Ufone Offers Special Data Package for Nokia C3

Ufone along with Nokia has come up with an attractive deal for Nokia C3 users. Now you can connect to the world internet for Rs. 10/hour + Tax with infinite downloads exclusively on the new Nokia C3 handset, and enjoy services like Email, Chat and Social Networking.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone had launched a similar Huawei manufactured handset named as Ufone Icon, which was first offered for Rs. 6,500, however, later price was increased to Rs.7200, and the deal didn’t go successful.

But this time Ufone has changed its strategy and partnered with Industry leader to get more Internet users.

How to Avail the Offer:

Purchase Nokia C3 Handset from any Nokia retailer, subscribe to Ufone’s GPRS and you will be offered Rs. 10 plus tax per hour rates.

Note: Ufone’s system will automatically detect C3 Handsets

Nokia C3 Price in Market: Rs. 12,900

  • Dear all Ufone customers,
    It to make aware Ufone customers that Ufone is walking of the foot prints of Mobilink.

    What happened to me is I took Uloan from Ufone and I have not toped up my account, but then I topped up from my friend of Rs.150 and I got the message from Ufone that Rs15.60 loan has been deducted and you have this balance.

    But again the very next day when I checked my balance it showed me the message that ” You can not query when you are in this state” I thought that I have to top up my account as Ushare does not work because I have not returned loan very quickly and I thought that every thing will get back to normal when I’ll top up my account from a retailor and it will show all the balance including the previous Rs150 minus Rs15.60 Uloan.

    But when I got the topup it only showed me Rs16+ in my account. I was very surprised to see that and I called Ufone help line and they told me A VERY SHOKING THING…


    This is a very shocking news for me, first they put more charges and taxes on Ushare amount and now they silently changed the terms and conditions THIS IS VERY SHAME FUL

    So guyz please be careful when ever you are going to use a Ufone service because they advertise it with different terms and implent it with different conditions.

    • @Azaz I totally agree to you brother. Ufone really sucks at times… and their staff behaves really bad…

      mera tu khaya hai keh enkey her service use kerne say phele en-key help line phone ker keh pochna chayea keh bhayeea koi change tu ni ker dey??

      They sucks…

  • Well i think Ufone is the best operator by far – although we forget it is part of PTCL so it shows that our Etisalate owners can run a business sucessfully

  • amazing services ufone is offering now a days!

    simply purchase Nokia C3 Handset from any Nokia retailer, subscribe to Ufone’s GPRS and you will be offered Rs. 10 plus tax per hour rates.

  • Well since the Nokia C3 does not have wi-fi, I guess this seems like an attractive offer.

  • Ufone has really lost its worth. Same above mentioned happened to me and now i have converted my service to zong which is working very very fine. Stay away from ufone.

    Just now i called ufone service centre from my friend,s number. I wanted to ask about Nokia C3 offer. The add is published today in newspaper and service centre replied that they had no info about it…… hahahhahahhahahahaha
    Thumbs down to Ufone….

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