PTCL Employees Go on Strike over Salary Differences

PTCL employees observed full day strike over “Salary Package 2010” that offers 50 percent pay raise of their salaries in year 2008.

Strike resulted into a virtual halt of almost all PTCL services including 1217, 1218, OSS centers and others.

PTCL employees are demanding Pay Raise by 50% of their current basic salaries as per government’s notification, medical allowance, Eid reward and promotions for all.

Government of Pakistan had issued a notification of 50 percent pay raise of current salaries of PTCL employees.

In contrary to which, PTCL management issued following pay raise notification on August 11, 2010.

No. HR/Salary/2010                                              Dated: August 11th, 2010

Inter Office Memo

Subject: Salary Increase for Regular & NCPG Employees

The Management is pleased to announce the following increase in salary for all the Regular and NCPG employees as an immediate relief to cover the inflation in the country effective 1st July 2010.

1. Non-Management Employees:

1.1. For the non-management Regular employees, the increase in salary will be equal to 50% of the initial Basic Pay of PTCL Pay Scales, 2008. This will be termed as “PTCL Allowance”.

1.2. For NCPG employees, the same increase will be allowed in accordance with the equivalent mapped scales as elaborated in the salary package 2008 notified on 29-9-2008.

2. Management Employees:

2.1. For the Regular Management employees, the increase in salary, termed as PTCL Allowance, will be based on the individual’s performance as depicted in the last PMS for the calendar year 2009.

The individual performance will be determined on the basis of the Forced Ranking system as per the following categorization:

S. No. Ranking Salary Increase

  • Top 10% 50%
  • Next 20% 42%
  • Next 40% 34%
  • Next 20% 26%
  • Bottom 10% 18%

This allowance will also be calculated based on the initial basic pay of the PTCL Pay Scales, 2008.

In addition to the above, management, in line with the assigned business targets, is currently considering to issue further incentives in terms of salary increase based on the performance of the company during first and second half of this financial year ending December 2010 and June 2011 respectively. These will be communicated shortly as soon as finalized.

Best regards,

(Shahzad Safdar Khan)


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • PTCL Zindabad.

    Loothooooo PTCL ko jo kamaya aik ptcl nei woh sub looth loo aur bahir lay jao.

    If we check PTCL earning report this year and last year, that’s simply shows they are too earning but i dont know why this type of behavior with the workers.

  • Ptcl suckss. They disconnect my area lines on Sat nite so that peoples can pressurize exchange and hotline.

    My line and dsl is still not working and no one to solve it.

  • This all is done by Mazhar and his account staff who are in HR but does not know anything. He knows only how to supply beauties & PTCL looted money to corrupt Walid Irshaid and other Arab Baddoos who are here to sink PTCL.

    Another Nasruulah is their ally who is responsible for lot of sacking of competent PTCL employess. He is caring & supporting about himself and his incompetent lot of friends working in PTCL on contract getting their salaries in Lacs. They were invloved in sacking lot of PTCL employess in the name of re-organization showing ARAB BADOOS that they have saved money.

    Allah will take revenge (of those sacked employess whose throats have been cut) by these above corrupt /incompetent/looters/dacoits/inhuman/cruel so called FIROANS ruuning PTCL now a days. Their families, their children, thier geneartions shall suffer the same. It is MAKAFAT-E-AMAL.

    • Yes,

      I agree with Jhamsaid shb.

      Ptcl is being looted and destroyed by the Incompetent SEVP Mazhar and his croonies.

      all the working people of Ptcl , hate him .

      Since the cencor policy of Propakistani is very strick and cannot let me bring out the facts and true expression agaisnt these human eaters so most of the readers will remain deprived of fact that how these corrupt and illicit and the most henoius characters of the society are enjoying all the bebefits, enjoying …. & …. and kept the employee hands to mouth.

      I m sori i canoot open myself due to strick sensor policy of Pro pakistani.

      President is enjoying the salary of 90 lac plus and he is enjoying hte living in Sarena hotel in a suite whose cost is nearly 1Lac per day.

      When Govt of pakistan has announced the 50 Percent incease on the running basic then who these people are to refuse and defy the Govt.

      Our Govt is totally kameeneee and worthless, It is totally bowed before the Arabs of UAE so Etisalat management is free to do every v iolation in this country.
      From denying the people its right to do the job with proper job security, icrements at proper times .
      Etisalat are so bold here in not only defying the labour laws but also no hesitation in disobeying the courts order.
      Why ?
      Because the corropt president of Pakistan, Mr Zardari in down to earth before the Arabs just for the wealth and bank money which is there in Dubai.
      Zardari and other rulling junta has most of thier assets in the foriegn countries including /dubai so how can they talk to the Arab Badowins by making the eye to eye contact.

      The labours are crushed very vehemently and with out any fear , the Etisalat is at large to make the voilations and setting every thing at its own will.

  • Recent floods have devasted Pakistan. THe Pakistani nation needs huge funds to rebuild the country and revuild the lives. But Pakistan does not have funds and badly needs avery penny. Why in the world, Etisalat is not paying US$ 900 million they owe to Pakistani nation? Can any one ask and check? Will honorable Chief Justice ask?

    • Faqeer Shb ,

      We need nothing from Etisalat any thing .

      Today is the strike going on outside and the employees are demanding thier legitimate right of 50% increase in the pay as said my the Govt of Pakistan in the Budget in june 2010.

      The 900Million dollars is nothing as compared to the worht of ptcl.

      It is good for honourable Cheif justice to kick out the Arab badoins who have very fraudelently taken over the control of our srategic asets.

  • I can understand that the staff has genuine concerns. But why are they punishing public? Arent we paying bills? Why dont these morons go to courts? Didn’t Geo TV get justice from courts?
    The fact remains that shirkers in PTCL have found a way to nourish their slackness. PTCL staff, top to bottom, are &^%%$

  • i hate PTCL…..UNION sahi ker rahi hai inke saath…….

    All TC & khushamdi people are sitting at Top including CTO.

    He doesn’t have guts to stand for his technical team becoz he himself is taking lacs of salary………

    • For Mr Truth ,

      It is absolutely true ,

      I agree with u more than 100 precent .

      When the pakiatanies associated with the Arabs as helpers are getting the monthly salaries in thousands of thousand rupees what the hell it is thier concern to talk to the arabs Badoins about the job security of the workers, pay increase, eid bonus etc.
      After all, the worker is also a human being, he also needs to have a better life .
      Why the pakistanies in top management close to the arabs are quiet after getting the monthly salaries in tousands of thousand.??
      This bound to happen , mean strike , when the Arabs are unaware about the plight of the worker.

  • at least there is a hope for salary increase in ptcl. we the zong employees are facing worst conditions. no salary increase since last two years

    • WEll Alvi sahab ,

      The chinese are no good employers.
      Like etisalat, they are also not good employers but at least we can speak due to be old in this land .

      I think that u should also think seriously about i to move to the court as no serious steps been taken regarding the labour laws.

  • @Aamir Atta, not just one full day of strike, they are on strike even now, so we can call week of strike after tomorrow. Let customers give feedback what they are experiencing.

    PTA should come forward not to let PTCL charge customers for non-functioning ADSL and Voice service (line rent), we pay for a working service, not a dead service. Is there any quality of service agreement we have with PTCL if service is down ? But I am sure PTA will make “awam-qurbani ka bakra again” as this is regime of doing this.

    1- PTCL employees behevior towards general public was always unbearable, rude and uncooperative. After privitization things have changed to some extent but there is a need to sack these old lazy ducks & hire unemployed Pakistani youth & hire only those who can be cooperative, respectful towards customers.

    2- PTA & Govt both has bowed down to Etisalat, more strict VoIP policy on which PTA has spend millions of peoples’ money is one big example.

    3- Loss due to non-working exchange is to national economy and to people, people sitting in Government have no problem as they mostly use NTC, Do people in PTCL employees union have little brain to think on this ? But they won’t because of the culture of PTCL only “Jahil” hold positions in PTCL employees Union.

    All telephones in Gulzar-a-Quaid, Airport Housing Society (Rawalpindi) are either dead, have unbearable distortion, or busy tone. Lodging complaint on 1218 was painful due to distortion in line but noone showed up to fix it after 3 days.

  • MY speed problem is still not resolved. don’t know when this strike will end.

    Ya Allah Rahem Farma is mulk per

  • Yar, in the end users of ptcl will suffer, higher authorities of ptcl should think about their users, i have been suffering from it, my dsl as well as my phone line is dead, and im calling 1218 from last 5 days , and they say aj visit hoga kal hoga , and sometimes they give excuse about strike , & in the end they will send BILL k itna bill aaya hai , who is responsible ???????????.. Line Men & DSL operators are not coming for a visit to solve people problem , coomplaints creeping up, they should solve problem as soon as possible, AnyWayz, does anyone know whats the current status of strike , any hope of being over or not yet ?

  • Why ETISALAT is not paying remaining money to Pakistan for PTCL purchase? The answer is simple.
    Walid Irshaid has given peanuts to Gilani for flood victims and pictures have been published in media. Finish, Gilani is happy , now Walid Irshaid and his pakistani corrupt staff Mazhar, Nasrullah, Nehmatullah etc… may do anything in PTCL. They are human eaters. They draw millions of rupees as their salary but will not give single penny increase in salary to staff. Rather they are involved in un-employing PTCL talented satff by terminating their long outsatnding services in PTCL. Every Morning, there is BADUA for all of these Human Eaters specially for Mazhar and Nasrullah. It is MAKFAT-e-AMAL. They will suffer the same, their children will suffer even worse than this. We beleive ALLAH- the almighty shall accept this BADUA as these human eaters have cuts our throats by cutting our RIZAQ by making us jobless. ALLAH will cut their throats.

  • Going on strike is one thing, but here in korangi exchange they have intentionally disconnected telephones/D-Slems and most of the numbers which are shut down on purpose are DLS users — I ask a question to these cheap PTCL employees what does this means — go and ask the concerns for your demands this cheap act of making the customer suffer on purpose is the refelection of the their rd class charcters.

    Yesterday I want to the exchange, they did not let me oin there were few other aswell to complain there, one came there regular street language attitude, App ki smajh main nahi atta number hum nay khuf band kiye hain jo karan hai karlo”.

  • today about an hour ago i call to 1218 and ask for the strike.they told me that strike is over and from the next working day you problems will solved.anyone can confirm this

  • Ptcl is least concernd about the well being of its internal customers so what the hell it will take care of the extrernal customer.

    No facily is offered nor any job security.

    Always , the work is obtained by threatening and bulying act .

    As it has already been mentioned somewhere on the top that the arabs are least careful about the buisiness of the telecommunication. because ptcl has been handed over to them in such a cheap rate that they are totally careless about what is going on .
    HAd they purchased ptcl in a proper way and invested thier money then the situation would have quite different .
    PTCL would have become till now an international teleco.

  • It is the biggest tragedy that our very profitable institution has been ruined by privitizing.
    this is not only bad for the ptcl but also a security issue for the country.
    Becasue in etisalat , all the top slots have been occupied by the Indians and other nationals.
    the institution of such a highest stratigic importance must not be given into the foriegn hands soo cheaply.

  • PTCL privitization is the biggest corruption scandle of Asia.Lets think Etisalate has only 26% share in PTCL while they have 100% share in Wateen Telecom (another telecom operator in Pakistan). If PTCL destroyed they will loos only 26% (which installement is still pending) but on the other hand they will get profit of 100% since their Wateen telecom will grow. If you remember PTCL launch VSS for its employees in 2008 it is the same period when Wateen Telecom was launch. They provide them teleted/skill employees at cheaper cost. During VSS PTCL catagorize its staff as key Talent, not need etc. intesting thing is that they catagorize competent employees as “not need” so that they can quite the job and they successeded in their efforts. These employes are now working for Wateen. Have there is some who can safegaurd the intest of Pakistan?

  • In continuation to Loyal Pakistani ,

    I totally agree .

    I m also ptcl employee and i wondered whether the Arab BAduins are here for telecom buisness or what ?
    Thier intentions right from the day first were not clear .

    Actually they have been handed over the best running telecom buisiness just like peanuts .
    so they are leastr worried about what is happening on the ground .

  • It has already been writen on a number of occasions already before that the ptcl privitization was a bigest fraud in the history of not only paikistan but also asia.

    The recent strike of the ptcl was such a gigantic event of the highest importance that it can never be neglected or ignored or looked down upon ,
    the so called independent responsible
    media ( Geo, ARY etc ) played the very baised role and supported the Etislat managemnt by observing the silence and keeping the people of pakistan in darkness .

    No oposition, no govt , no meida was able to bring out the exploitation of the suffering employees strike and the reason.
    All the stake holders have thier interests in thier wealth accumulated in the banks of Dubai and else where in the world .

    If the ptcl collapses then every one must know that the collapse of pakistan will begin.
    Because ptcl was the strategic asset of the country which has been handed over to the outsiders at a very cheap rate at thier terms and conditions rather than keeping in view the interest of the country.

    May Allah bring the change of wave & the eliminate the replace the curropt , hypocrite people rulling this country , who are robbing this country with both hands.

    Today , may Allah formid , if ptcl collapses , then auto matically the menance of corruption will spread to the other institutions and they will be eaten away one by one .
    ultimately , the whole country will be sold to the outsiders and these few people will be enjoying thier personal livies in the foriegn lands .

    May Allah bring the honest , neat people and may the the ptcl privitization gets reversed as it happened in case of pakistan steel mills.

  • PTCL has worst employees as all other government departments. No one works and earns halal income in Pakistan. Do they need salary raise for worst support and worst behaviour with customers. when we go to any government office we see almost illiterate pathans and shias in dominance. they get jobs because of race or sect. Neither do they know any work nor they do any.

    Shame on you PTCL employees. You deserve termination than raise.

  • Billal Shb ,

    With dur reggards and respect ,

    Pl make ur perception corect that niether i m pathan nor i m Shia .

    I m Pakistani and i m muslim.


    i m engineer of ptcl and i with my own hands have done much of the trechinical work.

    So donot under mine the work force .

    And also

    if there is some body doing the strike for the just right , then it should not be as a wrong deed.

    Wrong deed is what which is going on agaisnt the wtriking employees .

  • There is a misunderstanding that ptcl is now a private firm it is very rediculus. only 26 % controlling shares were given to Arab firm still maximum shares are with government of pakistan. ptcl has a large workforce which is on GOVT basic pay scale ranging grade 1 to 17 and above; having pension from govt. how can some people say it is a prvate firm and such pepole are foooooooooooooooooooooooooooools

  • It is very pity and sorrowful to hiogh light that the billions were spent upon Rehman Malik controlling the interior ministry and over the so called free liberal media to condemn and supress and crush the strike of the ptcl employees.

  • General Muhammad Mushraf sold Kitchen utensils for running Home expenditures. PTC was an earning organization therefore there was no need to privatize it. Staff appointed before 1995 were Government servant, deprived of promotion and new package of salary. Retired PTCL employees still not received any increase since July 2010. ETISALAT is not faithful for Pakistani people. She is good for Arabians only. God may give wisdom to our politician so that they do not sell any organization to any foreigner. Regards. barkatali

  • 2007 k vss mai ptcl employees aor union ne intahai naaitafaqi ka muazahera kiya aor management ne mulazmin ko bikharne r vss lene pe majboor krne k liye regional management or union leaders ko bhaari comission or taraqi k ewaz 40000 employees nikalne ka task dia jisko pura karne k liye officers r union ne milkar propaganda muhim ka aghaaz kiya,r employees ko draya damkaya k agr vss na liya to aap sb ka future taarik jojaiga,aap sb ko future me nikal dia jaaiga ya contract pe rak dia jaiga..aaj wo saari afwahi sach saabit horahi he.agr ham shuru se hi itafaaq mai rehte to ye bura din na dekna parta…non penshioners employees ko bi nikalne pe majboor kiya gia..iska ak hi hal hai wo ye keh vss lene wale r present ptcl employees sb apas mai ak hokar apne problems hal karey…i am non penshioner..mgr aaj bhi sb me na itafaaqia he..jese ham nikal diye gai aap logo ko b nikal dia jaiga,ptcl waale chance k intazar mai he r joohi un ko moqa mila apna waar kareng..pir jese law and order k hote huwe bhi ham apna bunyadi haq penshion haasil nhi karsakte to aap log bhi hamari tarah bebasi se kuch nahi karsakoge..
    ao sb milkar ak platform banaiy,jahan se apne haqooq hasil krk us ka difaa bhi jaari rak sakyn.aap job nd salry k hote huwe itne disterb ho to hamara non penshenor ka kia haal hoga.

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