Ufone Raises Salaries By 15 to 25 Percent

Ufone Management has raised salaries of all Ufone employees by minimum of 15 percent across the board and 25 percent for those with outstanding performance during past year, told us sources in the company.

‘Ufone Management has been happy with the overall performance of the workforce and has decided to increase salaries by 15 percent at least”, said a top official while announcing the increment.

All other companies increased salaries last year except Zong that paid higher salaries to only promoted employees.

Its good on Ufone’s part that it hiked salaries in tight economic situation.

Ufone didn’t confirm this increment officially.

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    • Salaries of all PERMANENT AND CONTRACTUAL employees increased. Call Centre pays increased by 25% on basis of their outstanding Performance.

  • It’s not true!

    It’s like any other organization. The salaries were raised, but there are cases, who got 10% or even less.

    You are only focusing on the higher end.

    • Salaries of all PERMANENT AND CONTRACTUAL employees increased ranging by 15 to 25%. Call Centre employees pays increased by 25% on basis of their outstanding Performance.

  • that GOD u said something about zong as well . zong the fastest growing network has not increased salaries. employees are extremely unhappy because of this move by the company. in result zong is number one in terms of hiring because no one stays longer in zong .

    • Salaries of all PERMANENT AND CONTRACTUAL employees increased. Do not give unauthentic information please.

      • Call Centre employees salaries increased by 25% which is maximum on the basis of their outstanding performance during year. Now starting is 25,000 and can go upto 35,000 on aging. Do not give unauthentic information please.

  • Fake News. Only few got more than 15%. Majoriting on lower side. Pro-pakistani internal source incorrect.

  • SALARIES of both Permanent and Contractual employees increased in Ufone including CALL CENTRE employees. Just in call Centre now, salaries are ranging between 25,000 to 35,000 depending on aging which is quite good. GREAT WORK DONE UFONE.

  • Unfortunately the source is very very Unauthentic. Most of the employees who were hired from Warid IN UFONE were given a raise in this range. That speaks loudly of how the OLD employees of UFONE are being treated by the New management. Many of the hardworking senior managers were given a raise between 5-10% and not just because of performance but because not the apply of the NEW management’s eye!

    Not only this, there are rumors of the New management being involved in deals with the vendors too. People are not blind in the company and neither will they be deaf and mute. Ufone will go down the drain if the harassment and favoritism doesn’t stop!

    @Hassan Baloch: Looks like you also might have been hired from Warid I guess. That’s why you are repeating your stance again and again!

  • Not hired from Warid buddy. But I undertand what u mean… very right…

    Actually I was repeating the same sentence replying to everyone as the page was full of misconception that pays of Contractual and Call Centres employees are not raised by management. They are poor people this and that. I was just trying to clarify that Ufone management wasn’t doing injustice atleast in this way.

    At your point you are absolutly right. Agreed with the point you are raising, specially people coming in from Warid. Yessssssss!!! But lets not discuss it here. Remember, we shouldn’t be discussing the negatives in public. Its always internal you know. We are family, what we call “Ufone Family”. :-)

  • Dear Concerns,
    It is absolutely wrong, that Ufone has increased It’s Contractual Employee Salary as well!!!

    Please Confirm your Source OR change your Source of Information.
    After The change of our Salary Grid, we are not even having the Amount what we were used to take by giving our best performance…

  • Who says salaries of contractual employees not increased?

    @ Ali: Salary means your “Basic Salary” and it has been increased minimum upto more then 50% in call centre case. Which is more then any other department. And about incentive, yes this is for performers, you perform and have it :-)…

  • Ufone aik bht he ghutia company hai…they never care about their employees never rays their raise there salaries…
    Apney employees ko permanent nai krtey jub k law k mutabik 9 months baad permanent krna lazmi hai…
    Per ufone walon ko maut nuzr ati hai..

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