PTCL Union says Peaceful Protest is their Right

PTCL Union leaders Malik Maqbool, Hammad Qureshi and Rana Hasan said that the Workers Unions leaders and PTCL management are bound to hold talks on workers’ demands as per the Lahore High Court order.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has no right to impede the salaries of 26,000 workers, and they have full right of peaceful protest for their demands. Such Action of PTCL would be strongly condemned by the court.

The union leaders said it was startling that a senior officer was misguiding and deceiving the workers as well as the management. The Honorable Court has not issued any order for stopping the protest. During trial of this case the court had clearly said that protest is the right of PTCL employees. The court had directed all employees to be careful in their protest which should be peaceful so that there is no damage to government property.

They said that the court had clearly issued orders to PTCL management to hold dialogue with the Union leaders for solving the demands of employees. PTCL cannot stop the salary/bonus and issue show cause notices to employees.

It is surprising that the PTCL management is issuing warning to the employees at different offices in the country which is a clear case of contempt of court, they said. The leaders requested all employees to be united against the high-handedness of PTCL management which cannot demoralize the employees.

  • Looks like this will be a long strike and will take a while to get solved..

  • they should fire every single one of these dad beat union guys – thetime when th ecountry needs good communications and the ability to rebuild these bastards are holding everyone hostage. Shame on them, shame !!!

  • as long I could remember I had suffered too much just because of this SHIT PTCL
    being just a home user of ptcl phone line
    or PTCL DSL customer
    or being working for an ISP and faces too much troubles and problems just because of PTCL

    still today my phone line is dead
    my home dsl is never work stable just because of ptcl phone lines issues
    our office phones lines are getting down many times during each month
    our dxx link got down many times
    and we have to pay each month bill in full amount
    the list of problems with ptcl is too much long i just hate it hate PTCL.

    so all i want to say
    fire all of them and hire new team from top to bottom all of them.

  • Well,it would be the easy way out to fire all the workers?

    But, I am sure, that if your boss didn’t pay you what the government had said you should then you would be unhappy? Or would you just sit there and do nothing.

    These workers shuld deserve better treatment by the company.

    I am sure the wage rise that the government ordered is small, but the gain would be big for each and every worker.

    I think the company should stop being so child like. Grow up and treat your employees with respect.

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