Telenor Gets High Tax Payer Award of Excellence

Telenor Pakistan has won the High Tax Payer Award of Excellence from Pakistan Customs (Islamabad Collectorate) for the year 2009-10.

In a ceremony held in Islamabad recently, Chief Collector Omar Farooq (right) gave the award to Muhammad Yousaf Rashid, Manager Logistics, Telenor Pakistan.

This is the second time Telenor Pakistan has won the High Tax Payer Award of Excellence from Pakistan Customs.

  • now let me understand something – if telenor is the number 2 operator in the country, and mobilink is the number one operator with nearly 25% more customers – Why is it that Mobilink is not paying more tax, is it that they are cheating our goverment, and warid and ufone also claim to be no 3 in the market – did they pay the third higest level of tax for the telecom industry to our government. i would like someone to answer this very important question !!!!!

  • Telenor suck since morning i am using in Lahore and unable to make onnet calls
    Really a worst mobile operator of Pakistan

    • Yes, I was also faced same problem with telenor network. Signal disappeared when it was raining in Lahore today. So sad Telenor… Its not a good sign…….

  • dear its the ugly truth
    just think the owners of all those mobile operators
    yes you know what i mean

    sad so sad

  • being biggest does not make biggest taxpayer….

    being profitable (and actually showing it) does.

    • Dear Apple CEO – i worry about your views somtimes. there is no way the operator with the largest subscriber base could pay less tax than the second largest operator. Everything is taxed at source, taxes are deducted at sale of sim, recharge, equipment importation, salaries of employees, and then tax on profits. are you suggesting that telenor is more profitable even though its customer base is 20% less than ML. if that is the case then ML is in a shit state and i would be worried if i was orascom.

      I think only telenor must be paying all their taxs correctly and every other operator is cheating. i think the govt audit committee should check again these companies and not try to distract pewople about a big issue like this by talking about rain in lahore !!! you know who you are. Do we want tpo continue to survive on hand outs from foregin countries or do we want a fair and equal tax system that everyone correctly contributes to

  • Every organization pay tax on different things… Its not about big or small.. If Telenor deploying infrastructure today or making inventments in Fixed assets or purchsing equipment than how can u compare it with Mobilink who deploy all this years ago.. So before making any statement its imp to understand the facts..

    Its my request to Propakistani Team not just put the news give its supportings as well.. Here we are not prasing any specific compnay so give reasons if some event happend than what was their reasons…

  • we are consumers and we have no concern how much they are paying tax
    We need good service and Telenor is not upto the mark
    Simply worrrrrrrrst network Telenor

    • well go and consume elsewhere – Telenor seems to be doing quite well without you. i doubt the loss of your Rs10 per month easyload top will hurt them.

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