India Bans Use of Pakistani SIMs in Border District

Indian Government has banned the use of Pakistani SIM card in Barmer District, alongside border, alleging that Pakistani mobile networks penetrate 30 to 40 kilometers inside Indian Borders.

“This network penetration can be a threat to security as it can be used by smugglers or for any other anti-national activities,” district collector Gaurav Goyal told an Indian news agency.

He said that security agencies wanted the use of mobile SIMs from Pakistan to be declared an offense as it is not an easy task for them to track the calls made from such SIMs.

Superintendent of Police Santosh Chalke said the network of Pakistani mobile companies has been traced in many villages along Barmer border starting from Gujrat frontier like Bhakhasar, Pipala, Krishna ka Tala, Janpalia, Kabul ki Dhani, Sajjan ka Par, Surte ki Dhani and Munabao.

During flag meetings, the BSF has registered its protest with Pakistan over installation of mobile towers along the borde, said a BSF official.

Pakistan has complained Indian Government over the same reasons in the past, but both countries are yet to finalize any workable SOP for the purpose.

Reportedly, Indian Signals also dig into Pakistani land on various locations.

It merits mentioning here that GSM cell towers usually cover 8-12 Kilometers of land – while maximum possible coverage for GSM technology is 40 Kilometers due to technical limitations.  (Source: Wikipedia)