RHC Decides to Secure PTCL Offices from Protesters

Deciding a petition filed by PTCL to uphold the decision of Chairman NIRC to secure the assets and properties of PTCL from protesting employees, High Court Pindi Bench has accepted PTCL’s request and has directed the law enforcing agencies to positively implement the orders of NIRC for keeping the protesters 500 yards away from PTCL installations/Offices.


The Honorable Court has also directed to ensure the smooth working of PTCL and adopt all coercive measures for the maintenance of Public Order and to curb any illegal activities.

PTCL therefore in a statement has advised its employees to abide by the court orders and refrain from any unlawful strikes/activities.

PTCL further said that employees should resume their duties immediately to avoid the stoppage of salaries and harsh disciplinary action.

PTCL has urged its employees to  join hands and serve PTCL and the country rather than listening to and serving the ill motives of certain outnumbered individuals who are not sincere to anyone but themselves.

  • may the fleas of a thousand camels settle in the Pubic hair of these national traitors – our country needs unitiy, not strikes and disruption. Shame on PTCL striking employees

  • My Internet is DEAD from last one week, will PTA protect customer rights or PTCL forcing customers to pay for something they haven’t used from last one week ?

    At least for 1Mbps user of ADSL will pay 40*8 =320 plus 52 Rs in line rent for this 8 days strike and dead service so far means every user had to pay total of 372 Rs for a dead service so far and still counting.

    Rs. 372 for 8 days dead service ?

  • This arab management is thinking that Pakistan is their colony thats why they are abiding by the orders/rules of Pakistan government & not inhancing salaries of ptcl employees Upto 50% as directed by the government of Pakistan.The protest of employees is right & Govt. should take action against management.

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