We Got a New Section: Letters to Editor

More recently, we have been receiving plenty of letters from our readers on daily basis. Seeing the trend, ProPakistani has decided to dedicate a section, specifically for the letters we receive from our readers.

Now onwards, all letters will be published under a single heading, on daily basis, or whenever we have them with us.

It must be noted that of letter written to ProPakistani and published on this website will reflect the thoughts and feelings of our readers, while ProPakistani may or may not, partially or fully, agree with its content.

You can contact us through this page or email us here: letters [a] propakistani.com (remove spaces and replace [a] with @ )

Here goes our First Letter:

Telenor’s Identity Crisis

Now Brand’s power has always been a derivative of from the goodwill and name recognition it has earned over time. It is established only after a company has outsmarted its rivals due to competitive rates and quality of service. It translates into higher sales volume and higher profit margins against rival products.

I fail to understand as to why Telenor is still in search of brand equity even Six years after its emergence on Pakistani scene. Is the ship drowning? Why the company is so under-confident? Thematic campaigns are meant for initial years only and once a company ‘settles down’ it starts calling the shots merely on its name only. Its like a drowning government whose ministers yell at others and say,” hold your horses, we are not going anywhere” and one fine morning we find them behind the bars/It is ironical that Telenor still could not secure its brand and create direct link with its customers.

Earlier the company came under fire for showing bravado of a Young-man who tries to make amorous advances to the girl of her choice. The company cut a sorry figure and had to stop running the ad.

Mehaak Bukhari

Marketing Executive

Blue Area, Islamabad

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK