Exclusive: PTCL is Testing 9.3 MB Wireless Broadband

According to our sources at PTCL who wished anonymity have confirmed that PTCL is Testing 9.3 MB Wireless Broadband for possible commercial launch later this year.

However, initial device testing procedures experienced some problems as the device gets heat up early.


Provided by ZTE, these EV-DO Revision B (Rev.B) technology devices are compatible with already laid EVO network. On technical side, ZTE’s EV-DO Rev.B requires upgrading EV-DO Rev.A’s software only, with no additional hardware equipment required. Both ZTE’s EV-DO Rev.A and Rev.B adopt identical baseband chipset.

Sources in the corporation told that PTCL is reportedly testing EV-DO Rev B wireless broadband devices that support upto 9.3 Mb/s download rate and 5.4 Mb/s upload rate.

A well placed source further elaborated that this upcoming device, when tested, gave 600-800 KB download speed, however, it is hoped that the heat problem will soon be fixed.

Officially we couldn’t confirm from PTCL, whether it will ever be launched, but the technology is going to change the way people use internet in Pakistan and PTCL is well positioned to take the first leap in this regard, particularly with its expanding EV-DO coverage.

Unlike PTCL’s other broadband services, EVO has earned healthy reputation in terms of reliability – however, coverage still remains a constraint for subscribers.

Update: Now we have pictures of 9.3 Mbps device – check them here

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  • why would someone at ptcl say that the device heats up?? im sure they would be launching it this year and they are the pioneers in everything that goes on in the telecom sector. first to promote in the gsm sector aswell but im sure that the device wouldnt be heating up as told as no one would ever degrade themselves while testing and promoting at the sametime.

    • How come PTCL is the pioneer?

      & whts with the being first in GSM sector???

      Their sister company Ufone started operations 7 years after Mobilink & is now at 3rd or 4th position behind Mobilink & Telenor

  • yea this is true, i was told by a GM at ptcl a month back about this rev B and the plans are to make it operational by year end or some months before end.

  • They need to make EVO’s coverage stronger before venturing onto EV-DO.Rev-b.

  • umm, i wish ptcl offers some sort of reliable and high speed internet connection to corporate sectors particularly for web hosting, so pakistani peoples can host their servers in pakistan as well.

  • my 2mb PTCL DSL has been upgraded to 4mb some days ago..ive checked with some online friends and a couple of more users have confirmed that their connections are also doubled

    for everybody else..just wait till PTCL upgrades your package..I LOVE PTCL…PTCL FOR THE WIN!!!

    • my connection speed is 2mb but from last4 dats my attainable download speed varies between 1024 to 1111 and my speed is not still doubled dude where r u from which city?

  • on Wikipedia it says that EV-DO Rev. B has a peak download speed of around 14mbps……then why this is 9.3mbps!!

    P.S: Take me as a noob! :)

  • Ssssshhhhhh….. there is another great feature attached to it and will be launched first time in Pakistan or u can say first time in the whole region…..

  • PTCL evo mene istimal kiya ha…3mb wala………isski speed boht he bekaar ha…it is total wastage of money….or ye bare cities ma b sae kaam nae kerta…kun k mene issy rawalpindi ma use kiya ha…

    • Its speed depend on how near you are to the BTS and how much voice connections (V-fone) are working on that BTS. I am also using EVO and it works fine for me in Islamabad.

  • Already i am usinf PTCL EVO, and i am very much satisfied with speed, if above speed provided i hope PTCL will become pioneer in PK ISP market, as i hav tried other EVO’s, but PTCL havebig infrastructure and they can do it, ZTE is the backbone of PTCL, may be i am wrong its ZTE who polish the PTCL. Resedential Internet Service of DSL is also good, although its working on private IP’s but i hope if PTCL try they can provide Public IP’s on existing DSL network.

    Muhammad Zafar Ameer
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Its old news, they were installing & testing CDMA2000 REV B (aka ur 9 Mbps) since Jan this year,I guess you people don’t have technical resources that can fetch u such news :),u might want to know that its limited to major cities that too cannot be launched till PTCL acquires spectrum for Rev B in all major cities which it currently doesn’t have

    Chao :)

  • But According to alexa rank facebook.com is still at the rank 3 in pakistan..

  • Dear Pakistanio,
    Aap log bahut hamdardi k musthiq hn, k ap ko PTCL jesy idary apni lambi-chauri advertisments sy be-waqoof bnaty hn. Dear buddies, yeh sb kehny ki baten hn. In bloody non-sense idaron mn total non-technical logon ka hold hy. Yeh log baten to megabytes ki krty hain mgr 1 end-user ko kya milta hy? All non-sense, all head-ache, all-frauds and nothing else. Mujy to nahi lagta k yeh log 1 mango-man (aam admi) ki zaroriat ko smajty hain.
    Agr yeh system kisi mohib-e-watan pakistani k hath mn hota to 1 mango-man to 300 sy 500 rs/month betreen internet service mil sakti thi mgr afsos k is mulk ka sara nizam hi ullu k pathon k haton mn hy.
    Is mulk ka….
    Allah hi Hafiz….

  • Evo has not strong signal receiver device.It only get two signal and giving very low speed for inter net and it also very heat up in few minutes so when it heat up it provide very low speed.PTCL have to increase signal strength in Quetta

  • ptlc has a good products as compare to other cellular companies,but ptcl policy & policy makers are inexpericed.they are are making wrong policies,due to this act ptcl packages are not suitable & affordable to customers.

    ptcl franchisee peshawar

  • firstly you (ptcl) work on the ev-do 3.1mb in peshawar then launch 9.3mb.
    coz i couldn’t avail the full downloading speed.

  • i want a internet connection in kahuta ,means here is no dsl,ptcl phone line available,any one can tell me solution to get net service

  • i want a internet connection in kahuta ,means here is no dsl,ptcl phone line available,any one can tell me solution to get net service
    i want a internet connection in kahuta ,means here is no dsl,ptcl phone line available,any one can tell me solution to get net service

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