LHC Suspends Khosa’s Orders, Restores ICT R&D Directors

Lahore High Court has suspended Prime Minister’s advisor on Telecom and IT, Sardar Mohammad Latif Khan Khosa’s order, in which he had fired 6 ICT R&D Fund directors allegedly for not accepting advisor’s brother-in-law as Fund’s CEO, reported Daily Jang.

Directors included:

  • Sikandar Naqvi,
  • Wahaj al Saraj,
  • Zafar Usmani,
  • Dr Amir Mateen,
  • Dr Suhail Naqvi
  • Prof Dr. Mansoor Sarwar

Sacked directors had approached High Court against Mr. Khosa’s decision.

Justice Aijaz Ahmed, during a hearing at Lahore high Court, Rawalpindi Bench, suspended Khosa’s decision and ordered restoration of said directors.

ICT R&D Fund is undergoing serious managerial issues, which has halted almost all operations at various levels of the Fund.

  • Copper

    Thanks to LHC for a sane decision, Khosa the corrupt wants everywhere his share, be it law ministry or IT; I susoect advisor to PM for IT even knows how to email

  • abdul rauf

    very very good .i am very hapy

  • Abdullah

    khosa must be penalized for this

  • علی عامر

    کھوسہ نے حد سے تجاوز کیا تھا.جو اللہ کو نا پسند ہے.

  • Wajid

    A good move,
    Please correct name above it is not “Sikandar Taki” it is “Sikander Naqi”.

  • Ali

    Let the directors leech all the IT Sector !!! Did anyone even bother to enquire why the directors were sacked ???? They were all corrupt ! What have they done for the IT Sector in so many years apart from making money through grey trafficing ???

  • Wahaj us Siraj

    Mr. Ali, I’d appreciate if you could provide some details about the ‘corruption charges’.

  • Omair Khan

    That’s pretty good, now maybe the funding for the various on going projects can resume.

  • Javaid Basheer

    Sad thing is that, it has been 3 month since the restoration being ordered, but Government has not taken even a single step yet.
    ICT R&D F is isolated for last 8 months.

    @Ali, we 1500 students, being funded by ICTR&D Fund for last 4 years are live example that there had been no corruption in ICT. But since the very first month, Mr Khosa played his dirty politics, every thing got messed. We students from remote areas and lower middle class families can not afford such high tuition fee and living cost. Government is playing with our future.

    Please Mr Cheif Justice take sou moto..