently with sharp sound and there is no noise. The solution requires connecting your phone with main telephone line; in the first place make sure no splitter is used during the process and then dial the number which gives you two way connectivity. It means both listener and speaker are able to listen to each other.

After observing for some time you will notice stability in the DSL and continuity in line as no line will be dropped. If issues remain, then requesting DSL team for trouble shooting might do the trick for you.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the author. Under any circumstances, cannot be held responsible for any fault, or damage caused by any procedures in this guide. The content is crystal clear without any hidden meanings and does not provide warranty. The interested ones will do it at his/her own risk.

  • Ping command only works with router if you have icmp option enabled in router option

    You can also use google’s dns instead of PTCL:

    • yeah.. google dns is good. I’m using it on my PTCL worst broadband :@. but after using it.. it goes better

  • Thanks for the Tips

    And Thanks to Dr.Doom who has given us unique DNS Server Ips

    How is it possible that Google’s DNS is working instead of PTCL DNS ip ?

    • There are two method
      1)Change your router setting
      2)Change your PC’s Ethernet card setting

      I will be showing method 2 it’s easy.
      Go to Control Panel>Network Connections and select your local network.
      Click Properties, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
      Click Properties

      In the first dns field type in 2nd dns fiel type
      CLick O.K and you are done

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  • You think that everybody in the world uses M$ Windows and CMD is for everybody.

    Thanks God Linux users are not idiot like of M$ Windows, will automatically understand cmd alternative.

  • i hv a problem my connection sometimes automatically shows network connection pluged and ungluged……it happens for a certain time after one hour or 2 hours it goes on a right track….why it happens what can be the fault?

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