Keep Phone On: Zong Receives Overwhelming Response

Zong received an overwhelming response to its Keep Phone On (KPO) reward program.

The first KPO lucky draw took place yesterday on 9 July, 2010 in which one lucky winner received a motorcycle for keeping his or her phone on during the month.

This was Pakistan’s first prepaid reward program which offered instant prizes to its customers for just keeping their phone on! The response from existing ZONG subscribers and new subscribers showed that people appreciate the difference between being rewarded for loyalty as opposed to for buying a SIM.

This program was designed to gain the most out of a consumer based reward programs which sidelines the usual practice of all other operators of offering SIM Lagao/Jagao campaigns.

With KPO, ZONG rewards its customers for staying with ZONG – the longer they stay with ZONG, the more rewards and prizes they are eligible to receive. These rewards include free SMS, free on-net minutes, cash, motorcycles and cars. There have been daily cash prize winners since the program was initiated and now of course, one of the big prizes has been won.

Moreover every ZONG prepaid customer is entitled to win under the KPO reward program. As long as a ZONG subscriber keeps his or her phone on every day and completes at least one revenue generating activity, they too will be eligible to participate in July’s motorcycle lucky draws on the 16th,23rd and 30th. The lucky draw for the Mehran for July will be 18th July.

The winner of the motorcycle on the 9th has 5 days to claim their prize at a Customer Service Centre and within a fortnight they will be riding their new motorcycle.

Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG, while congratulating the lucky winner said, “We wish all our subscribers the best of luck for the daily cash draws and the weekly motorcycle ones. We want the industry to realize that it is important to reward our existing subscribers not entice new ones all the time.”

He added that this is a first for the industry where they have stopped focusing on price wars and start to build lasting relationships with their subscribers.

  • ZONG is the best when it comes to the most economic deals. For all we know, they just might make calls free in the future.

    I’ll shift to ZONG when they get strong coverage in Kharian.

  • AoA

    i received a Missed call from 042310. but i did not receive it because my cell phone was on silence.
    then i talk to customer service agent…he tells me that it was from our side (Means Zong Customer Service). They told that they will call me again but i didn’t receive yet any call from them.. :(

    i am thinking may b i was a winner for that prize but i think i missed that prize :(

  • It’s a good promotion. However, I read the detailed terms and conditions. This is not for just keeping it on, rather one has to do some activity during they day (like call, sms etc).

    Full discloser is a key concern, which unfortunately no operator is doing. I hope PTA will take some notice of such things as well.

  • I have recieved a lot of sms telling me that i have won free sms/minutes and call to 710 to redeem them, but i never was able to redeem them as 710 always returns NUMBER BUSY tone !

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