Protesting Employees Won’t Get Salaries And Eid Bonus: PTCL Management

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) management has decided not to pay the current month salaries and bonuses to the employees not performing their duties.

The management has reacted strongly against on-going strikes by company employees, demanding raise in salaries and allowances announced by the government in recent budget.

PTCL management said the allowance and bonus packages will be given to those employees who will perform their jobs as if they do in normal routine.

The internal memo issued by the top management asked its all regional heads to review the performance of the employees under respective jurisdictions and send their recommendation to Human Resource Department for the issuance of August salary and allowances.

Previously, it said the salary raise and Eid bonus will be given to selected employees based on their past year performance.
PTCL management has reacted severely in past too, however, it had to bow down to the employee’s union in the end by partially or wholly accepting their demands.

Recent strikes by PTCL employees have halted the whole PTCL system leaving customers in miserable and support-less situation.

Employees are demanding 50 percent pay raise on their running basic and salaries in accordance with the government’s notification, medical allowance, Eid reward and promotions for all.

Via: Telecom Recorder

  • I request up-gradation from 1 mb internet to 4mb on 9 august but today is 20 august and my up-gradation is still in process.

    my location is saddar karachi

  • Throw these bunch of chipmunks out! People are dying of hunger and they are busy in strikes for pay rise and bonus.

  • I pray Allah to bestow the strenght and courage to the union people who have stood up agaisnt the opperesor and the Human eaters.

    All the EVPS in HR and SEVP Mazhar, who is a typical Mubshee, must be thrown out of the ptcl.

    Thyese illicent malafied people are enjoying all the perks and life upon the cost of the earning made to the ptcl by the poor workers,

    How dare they can come forward to stop the salaries. ?

    Why the scoorge Mr Bilal, the new chick as EVP Hr is hell bent upon dehying the basic right to the workers who simply demand the 50% increase in the pay as promised by the Govt in the current ferderal budget.

    What is the issue to Mr Billal that he has made this simple issue a contenious issue.

    When Govt has announced in the budget then who the Hell you are Mr billal to deny the 50 % increase,

    It is very simple .

    Just let it happen and get rid of the strike.

    It is not easy to stop the employees on the stirke from getting thier ligitimate right .

    The management is just prolonging the issue so that they can avail the few more days of thier purks while enjoying the headquarter life.

    Well my dear Billal. the new chick as EVP, listen , it is no use of prolonging by going to the court on one pretext or on the other .

    Simply folow what it has been stated in the federal budget.

    And donot mess with the employees whose eraning you are enjoying.

    It is not the dare of your father Mr Billal, the EVP PTCL, to stop the salary of the single protesting employee.

    Forget it my son. forget it and donot mess up with the earning hands.

    Because the upper hand is better than the lower one . The upper hand is the earning hand and the lover one is the demanding one or begger one.

    So dear Billal, the workers hands is the upper hand who earn the revenue for the ptcl. You the Hr is the begging person who spend what the technical people earn.

    So donot try to look down upon the hands which make the earning and livelihood for your sustainance and life survival.

  • who in this world deserves 50% pay rise and still offers pathetic service ! in south africa they are on strike for 8% and the govt is offering 7% for the whole civil service. if these idiots in PTCL did a great job day in and day out i would stand by them, but as i see it they deserve a 50% salary reduction and doing away with this stupid commitment to employee family members !!! i really hate PTCL and everything it stands for

    • Dumbass in S.Africa the workers are THEMSELVES demanding a pay raise

      In Pakistan the Govt. itself increased wages of Govt. employees by 50%. Then idaray(PTCL) ka baap kaun ban raha hay by denying the employees their legit right?
      Hence, the situation we have at hand.

      ps: I agree their services are pathetic.
      I side you when you say they don’t deserve pay raises for kind of output they deliver at work but whats right is right.

      • correction for admin to make in my last line:
        I side you when you say they don’t deserve pay raises for THE kind


  • To be on the fair side since they too are Govt. employees, their salaries should have been raised.
    PTCL(under the hands of the Arabs) khulli badmashi kar raha hay.
    Dusray hath daikha jaye tau since management is in the hands of the Arabs(with this regard I believe a raise in salary of their employees is too), tau it also makes sense why they’re not giving a hoot to the Govt’s decision to raise salaries.

  • The president makes upto a 1 Rs. crore. …………

    The SEVPs are making more than 1 million per month.

    EVPs upto halfa million.

    & the poor engineers 7 other staff who do all the work get less than 50k a month.

    • 40-50K is not bad. and I guess other staff like CSRs and Linemen also make 15-30k, on the other hand look at the poor souls working in private companies for 5-10K only and they never make unions or go on strike.

      • CSRs according to my info make Rs16.3k tops
        Engineers make 20k above for starters and 40k after completion of initial training period if I’m not mistaken

  • BTW this tactic of stopping salaries is very doesn’t work.

    PTCL has no right to stop salaries specially Gov.t employees

  • Ready carefully bonuses and salaries increase will be for those who will perform the job honestly and respectively.if union doesn’t agree with that goto hell because consumers are facing the problems.

    • cite reference for “bonuses and salaries increase will be for those who will perform the job honestly and respectively” please

  • if the other private companies are not paying enough..then it doesn’t mean that they are doing right…..

  • Going on strike at this time when country needs all working communication system in an emergency situation these people are on strike ? They didn’t find any other good time to go for it ? Ofcourse they aren’t starving on this Eid, majority of them still take bribe for services.

    2nd I have had an encounter with a supervisor in my exchange, he was some office bearer of PTCL employees union & this guy had some serious attitude problem, rude, I-damn-care sort of, never kept his promises and due to him I waited for my line for 4 months while he told me that resources and pair was available.

    PTCL must kick these “firoonz” of Employees Union Out.

  • seriously who will pay the bill for this month.i am subcribed to their new fraud 4mb package which just give speed of 1mb normally in the name of 4mb.also since the strike has started my internet has not been working and getting disconnected.i live near rado exchange in gulistane who is responsible now cuz i cant complain neither goto exchange.i cant bear this now its too much pain to see hard earn money going like that.

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