Mobilink Loses, PTCL, SCO Retains SMP Status

PTA has revised Significant Market Player Status of telecom operators in their relevant markets.


According to determination issued, dated August 25th, 2004, PMCL, PTCL and SCO were significant market players in their respective businesses including Local Loop, LDI, Leased Lines, Interconnection and Mobile Market.

According to said determination SMPs were as following:

Significant Market Players in 2004

However, through a determination, PTA has announced new Significant Market Players which are as following

Significant Market Players in 2010:

This determination was issued after market review, stakeholders’ financial market share analysis and review of operator’s other data.

PTA said that mobile operators are pretty competitive and hence don’t require SMP status for any operator. Broadband industry, AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan regions were also defined in recent determination for SMP regulation.

Complete determination can be downloaded by clicking this link (PDF File – 1.2 MB)


  • Another useless statement by the PTA…
    SMP players need to be regualted to stop them from killing the competition through aggressive pricing but this is what PTCL – the largest SMP across all categories – is doing. Look at what they are doing with Broadband to kill off Wateen, Witribe, Augere and Worldcall.

    PTA should change the name to VIP players from SMP.

  • any idea when ptcl will take over sco ? im tired of paying 1500 rs per mnth for a 256 kbps connection , :(

    • No chance. SCO is operated by ARMY and PTCL doesn’t have the balls to take over SCO :P

    • r u sure u r getting whatever u mentioned???mind it……its 1500 Rs per month for a 128 kbps…its not 256……and if it is ,then tell me which package r u using….bcoz i m paying the same price for 128…….

      • lol well everything is wiered at 1st i got a 512 con for the same price then got reduced to 128 suddenly and after 2 months i was told my connection is doubled to 256 well my down is 256 and up is 128 . my download is 28 kbps .
        @ ali i guess ur right but where did the mou go which was signed bw ptcl and sco ?

  • Pta nai ptcl kau regulate kia aur ptcl subs 5 m sai 3m hau gaye….now pta will regulate broadband and we will see how broadband growth will slow down and pta’s fvt wimax operators will do nothing but keep crying….na khedaan gai na khedan diyan gai what wimax and dsl operators are all about

  • The only advantage for mobilink is now it can buy out warid and not have to worry about market dominance!

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