Telenor Joins Hands with Opera to Promote Mobile Internet

The Telenor Group and Opera Software announce a non-exclusive Global Frame Agreement aiming to stimulate rapid growth of Mobile Internet services across Telenor’s business units.

Telenor’s business units can co-brand, distribute and run the Opera Mini mobile browser across its mobile handset and subscriber portfolios. As a result, Telenor’s customers in all geographies will be able to enjoy a fast, affordable and user-friendly mobile web experience on their favourite handset.

Under the agreement, Opera Software and any of Telenor Group’s business units may develop a co-branded version of Opera Mini that is adapted to the local operator.

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile phone browser with 60 million monthly users.

As part of the Global Frame Agreement, Opera and Telenor will also work to further innovate and expand the scope of the mobile web.

The first deployment of Opera Mini in the Telenor network is scheduled for September.

  • nothing new in it. Aware people r already using opera on their mobs. Telenor is a piece of crap. Advertises insanely.

  • Both Ar 4m NORWAY……Telenor ka ye Step Bilkul Bakwas Or Fazool hai…..wajah ? Gprs k packages tho hyn nahe or EGDE services ka keh k show off kartey rehtay hyn, pehle UNLIMITED GPRS package do pir es tarah ki harkat karo….

  • The newest version of Opera Mini (v 5) is an exceptional mobile browser but still quite bandwidth intensive for the antiquated GPRS pricing model of Pakistani carriers and will be very expensive for browsing if you don’t have a mobile internet package and in this regard, Telenor is crap, while the best one is Zong’s (like the 2GB for 200+t or unlimited for 400+t).

    Even though Opera Mini compresses webpages by several times, an average webpage of around 300 KB will still use up around 30-50 KB of your mobile internet and that too, with the images off!. At Rs. 1.3/64 KB, be prepared to get a rude shock when checking your balance after browsing with Opera Mini version 4 or 5.

    If u want to use Opera Mini for cheap browsing on the net, the best option is version 3 and go for the mobile version of the websites. Even version 4 will cost you quite a lot.

    In short, if you don’t have a mobile internet package, don’t dare to use Opera Mini 4 or 5 to open standard websites. Use the mobile version of the site (and more and more sites are now having versions specifically for mobile devices). And keep images off from its settings. Else your balance will disappear much faster than you expect.

  • well upto today i always opened propakistani fr0m operamini :p even nw i m writing this c0mment from operamini lolz…well operamini is a fabulous browser for m0biles. I m using it fr0m last four years and it is always 0ne of my fav and must have apps in m0bile. Welld0ne telen0r…

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