Tariq Malik is Very Much CEO of Wateen: Company Statement

In a statement issued to media, Wateen Telecom denied Tariq Malik’s resignation, a news that had appeared on various websites, including ProPakistani. Statement appreciated the commitment of CEO and other senior management.

Following is the complete message, as it was sent to us!

Reference to the blog ‘Wateen CEO resigns’ posted on different websites, we would like to inform you that all such rumours are mere speculations and there is absolutely no truth in these statements.

Our CEO’s and Senior Management Team’s (SMT) leadership and commitment to Wateen has been appreciated at by the Board of Directors. At the recently held Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM), our shareholders and Board of Directors have expressed high level of confidence in Wateen’s business and management.

As we come close to the end of our first quarter, we are well positioned to meet our business plans for revenue and profitability. Our potential for revenue and profit in the coming quarters remains on track. The drive to financial recovery that commenced with the IPO earlier this year continues to deliver positive results.

Our network performance during the recent floods has been exemplary, and appreciated by customers and the industry. Except for one minor damage near Sindh-Baluchistan border, our optical fiber nationwide network remained fully operational and sustained SLA commitments to customers.

Equally excellent has been service delivery by the Wireless Operations team which has managed to keep Wimax and VSAT customers fully operational despite heavy rainfall and flooding. These achievements are a result of our employees’ professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

PR Department
Wateen Telecom

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  • Get your facts straight, instead of going crazy over “breaking news”, focus on quality journalism. Warid CTO resigned more than a week ago, in fact, even before you broke the news related to CEO of Wateen.

    As a matter of fact, another high profile position at one of the top GSM operators has been vacated just before eid, but I am not sure if you are aware or not.

    Please keep in mind that credibility is very hard to build & pretty easy to loose. Don’t become GEO TV.

  • Unfortunately the sorry state of our country is represented in its sensational journalism and character assassinations just like here on pro-pakistani. we killed the sialkot brothers because someone shouted ‘dacoits’… shame on those who commented before on the ‘confirmed’ news. they were part of the ‘mob’ who believe in rumors rather than facts and take out their frustrations by ruining someones reputation without reason or rhyme. Wake up people…Pro-pakistani is the ‘FOX’ and ‘GEO’ of blogs

    • i see your comment appearing here which is obviously moderated by admin. no wonder this practice is not attributed to the media groups you have named above.

      one more thing this ‘company statement’ has not named tariq malik even once as its ceo, no wonders if they are referring to any virtual CEO but not TM. i am still doubtful

  • Bad news for Wateen. This ___ ________is the worse thing that can happen to anyone. Good for ZONG :)

    [Comment Edited]

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