Ufone Brings Nokia N8 to Pakistan with 25 % Discounted Price


Ufone has come up with this amazing offer for its customers, to pre-order Nokia N8. Ufone is claiming that its customers will get 25 percent discount on Nokia N8’s price as compared to usual market rates.

We can’t call it subsidy, as Handset doesn’t come under any contract or obligation, however, one can term it discount offered exclusively for Ufone customers.

Ufone is accepting pre-orders through its website or designated service centers in seven cities of Pakistan.

We don’t have arrival date of Nokia N8 yet, but we know that Nokia N8’s first device left the factory yesterday.


  • After discount, Ufone will offer Nokia N8 at Rs. 41,900
  • Handset won’t be network locked, we have confirmed with our sources in Ufone

Where to place Order:


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  • It seems Nokia and Ufone are collaborating in Pakistan for bringing Good Services for the Pakistani cellular Subscribers

  • Got some more details from service centre @ Clifton KHI.

    They are saying that deposit:rs5000 and book u r order and within a month you will get your cell phone.

  • They will purchase in bulk so bulk discounts, will get 5000 from thousands of custoemrs. After a month price will not be the same as it is today.

    I fear customers who will go for this offer will find these handsets in the same price after a month in Market.

  • Well, the phone is going to cost almost the same after a month or so.
    It is just that ufone is taking orders for a thing of future. This is how futures trade market works.
    At the moment, 500 Euros = 59 311.3566 Pakistan rupees. Within a month or two, it is going to fall to around 360 Euros. Example is Xpress Music 5800. This is the age of Android phones and Nokia can’t sustain such a huge asking price.

      • Nokia whatever comes with having Symbian in its phone shouldn’t ask for more than 30k for a phone in Pakistani market. Otherwise they should stick to java phones, and should not name their symbian phones a smart phone anymore (atleast after iphone and Andriod) , no offense to Nokia.

        Ufone should first tell where money goes after loading a card (immediately after that) and how call drops and worst call quality only on their network ?

        • 1- A Camera of that quality will cost you around 12-15K, keep that in mind. Most of them don’t have HDMI-Out and USB-on-the-go (none have this one.)
          2- Symbian isn’t a shit OS. It’s a great one, the UI is lagging behind. You haven’t tested S^3 so don’t speculate that it’s not upto the mark.
          3- Android is good for those companies who can’t make their own software (HTC, ZTE, etc). Nokia using android is like saying ‘Apple using Windows 7 and ditching Mac OSX’.
          4- Nokia partnering with Intel has it’s own Linux based Mobile Os (MeeGO) in the making. A Real Linux OS, Not Like Android which runs in a VM (if you don’t know android is linux based).
          5- If nokia made it right, IF They Did OK! No one is going to stop them than…

          • Don’t your points 2 and 4 contradict each other? If Symbian’s good enough, then why do we have Meego?

            By the way, Android apps run under the VM; Android itself is Linux, too. And even then, you can use the Android NDK for performance critical parts of your Android apps. NDK code is written in C/C++.

            • @Faried Nawaz: All the high end top of the line Nokia smart phones will use MeeGo. Everything else (mid to low end) will run on Symbian.

            • Nopes.. MeeGo will form the basis for their Next High-end Smart phones, while Symbian will exist for low end handsets or desirable smart phones. Currently it’s their new offer.
              MeeGo Apps don’t run under a VM, it gives you true multitasking not ‘state saving’ (i know users don’t give a sh*t abt it). AND I didn’t say Android isn’t Linux.. It just doesn’t give that open feeling that comes with linux, pureness.
              What do you think about Qt? The New Qt Platform… Developers test say they like it :)

              • I’ll wait until I see Meego work on phones outside dev environments.

                “Developers test say they like it :)”

                That doesn’t mean much. You’ll find developers who’ll like just about anything. Look at yourself — you like Meego, but it’s likely that you’ve never even touched a Meego device.

                • Oh My Gosh! How could you forget about the N900..? It gives the sense, MeeGo is Maemo+Moblin…
                  “I’ll wait until I see Meego work on phones outside dev environments.”
                  Now this sounds natural… People coming up and shouting about devices this and that should actually shut up – wait – see – Accept/Reject.
                  “You’ll find developers who’ll like just about anything.”
                  And you will find that will hate just about anything… :)
                  (I am not a cell phone software developer but I hate ObectiveC’s Syntax :p)

                  • This came up a few days ago. Nokia doesn’t seem to want to support Meego on the N900. See, for example, the paragraph above the video here: http://conversations.nokia.com/2010/05/25/nokia-n900-software-update-release-1-2

                    “(I am not a cell phone software developer but I hate ObectiveC’s Syntax :p)”

                    That’s your loss. There are things Interface Builder and Project Builder could do in 1989 are Linux dev environments still cannot do today. The gap has only widened since Apple bought NeXT and rewrote PB as Xcode.

                    • Doesn’t matter.. To run MeeGo or others on N900 all you need is drivers, thats all.. same as the PC Market.. You know, this phone is not like others… Nokia is not like ‘others’ who at one point didn’t even allow third party apps to use VGA out on their tablets.. ;) Imagine a smartphone with a camera and no video recording… hahaha! what a joke :p
                      As it is open source (and there are lots of lots of linux developers) so either Nokia will bring the drivers or help the community do so. Problem Solved…
                      Have a Look Here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=45213

                      “”That’s your loss. There are things Interface Builder and Project Builder could do in 1989 are Linux dev environments still cannot do today.””
                      I am not into this stuff much so can’t weigh your argument on the technical side but If they can’t doesn’t mean they lag, this is I am very sure of… :)

                    • actually that’s a very old post . pr 1.3 is coming “very soon” and will allow dual boot of meego and maemo on the n900 = )

            • symbian is good enough for a “smart phone” nokia just wants to win the competition by being the first to introduce a “mobile computer” aka meego [ the n900 wasn’t a mainstream device] to market

        • What is your definition of ‘smart phone’? And you call iPhone a smart phone? Phone which lacks more than eighty basic features?

          • Nokia is actually going to use windows OS. and now its gonna be much better in GPU, resolution. which are wp7 requirments.
            N8’s GPU power is same as iphone. if u readed some technical specs thn iphone needs 1Ghz processor to run its OS and NFS shift game while N8 can do it with only 680 Mhz.
            Iphone’s OS is too heavy, thts y it uses 1Ghz and 512 ram.
            Symbian is not the Nokia made OS. its another finis company. now with the N8, u can use yur data frm flash disk or any usb disk on yur phone.
            u can use free navigation to go any where.
            u can use mice + keyboard + HDMI = computer experience. bluetooth for file transfer. video call over 3G network to any phone.
            even Iphone 4 lacks that all

            if u ever used a S60^3 thn judge which is better.

  • Ufone is penetrating in Pakistan left right and center and they are spending millions of rupees every month alone on Marketing. This new launch of N8 is a great step by Ufone i must say. HATS off to Ufone Marketing Team.. Its all about U

  • Asalam U Alaikum
    Nice Offer
    Your Brother
    Jawad Zubair Shaikh (J.s)

  • Woho really good news my eyes are twinkling it is 4900rs or 41900 hehehehe

    iphone is better nokia nokia kion kartay hain log shayad is liyay kay sirf nokia ka he pata hai

    • > iphone is better nokia nokia kion kartay hain log shayad is liyay kay sirf nokia ka he pata hai

      ^ Back that up with facts or GTFO.

    • A phone with some static icons, kids games, voice changing apps and Jailbroken to work according to your needs.. is better? Oh Pricey too… Yeah, better for Kids though..
      Iphone Iphone kyun kartay hon, lagta hai sirf isi ka pata hai…

    • LOL you iphonetards or fandroids need to STFU ,i am not going to repeat myself as to how symbian is way better than both ios and android. and with meego a nokia phone would practically be a full freakin computer. you would know if you had ever used the n900 . n900 wasnt a mainstream phone it was meant for geeks like me to show us the power of linux on a nokia phone :P just wait for meego it will blow you away ^.^

  • Ufone isn’t publicizing it as giving a 25% discount they’re just advertising it as with discounted mobile internet. I’m Confused, though i’ve pre-ordered mine on the website :S

  • In 2-3 months this will be available at 40K aprrox. because Nokia is going to launch its S-series with symbian^4 & c-7 which is similar to N8 but only difference is that its 8MP. c7 will be available at Rs.33k-35k

    Enjoy Nokia :)

  • ufone is asking for RS.5000/- deposit or down-payment which is adjusted in the RS. 42,000 cost of the Nokia N8 i.e. u pay ufone RS.5000 as downpayment & RS.37,000 when your phone arrives.

    BUT! the Nokia N8 is available in open market for RS.42000 as well.

    Only difference is Ufone is also giving 6-month discounted Internet package as well.

    • can u tell me from where it is available. i want one cant wait for 15 to 24 working days.

  • Any news when its arriving, when ufone will receive shipment. I am anxiously waiting for mine……

  • yarooo sirf yah btao ste kay sath mil kya raha ha baki se to kmallll ka abi laylo faiday main raho gay

  • yaaar ufone walon ne n8 ki booking band ker di hai main ne pindi se pata kia tha aur islamabad se b kia yeh ab dubara shroo kerain gay ya ni

  • da darghe na dii gani 1 pa ke cheek ka ka na manii


    da qasam di 6 dargh na di gani cheek ka yao zaa

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  • N8 Price in market is Rs./36,900 …so ufone offering N8 with additional 25 %….plz google its price

  • Hi, I want to sale my Nokia n8 Black with all original accessories total (charger data cable hd cable usb cable hand free 2poach one lather and placate and second rabar placate)original books and box imi match condition is 10/10 lash attached label striker and protractor my demand is 26500 set is import to uk look like new not a bad offer use and enjoy Islamabad and rwp contact 0346-5751214

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