Can Mini Laptops Replace Car Multimedia Systems?

Decent and recognized branded new Car multimedia systems (LCD and CAR DVD Player only) are quite expensive these days. Their price range usually starts from 10,000/- and crosses 25,000/-

Based on their brand and features, Car Multimedia Systems (or Car DVD and CD Players) usually come without car amplifier and car speakers.

Whereas, Mini Laptops, which can be used as Car Multimedia System as well, turns out to be a cost effect, more efficient and productive gadget as compared to usual car DVD or CD players.

Used Mini laptops are also available in the price range of PKR 11,000 – PKR. 18,000 and can offer you multi-dimensional usage with easy placement of mini laptop on the car dashboards by attaching on double tapes or hooks.

We are presenting a comparison of both gadget types in following table:

CAR DVD player
usual functions
Mini Laptop

Audio Formats: Audio CD, MP3, WMA, and AAC for audio playback.

Mostly comes in the screen size of 7 inches9 inches and 11 inches.

Video Formats: WMV, MP4, .DAT, .VOB for video playback.

Capable of playback of all formats if codecs are installed.

Built-in equalizer and different genre to select for audio improvement.

Capable of equalizers
and HD Audio.

Extra loudness functions for audio enhancement.
HD Audio
and Volume Enhancer plugins

Stereo Radio

Available by plugging in USB TV Tuner.
USB playback.
3 x Usb 2.0 Playback
Multimedia SD Card Playback.
5 in 1 Multimedia Card Reader
Auxiliary Playback.
Auxiliary Playback
Most of the players lack internal storage.
80GB to 160GB internal storage

Bluetooth& Wi-Fi

Bluetooth available in selected models or generic Bluetooth device can be installed; Wi-Fi is usually available in mini laptops.

Touch Screen Capable

Some Mini laptop models are also capable of touch screen functionality.

Total Package Price Range
(Car DVD player + LCD)
: PKR 15,000 – 35,000

Total Package
Price Range
(Mini laptop)
PKR, 22,000 – 30,000

Final Thought:

As stated above, mini laptops can be used as computing devices along with multimedia gadget of your car. They can be easily fitted into dashboards by attaching on double tapes or hooks.

Please consult with technician for installation and decision is all yours.

Other mini laptops benefits include

  • 16 to 24 bit audio,
  • internal storage,
  • high resolutions
  • and multi usage for office and personal life.

If we only take internal storage factor into consideration, it is enough reason to replace your usual DVD or CD player with Mini Laptop.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Article is only written in the best interest of informing readers about the new gadgets benefits. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made after reading this article.

  • my n900 has already replaced my laptop you guys are either ages behind or dumb. Just get a car lcd and connect your phone to it :)

    • Why you think that you are much updated? coz u can connect mobile with car multimedia… No Offense ! But

      How noobs of U with weak vision.

      Mobile have still lot of limitations like HD audio is not produced as it is produced in the laptop.

      Movie pixels and lots more…buying 30k mobile and buying 22k mini laptop makes difference in spex and usability.


      As far as Chore(Crook) is concern.. mini laptop can be taken with in self and then attached back to car dash board or whatev. place u wanted.

      Chore doesnt mean that you can use such things.. Coz Chore toh Gaari be lay jaatey hain…

      Overall, nice piece of information…i will try my mini laptop..i think i will need 12V convertor for laptop battery backup.


    • just check the spex of mini laptop from manufacturer.. it must support 50 degree Celcius temp for Processor and 60 deg. celcius for motherboard temp.

      on the other side, you can put tap on the front screen of car when it will be installed, only to that portion. (50% tinted tape)..

      One more thing if AC will be running, car temp. inside may be good for laptop heat.

      check it out on your side…

      i am installing in my car let see. what happens..
      but aik dum perfect IDEA!!!

      itnay paisay khurchnay say behtar hai…aik mini laptop lay loh..or multi purpose use karo…

  • idea bura nahi..
    i was looking to get a soundsystem for my car in next few days… now im thinking to apply this idea.. it seems much more better than a normal dvd player..but Ahmedij ka point bhi valid hai..!!

  • One issue is turning off and on. The car audio system automatically turn on and off with ignition but in case of mini laptop we have to turn it on wait for the operating system to load and we have to manually shut it down before leaving.

  • Hiz all….

    this is really very very nice info site…Keep it up guys..

    Just wanted to ask dat we can use Laptop with 12v Convertor…but if we want to use the amplifier and speakers of PC aswell along with it then wat we can we use for 24V~12v…??


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