Wateen Allows Open Access to Its Customers’ Private Info

Wateen Telecom, through its Self Care, is offering its customers to know their latest account status along with a facility to recharge their accounts, but the alarming thing is that system neither asks for any password nor system generated user name; instead all customer’s private information is revealed by just submitting random names.

Here on this url: simply guess and enter names like: Bilal, Aslam, Aamir, Huma, Najma etc.

P.S. You don’t need to be a Wateen customer to enjoy personal information of Wateen users;

Below is screen shot of a random customer, interestingly there is a sign out button for a page which never asked for sign-in.

Thanks to Zofeen for the tip

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  • It has been this way since about 2 months ago, when they decided to lock the mac address with accounts. Their database records were also crosslinked, so while my connection was charged, it stayed inactive for two weeks and I could not get support as it showed up under another person’s name in their systems.

  • A very big security loop hole !

  • what the hell they doing… users data are open without any password or pin… anyone here get wateen opinion??

  • Imam Bux Mallah

    I have been using Wateen since June 2010. I don’t understand what is the matter with Wateen, they just have unsecure + unpredictable(because within a day or a week they change the layout of their selfcare page + signals go on searching in the afternoon e.t.c. Yes, the internet speed is better the time it is 100% active. But look at the charges:
    PTCL 1 MB Unlimited 830 Rupees (Student Package but it is 1 MB)
    Wateen 1 MB Unlimited 1650 Rupees (Double rates + Double Khuwari)

    But Still I a using Wateen just because I am in a village where there is no any other source for internet besides Zong good internet packages but internet speed almost dead.

    This is all about Wateen…!!! (That I have experienced so far)

    1 Question: Will Wateen upgrade its bandwith to atleast 2 MB, if anyone knows?

  • Ashhar

    lo gae pangay tu ho jao gae naangae :) hahah
    kisnay kaha k pepsi per 5Rs kam kar do
    Kisnay kaha k wateen ko MAC binding kar do

  • Saad Waseem

    Lol. This is fun! :D

  • Rashid Bukhari

    This is what I call HEADLINE NEWS! W in Wateen stands for ‘Worst’. Seems like we finally found the phone numbers of girls =) Someone please poke http://pta.gov.pk

  • Saad Khan

    Is waqat m sub kay phone numbers collect kur ruhi hun. wi-tribe sales walay muj say phone numbers khared suktay hain .. heheheee!

  • Muhammad Hameed

    oh no my phone number is exposed [email protected] i will sue wateen through supreme court of pakistan. i am also reporting this wateen blunder to police and pta. really this company is stupid

    • The Truth

      I think you are cheap because you only pay for a 512k ciruit – who uses such low bandwidth these days. :-)

      now you can Sue for public humiliation


  • Samina Ali

    is this self care of international open care? .. rolf

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    HaHa what a dumb move by Wateen..

  • Tabish Anis

    I Just Simply Hate Wateen For Their Silly Service And Security Loopholes! Anyway Telephone Numbers Are No Longer Available! Can Anyone Confirm Please!

  • A. R. Malik

    Dear All, all this is base less update and just to confuse the wateen user because due to MAC biding login can not be used at any device, it works only if and only if MAC and login both are same.this link is to just to see recharge & usage status

    please do not pass such pathetic info with out any authentication / verfication just for the sack of number game.

    • Abuzer Khan

      It is not baseless. I checked this yesterday and i can see anyone recharge and usage details which simply means wateen didnt implemented MAC and login requirement for this webpage.

  • ReliableHost

    This is ridiculous.

  • geohotz

    i think propakistani bhai is fwding information without authetication…. dude they donot give out their phone numbers or anything go to the link type in anything like ali or wasif or anything it will only show their current data consumption, lately we’ve been reading meaningless posts here like “MR___ LEAVES WARID JOINS PTCL” BLAH BLah blah….yar Comeon,about an year ago this blog was interesting but now ekhhhh its boring man…kuch aur bhi dalo yar anything make some short tutorialz like howtogeek.com or househousehacker …so that people can actually have something to learn…na humein mr mustaq ka pata hota hay jo mobilink chor ke warid mein jatey hein na miss naseema ka jo ptcl chorti hein…for heavenz sake ur ruining it all !!! (no hard feelings, just telling u wot i think)

  • Shoaib

    I have checked it, phone number is not available now on Wateen selfcare page. May be they have changed it.

  • m.h

    foolish people r running wateen. I cannot beleive that it owned by warid international group.

  • amir

    the funny thing is as of 24-aug, they havent fixed it yet

  • How do i buy credit online….

    • Nawaz

      @Farooq, contact Zofeen for unlimited account =)

  • atif

    This is such a stupid reporting… i think propakistani should stop being such a wuss and start doing positive reporting…… first of all fone number is not shown secondly instead of appraising a company who is brining in new initiatives in telecom industry of pakistan we pick minor loops and misses and make an issue out of it…. i am a wateen user plus i also have quebee and wi-tribe….. i have found wateen unstable but i also have found others unstable….

  • Telecom Specialist

    Wateen is a big Company in LDI business and Fiber services and successful in LDI business as whole trafic of Warid is routed through Wateen.
    While Wateen Calling Card, Wateen Modem, Wateen USB, Wateen Telephony special in DHA Lahore is not a success story.
    Another same type of Company is Wi Tribe
    spending money and making international management fool.
    Managemnet of Wi tribe is the same those failed to launch Mobilink
    Qubee is a small Company with big telecom Name Mubashir Naqvi but in general his reputation is too not such good but famous as croupt
    Hero is only one in telecom (U fone) Mr Younas Iqbal Sheikh

  • Abuzer Khan

    Well i think after this post, they have removed Phone number option. now they are showing all information except Phone number which is good but still information should be secured and should be provided only to relevant users

  • Uzair

    Well all users of Wateen. Wateen has now removed the Telephone numbers from its accounts..

  • link is closed buddy

    • Abuzer Khan

      are you a wateen user?? I can still access that link and info. Perhaps they have closed for non wateen users in case if you are not.

  • Zishan

    i came to know it late……
    they r no more displaying the phone numbers :(
    btw i luvd this trick

  • Farhan

    wateen is now not showing any more other users information now.

  • Bettye Bakula

    Hi I have been searching your website , I liked it I am interested in reading more. Nice!.