Telenor Karo Mumkin Show; Starting Today!

People of Pakistan responded overwhelmingly to the call of Telenor Karo Mumkin Show by submitting their ideas about making Pakistan better. Now the time has come when best ideas will be shown in “Karo Mumkin Show”, out of which one idea will be selected as best one based on viewers’ votes.


You can watch Telenor Karo Mumkin Show on leading TV channels today from 7:30 pm onwards & vote for the idea you like.

Schedule details are available here

To download the Karo Mumkin RBT

Code: 60173

Send ST<space>code to 230”

  • Without Geo, Express and Dunya TV it is funny that you mention “leading channels” will be showing it.

  • oh ho ye ab naya drama start hogya he, sab batain hain dosto or kuch bhi nai honay waala, sab dramy bazzi he telenor ki, telenor apni marketing kr raha he or kuch bhi nai

    • Allah ka shukar karo mister k koi to hain jo aisa kar raha hain while abhi tak to kisi main itna himat or you can say power nai hain jo kessi khas tialented students ko hamarey samneay lay jis se inspired ho kar hum b kuch kar sake apne mulk k lye…

  • karo mumkin show by telenor is a step towards the betterment of future of Pakistan, being an architect i appreciate the way of improvement could be done by an idea what i had thought also but unfortunately couldn’t be included in show.

  • i really inspired 4fm it. . every1 should contribute 4 de bettermebt of Pakistan. .
    good job done by Telenor. every1 plzzzzz vote 4 de contestant u like. . May Allah success dem all

  • i just wana say that telenor is doing a great job, this is the motivated way for we students.. may God help them all in thier way.

  • ham sab ko inn students ko support karna chahyay kiyo k jo yay kar rhay hai woh hamaray lakhoo sayasatdaan naee ker saktay chahay yay telenor ki marketing ka hisa hoo laikin agar aaj ham inhay support kertay hai tu shayad kal koi aisa show bhi ayay jo haqiqtan pakistan ko badal day!

  • dis iz a vry gud work 2 hav ideas frum different ppl
    i appreciate u ppl alot that u r lounching dis gud & reasonale program!!weldun!in da end i vanna tel ATTIAQ OODHO dat i saw her last 3 4 dayz back in mall !!i wanted 2 say hi but she passed away n e wayz i wana say her hallo!!hav a very gud blessed day!in 5 or 6 hours it iz my flight m going 2 malysia to my home country but now im in pakistan!LUV U ATTIQA ODHHO MST RPLYY!!PRAY FOR U!!&U PRAY FOR ME!!FRUM UR GOD!!<3

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