Jazz Bemisaal Ramadan Offer : Free after 1st Minute

Jazz brings “Bemisaal Ramadan offer”, which offers lowest Ghanta offer rates to its customers to talk as long as they want – all calls to Mobilink numbers will be free for an hour, after 1st minute, at any hour of day and night. This offer will be available on Jazz Octane.

How to Subscribe:

Dial  *105*1# on Mobile screen  and press send

How to Un-Subscribe:

Dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press send

Package Conversion:

For the convenience of customers, the package migration will be absolutely free during the promotion duration.

Subscribers from other Jazz Packages can convert to Jazz Octane through following procedure.

Call 123 from Jazz connection.

  1. Press 3 for package settings.
  2. Press 0 for package selection
    • Press 2 to select Jazz Octane

For complete details on Jazz Octane package click here: http://www.mobilinkgsm.com/jazz/octane.php


  • Daily Subscription fee is Re 1 + tax.
  • During first minute, on-net calls will be charged at Re 1 per 30 seconds
  • On-net calls to three F&F numbers will be charged at Rs 0.45/30 sec and will also be free after first minute
  • Off-net calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane tariff
  • Package daily fee of Re 1 will be applicable to all Jazz Octane subscribers in addition to the daily subscription fee of Jazz Bemisaal Ramadan offer
  • For Jazz Octane LNO subscribers On-net calls will be charged at Rs 4 for first minute between 12am-7am
  • 19.5% tax apply on the above mentioned price
  • This will be a Limited Time Offer

The TVC for this promotion is a Spoof of Ufone’s Minute per Minute Offer

  • First the stupid tvc war between zong anf ufone & now mobbilink too. lol :!, well nice pakage and as well as the lowest hourly based offer from any network. i.e; Rs.1 for fnf.

  • I think the best offer by any network in Ramadan.
    Congratulates to all mobilink jazz users.
    Now all hourly package users will either port to jazz or will buy a new sim.

  • The company with most of the market share is imitating the concepts of ufone. Though it’s not a bad effort. Tvc is a pure copy, before that mobilink was promoting Indian advertising agencies, now they come up with ufone’s copy. Don’t know why they don’t have innovation in their own. Every time they seems to steal the ideas of others.

  • Daily Subscription fee Re 1 + tax+ Re.1 daily charges of octane subscription+ Rs.4 for 1st minute. This will be a Limited Time Offer.
    Jazz! stop making us fool. What are you offering us?

    • You are a dumb already– Octane daily charges + offer daily charged 1.195+1.195=2.39 and 2.39 / minute jazz octane call rate for mobilink numbers from 7 am to 12 pm– Rs 4/1st minute are from 12 am to 7 am .. Some time its better to open up your eyes before criticizing as you people don’t have anything else than useless criticism. No one will give you toffees even in this rate.

  • Ufone’s package is copied. It’s useless. They can’t compete ufone is ads and creativity in packages.
    Uth non-stop lies far better than this. Hourly call rates on 5 fnf numbers round the clock & call free after 2 mins on all ufone numbers. and ufone is charging just Re.1. But jazz ki bat he nirali hai, dramay bazi ki b hadd hoti hai, itne hidden charges, OMG. ab to kch acha package de do. phle to copy ki aur os mei b itne hidden charges. ye chota sa star * hmari smj se bahir hai.

  • well said Truth,Ahmad,Zaineb. Totally imitation. We are not putting jazz sims in phones. Fazool package. Give us the package that we have not before. Ufone ka package chori kia aur phr rates b ziada hain. jazz can never compete ufone.

    Ufone, telenor rocks.

  • Mobilink should stop making fool to our uth. es package k daily charges Rs1+tax hain jo k 30rs se b ziada ban jaty hain monthly or baqi hidden charges es k elawa hain. Mobilink bs kro logon ko aur kitna looto gy aur hum se li gai income india main spend kr rahy ho un ki agencion ko dy dy k shame shame.

  • All dumbs out there–Mobilink Jazz is not for poor and cheapers like you– its for those who have standards and class

    • hahaha…very funny asad….
      i just surprise that the standards and class like u (which u r trying to prove that u r),needs hourly free package??ik minute mai hour free. i think jazz’s policy on this is to make it an economical and for poor. but u r so dumb k tumhain yh standard and class k liay lag rha hay..dear class uses BB, not RAMAZAN offers and sissy hourly packages,just like a melon sees melons everywhere, a dumb sees dumbs everywhere.

      • Oh Yea I can understand that a dumb like You have found out dumbs every where :) lol– I can see ur dumbness with this fact that U dun even have a name for yourself. so instead of cesnure Use Dumbu Please :P

    • Asad ,

      are you an employee working for MOBILINK ? you seem to be getting hyper on most of your comments .

      ya phir janam janam ke sath hai ?

      I can see your class & standard clearly in your comment. a DUMMER calling others dumb .

      it’s good we don’t die for Mobilink if such is their so called class & standard customers.

    • Asad ,

      are you an employee working for MOBILINK ? you seem to be getting hyper on most of your comments

      ya phir janam janam ke sath hai tumhara aur mobilink ka?

      I can see your class & standard clearly in your comment. a DUMMER calling others dumb .

      it’s good we don’t die for Mobilink if such are their so called class & standard customers.

      • OH yea I am soo much happy that dumbu’s like u have started recognizing urself by my comments and thats why getting emotional. dun worry truth has to be revealed but am sorry dumb if i have hurted ur emotions :P

  • No offence regarding the package Mr ASAD but we r a poor nation we have to think and spend….u may b a imported thing like shaukat aziz datz y u said so….Ye standard aur clas masjid ma kahn jata ha tmra jb mazdor k sath khare ho k nmaz parhte ho…kuch khuda ka khof kr lo ab itne ibrat kafi ne ha kia jo aj b garor ma dobay hoe ho

  • Although i m not a user of mobilink but i like the Bemisal offer and especially the TV Ad. First time Ufone was directly hit by a company. Ufone always claim like a company offering Europen standards in Pakistan while others are not. Jazz showed their true face. Esi lye kahawat hai k SHEESHE K GHAR MAIN BETH K DOOSRON PE PATHER MAT PANKO. Ab Ufone ko kuch kuch samajh aai ga.

  • Why it’s not using any sense in copying ufone style? Is the Mobilink
    marketing team not capable?
    • Lack of marketing leadership qualities, they don’t have the direction and flow. Sometimes they come up with very cheap approach like “Sania bhi api hai or Jazz bhi apna hai” and sania loudly said that” I am not the bhaoo of Pakistan—-maan naa maan main taira mehmaan” and now copying ufone style of humorous ads in a very pathetic way.

    • Mobilink is supporting India by shooting its TV ADs in India, as it’s paying heavy revenue to the Indian companies. I think they are very impress with the star plus style of dramas.

    • Half Ramzan has been passed and now Mobilink has offered the ramzan offer. What a looser.

    Mobilink claims that it’s the oldest telecom operator in Pakistan. And it has proved this thing (only without any improvement in its services and marketing techniques), because in the old age, some people start doing childish things which does not makes any sense to anyone.

  • agar mobilink samajhta hai k us ki yeh offer ufone se behter hai tu us ka ad bhi ufone se behter hona chahiye tha. & btw, 16th of ramadan ko apni offer launch ker k woh kis munh se ufone ki offer k muqabla ker sakte hain.

  • i read all the replies the observations of all members are very good. Therefore in my opinion every company have a weakness ufone weakness is their network problems and jazz weakness is high cost/hidden charges packages. Some people become fool by Charming Adds/Packages while some gave the priority to Coverage and Quality of network.

  • sab se bakwas add hai, yr copy hi karna hai to dhang se karo, is add main aisa lag raha hai k zabardasti hans rahe hain donon.

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