[Poll] Should Mobilink Donate to Pervez Musharraf’s Foundation?

As per Mobilink PR department, company has not donated anything to Pervez Musharraf Foundation, as it was earlier claimed by Dunya TV.

Mobilink’s PR department has confirmed us that Dunya TV’s report was not true and company is taking it up with news channel.

On Mobilink’s PR department’s request, we are removing poll from this post.

This post may get updated when and if we receive any input from Dunya TV.

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  • Shaharyar K. Kureshi

    Yes… for the betterment of huminaty, Mobilink should take part in this noble cause

  • Shahzad Ali

    If Musharraf is not credible and his Presidential career is questioned and we should not contribute to his fund.
    Than what do you say about Zardari, Gillani, and even Pakistani Government?

    There is also a question mark over their political career.

    So don’t point out one person and any company.
    Its up to company, that which way it use to contribute the flood relief.

    • Shaharyar K. Kureshi

      Absolutely right

  • Tanveer

    پرویزمشرف کو پاکستان واپس ضرور آنا چاہئے کیونکہ قوم کو ان کا شدت سے انتظار ہے اور اس مرتبہ وہ واپس آگئے تو پھر دوبارہ بھاگنے نہ پائیں گے۔
    انشا الله جس شہر میں آؤ گے وہاں انڈے اور ٹماٹروں کی قلّت ہو جائے گی

  • Adnan Akhtar

    Yes Kraingey Ge.. not politics just humanity

  • Tanveer

    Musharaf’s Credibility ;)
    10 Year in Uniform Result 0 Mega watt, 0 Dam
    NRO + Steel Mills Case huh
    Mobilink should take part in this noble cause by [Imran Khan]

  • Tanveer

    سب سے پہلے پاکستان = سب سے پہلے میری جان (مشرف)این آر او کھپے، این آر او کھپے ، این آر او کھپے

  • kashif

    chaloo ji..aik aour naye bat sun lo..pehle mobilink se ads india se banwayi ab janab musharraf ko paisey denay k soch rhay hai…wah wah..kmal hai mobolink

  • khan

    I wonder why there is any need of the “Musharraf” caption for a brand like Mobilink.

    leaves us to the fact that it is a political gimmik, nothing more, nothing less… rashid khan should be wise enough to know this… but thing is that these elites dont do what should be done rather they do what is in the larger interest of the elites only…

    Hats off for Imran Khan…

  • kashif

    Muje to lgta hai k MOBILINK INDIA and MUSHARRAF ka “APNA HAI”…yeh wohi shaks hai jis ne Pakistan main berbadi ko initiate kiya..

  • Ali

    I think Propakistani admin shoudnt make things controversial… They shuold avoid such posts.. The reason we as nation not able to progress coz we just belief in blame game.. We should appreciate every effort rather than creticise.. Long live Pakistan…

  • kashif

    yar apriciate to tab kerein na jab donations wakye flood victims k pas jayein gay..woh to yeh loog khudse kha jatey hai.Imran khan aik credible admi hai us ko kyu nhi paisey detay MOBILINK waley???yeh to choor admi hai..paiso ka bhoka shaks hai..is ko paisey diye to yeh le ker bhag jaye ga…why to believe again and again??

  • umair

    the fact that propakistani put No first in their survey and have already told abt the personalities controversial reality .. it makes this survey loaded and not fit for deducing any generalization regarding the given sample size … this survey does not remain representative in any way ..

    • Adam Ali

      Something has to come up first. Either Yes or No. its a baseless argument. As long as we are talking about the personalities controverisal reality….How about the results of Election 2008…? ;-) I believe irrespective of their remarks, we all know who Musharaf is… Stop blamming the bloggers and cast your vote for Musharaf … ;-)


  • kashif


    Watch out this link guys..then decide k Mobilink ko donate kerna chahye k nhi…

    • SalmanAbbas007

      HUH Kitni bay bunyad tanqeed hai.
      Ok Pakistanis live with Zardari and hate musharraf and see your country going to hell ;)

      • Qasim

        Musharaf kay ________ jaltey raho tum log this ________ kay peechye lag gaye ho …….. her baat bay bunyad tanqeed lagti hai aap ko

        [Comment Edited]

        • SalmanAbbas007

          hehe haan na theek hai un Lal Masjad kay terrorist kutton ko mar kar bohat acha kia hai ;)
          Abhi Islamabad unkay paas hota phir dakhtay tum yahan kia bakwaas kar rahah hotay “Musharraf nay in Lal Masjid walon ko mara Nahi”

          • maharaj

            janab, jab lal masjid me terrorist gather ho rahay thy tu uss waqt apka bacha jamora kahan tha? He let them gain strength deliberately. Yehi waja thi k he did not listen to Shujat Hussain when he was almost successful in his dialog with the imam of the mosque.
            Jana sara weapon aur mines overnight nahi ayen. No one know how long did they take to establish a stronghold.
            The same army did operations twice in Mush era and did not eliminate TTP which was growing. What changed this time they did successful cleanup from swat to waziristan? Nothing changed except army general and priorities. Mush had some ‘other’ priorities. I am glad he is planning to return. May the Almighty enact justice. This man is among the most injurious to Pak.
            300,000 facebook likes and he started dreaming of premiership. What a joke. No one sees that if you want to drop a scolding comment on his page, you have to join it first. Mush really lack balls. Otherwise, he would have allowed anonymous comments.
            Further, i dont give a shit about the number of people who like him. Crazies are found everywhere. Dont you see how popular the goddamn movie Twilight is?

            • SalmanAbbas007

              Haha all i can do is laugh on u fools. leave it.

  • zia

    mobilink ny ab pakka tahiya kr lia ha k Pakistan ki bhalai k liy kuch nahi krna pehly yeh india ko paisy dy k ads bnwata raha ha aur ab Musharaf ko paisy dy diy hain ta k wo b thori aur ayaeshi kr ly… Mobilink apna nahi balky India ka apna ha aur Musharraf ka appna ha..

  • nosheen

    Mobilink’s CEO Rashid Khan’s name is announced in dunya tv teletnon as the major donor for the Dictator’s recycling campaign launched in the name of flood victims.

  • Haadia

    musharaf ny 20 karoor bilkul jama kiye hain…per kia apko pata hay wo diye kis kis ny hain??? sab wohii purany looty…musharraf k hawari…unhi loogon ny diye hain..kisi bhee common man ny 1 rupee bhe nhn dia..main donaters of this telethon are:
    Khurshid Mehmood Kasoori
    Ameer Muqam
    Zuhra NGO ( 1 karoor)
    shelter NGO ( 30 lacs)
    Hashir ( 50 lacs)
    Hussain Sanjwani 1 karoor
    Fawad Sanjwani 1 karoor
    Akram Gil Musharraf’s right hand in london 30 lacs
    sajad chaudhry another right hand in london 60 lacs
    Rashid Khan from Mobilink 1 karor
    pervaiz hasan hong kong 1 karor
    Ayub hasan 50 lacs
    Haji Abdur rehman 50 lacs
    Dr Amjad
    Raza Hayat Haraj
    Rashid Qureshi

    these are all people who have donated….all those who have been enjyong people’s money for 8 years or so, returned just a little part of it…..no common man at


    • Tanveer

      Well Said Haadia …..

  • moz

    I hate our ignorance. If corrupt _____ like Zardari and ____ nawaz sharif are allowed to participate in politics, then why can’t we allow Musharraf. Give him a chance to defend his crimes in court. One wonders why do all these politicians hate him so much.

    [Comment Edited]

    • Adam Ali

      We want to give him chance to defend his crimes in court but he doesnt want to defend himself… ;-)

      • moz

        And how do you know that? He just said, he would face the court on his return. I trust you that you would give him a chance. After all, if you bring Zardari into Power, then you can do anything.

    • Masood Durrani

      Dear moz app nay jo kuch kahan hay bil kul teek kahan hay kun k agar hum daik k ajj got may jatny b log hay sab k sab corrupt jama howy hay our musharaf nay kam az kam young generation k lay kuch tu kia hay NIP ki shakal may es say pahly young generation k bary may kisi nay coha bi nahi ta may tu kahta hon k musharaf aik bahadur admi hay usy aik bar per say chance dena chahy agar Zardarim, Nawaz Sahrif our Asfandiar jasy corrupt politicians mulk khatam kar rahy hay tu siraf 2 bandy hay jo es situation may mulk our hamary bary may kuch acha soch sakta hay 1. Musharraf and 2. Imran Khan.

  • Azmeh

    Why you have removed the poll? Mobilink’s claim seems false, as Dunya TV has not aired any clarification so far ‘DAAL MAY KUCH KALAA HAY’

  • kashif

    Yes. Every celco, every sane, reasonable, literate person (which r few in pak) shud donate in musharraf’s cause. Celcos flourished in his era witha less taxes. Compare the current situation with his era. Decision wud b easy. All who r abusing musharraf n praising imran khan etc r displaying their blunt attitude. Simply say yes or no with decent words of reason.

  • common man

    I dont want Musharraf sahib to return, because this nation doesnt deserve him. It only deserves so called democrats like anjanab zrdari n ganja bradri.

  • khan

    It is bit off-topic but in the right context….

    Problem with our nation is that we have very very short memories….

    Secondly, we start comparing one bad thing with the other, however, in our own daily life, do we follow that pattern, answer is BIG NO, instead we want to have everything beswt…

    then why are we complacent in case of our country… i mean why do we compare musharraf with that of zardari… both have a character which we all know but even then we are fool enough to let our nation slip away in the hands of corrupts. Fine that we dont have options on polictical front,but then shouldnt we be clear and bold enough to say that both are not good for us anymore instead of prioritising them as less bad, bad & worst…

    lastly, we have to think about how we can contribute towards the betterment instead of just complaining… great people will turn up great nation… in that we should ourselves behave like mature nation, cast our vote intelligently and do what is good for us all… then only we can certainly expect leaders to do same…

  • Jon

    We should help the victims what ever its from musharaf or any one,

  • Mohsin Butt

    I think Mobilink should not donate a corrupt President’s foundation.

  • zara

    i think but we should donate ourselves to flood victims because our donation will be safe if we donate it with our hands

  • Hassan

    Mobilink should donate in MUSHARAF fund

  • kashif

    Wow…Mobilink hats off to you..if you guys have a look the TV channel then you will get to know that MObilink official donated 10 million rupees..Channel anchors named that person in their show..they are not piece of jerks to wrongly call any one’s name in their on air show..Mobilink must had caught propakistani team that this blog is going much negative and offensive for Mobilink so change it from YES statement to NO statement..and why mobilink has not yet sued DUNYA TV for this?? hehehehehehe…dont think us the same chip of the block buddies..we all know now the games around us.

  • kashif

    Guys watch out this link for the truth..

  • zia

    musharaff is collecting money for his Election campaign and i think mobilink wanna be a part of his election campaign to get benefits if he elects…dnt worry mobilink he will never be in government again…if u really wanna do sumthing for flood victims then go and give them by urself…not through some corrupt politician to get some personal PR with him…Shame

  • zia

    n tell me one thing, are the anchors and dunya tv team is just a bunch of idiot??

    a famous anchor and personality, are they so stupid that they are themselves including mobilink’s name in their donation list??

    i think after seeing that this thing is creating bad name, mobilink denied it and make dunya deny it as well…bt no tv channel wanna lose its client…

  • musharaf ko dene ka koi faida ni…us ki foundation ne khud kha jane hain…mobilink ko chahiye k wo is se selab zadgan ki madad kar de…..shame on u mobilink

  • M.Fahad


  • Jamila

    Lootay nahin, aur agar lootay bhi to de hi rahe hain na, France aur England me palaces aur castles to nahin khareed rahe hain? Angelina ne bhi hamare lootere politicians se ziada diya hai.

  • Fasih Ali Khan

    Indeed. It’s a Right Cause, And Musharraf Certainly has the Credibility. Go Mobilink.

  • Tariq Ali

    Please agar tassub and zati dushmani se hat kar fesla kia jae tau Musharraf ka daur aaj ke daur se buhat buhat behtar tha..mehngai, aman amaan aur zehni skoon jitna musharraf ke waqt mn tha ab nahi hy..lehaza please please in leaders aur leaders ke hatho bikey hue TV anchors ki bajae apne zameer k mutabiq fesla karo..yeh tau Crore pati log hen jin k pet bhare hue hen aur musharraf wapas agya tau in ki tijoria bharna band hojaen gi isi liye ye awam ko musharraf k khilaaf lgae rakhte hen but ab log samajhne lage hen..

  • Tariq Ali

    Musharraf Ki apni credibility hy..esa lagta hy tamam siasi parties oske khilaaf hen lekin zara sochieye tau sahi Musharraf k khilaaf Pakistan ka paisa lootne ka koi sboot nahi hy aur yehi baat wja hy ke Pakistan ka paisa loot k dunya k doosre Countries mn apni jaidaad banane wale siasatdaan os k khilaaf ziada bolte hen..Awam ka paisa loot kar ek rupia bhi tax ada na karne wale hi Musharraf ke khilaf ziada bolte hen…socho zara socho..I think Mobilink ke fesla Musharraf ko paisa donate karne ka is baat ka sboot hy..akhir itni bari company Zardar aur Nawaz ko bhi tau de sakti thi..akhir kia wja hy…Please think Pakistanio and then decide

  • Muhammad Aleem ullah

    yes… but only 4 huminaty,

  • Asas Ahmed

    Pervaiz Musharaf is the only solution who is threat to PMLN and PPP so I think he is good for our country

  • Ali Khan

    a big NO…he is a coward…if he really cares about the country he should come back & face the courts…!!!