PTA organises Telecom Consumer Forum

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) organized Telecom Consumer Forum with a theme “Together for Consumer Rights”, said a press release issued here on Thursday.

State Minister for Industries and Production, Dr Ayatullah Durrani was the chief guest on this occasion while Chairman PTA, Dr Mohammed Yaseen presided over the Forum.

Consumer Representative, Suraiya Allahdin, representatives from IT & telecom industry, telecom consumer groups, renowned social workers and academia also attended the event. Dr Ayatullah Durrani said that this forum provides us an excellent opportunity to review the telecom scenario in Balochistan for achieving desired targets in terms of service expansion. He said that the telecom sector has witnessed a spectacular growth in the recent past.

He said that Balochistan is gaining a lot of ground through implementation of last mile solution and increased network coverage. Major share in this increase of network coverage has been that of the Mobile sector while Wireless Local Loop (WLL) services have also fared well recently in the province, he added. The Minister said that it would also have a positive spill over effect on the overall economy of the province creating increased economic activity in Balochistan.

Dr. Ayatullah further said that number of consumer-oriented steps have been taken by the operators under the guidance of PTA which not only facilitate the telecom consumers but also ensure their protection from poor quality of services. He said that the verification of user antecedents and blocking of unverified SIMs, successful introduction of new SIM Activation System and smooth implementation of “SIM information System-668” are some of the significant steps taken by PTA on SIM issue which would go a long way towards safe and legal use of mobile services.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that the statistics of recent telecom growth in Balochistan are evident of the satisfaction level of telecom consumers of this area with the quality of telecom services provided to them. He said that in year 2002 cellular teledensity in Balochistan was just 0.17 percent which has grew manifold after the completion of numerous development projects making this figure much healthier in March-2010 which is 34.3 percent.

CEO Universal Service Fund (USF), Parvez Iftikhar said that the fund has started projects worth Rs 5.87 billion in Balochistan, which would help in provisioning of telecom services to far flung areas of Balochistan. This would bring economic betterment in the area, he added. The consumer representative, Suraiya Allahdin appreciated the role of PTA in focusing on consumer issues. Presentations were also made by PTCL, mobile and WLL operators on this occasion

  • will PTA do something for Miss callers ???
    Is there anything from PTA side that, someone can block the number who is giving miss calls or calls or sending SMS?
    PTA should have it’s own Call Center or some website by which someone can complain against that bastards.

    • dear obnoxious callers policy is already there in each cellular phone company. Suppose if someone is giving you miss calls or sending you messages than you can visit cellular company’s Customer service center and can lodge the complaint against obnoxious caller. Warning will be issued to obnoxious caller against your first complaint and if he or she is even calling you than on your second complaint his / her number will be blocked.

      • Excellent idea! Let’s make everyone who receives such calls drive across town to the customer service center and wait 15-45 minutes to lodge a complaint!


        • Toufiq: that is but there should be some database in PTA control and also have Call center number like 333 or 100 like these.
          And they check online and block at the moment.
          Not by registering complain in a customer service center or any where else.

          By the way if I have Telenor number n someone from Ufone giving miss calls than how telenor customer service center can block the Ufone number????

          So Online call center should have one database containing call n SMS records of all the operators, n when someone complain they cross check and do the useful.
          Like if have one call than WARNING. If more than one than simply block.
          2nd time if he do by else number than again block his SIM card. And if third time than block all SIMs on his name (or NIC).

          Thanks for reply :)

          • yes you right dear but as i belongs to telecom industry, i have seen many people around us lodging fake complaints just for fun so that’s why its necessary for a complainant to visit franchise or CS center to lodge the complaint against obnoxious caller.. and as far as your question is concern that if you are a telenor customer and an obnoxious caller from ufone is calling you that you can lodge his or her complaint at ufone’s franchise or CS center no matter you are using telenor.

            even though I appreicate Zong’s call block service. its very useful for people to block such callers from their own end.

  • I don’t got that why people do these type of foolish things. Giving miss calls and sending SMS.
    For nothing just for fun or something else.
    I also don’t know that she (xyz) is from a decent family or no……….watever but really this is too much.
    By these things u loose ur most contacts by switching off ur mobile or by changing the number.
    God bless our nation.

  • LAHORE- A Civil court on Monday ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) authorities to submit details of PTCL assets before the court.
    As the counsel of Global IT Vision civil Pvt had filed a suit seeking damages of Rs. one billion from PTCL for suspending services to the IT Company without any legal justification. The court had already issued notices to PTCL Chief Executive, Senior Executive Vice President Tariq Salman, General Manager Muhammad Bsharat Qureshi and Senior Manager Nadeem Abbasi.
    The suit for damages was filed by the Company’s counsel Azher Siddique Advocate.
    Petitioner’s counsel contended that PTCL had suspended agreement with IT firm on May 4, 2010 and suspended SIP services to the company without giving an opportunity of hearing to company.
    Counsel said that due to suspension of services, the Company has to bear loss of billions of rupees and suspension by PTCL also tarnished the image of the company.
    He prayed before the court to freeze all the assets of PTCL and put names of senior officials including a foreigner on exit control list (ECL).
    Azher further prayed the court to direct PTCL to submit Rs. one billion as security so that PTCL could not sell the assets of the company in case of a decision against it.

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