PTCL Offers Unified Communication for its Corporate Clients

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) in order to keep its
corporate customers connected regardless of time and space provides a
converged communication platform for all their business applications.

PTCL Unified Communication service is a comprehensive solution for the
corporate customer and SMEs that combines sophisticated voice and data
connectivity and aims at satisfying the essential needs of customer’s
telephony/voice, data and collaboration needs.

It gives users a richer environment where they not only have audio but
also video capabilities, they are able to share files and work of
documents together regardless of their physical locations, which
empowers them to truly start to work as one cohesive group, and not as
partially connected entities.

Built on Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows SharePoint Services, and
Microsoft Office Communication Server, Microsoft Hosted Messaging and
Collaboration (HMC) 4.5 sets the standard for security, reliability,
and scalability.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said PTCL hosted Unified Communication
services is an answer to our corporate customers business needs in an
era where staff mobility is increasing and with it the need to find
more efficient and cost-effective ways to stay in touch, and it has
become imperative for organizations to connect their people and
knowledge assets more effectively so their communications can be more
streamlined and integrated with their business processes. Utilizing
PTCL Unified Communication gives them that edge over their

“We are very excited to partner up with PTCL launching Software as a
services and offering world famous Exchange, OCS, Live meeting,
SharePoint services. Microsoft offers tools and resources you don’t
get with other platforms, including ongoing updates and simple,
pay-as-you-go licensing. Given PTCL’s country wide network and
extensive value added services in addition to Microsoft’s world class
and state of the art technology it’s a win- win situation for our
customers.” said Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager, Microsoft

Zaman Gulzar EVP Corporate Services said behind introducing such
service is PTCL vision of connecting people to people instead of
device to device. He added that it provides our customers with many
benefits like Voice over IP, point-to-point video calls, communities,
activities sharing, web hosting, unified sharing, audio conferencing
and much more. He said in future as well PTCL aims to design such
services to facilitate our customers and their business requirements.

  • PTCL should improve their service in the first place. By the way, does anyone having trouble in surfing? My downloading speed is perfectly fine (using ptcl dsl, to be more specific) but due to some unknown reasons, my web surfing is not working at all. I tried everything but sites are not opening up. Only one or two times some sites work and so does this one. Is it just me or anybody else is having the same problem. Thanks, appreciate the help ;)

    • Try to change the DNS Server to OpenDNS:


      Most of the time PTCL DNS Servers are down…i hope it help

  • How about improving basic services?? Launching new services is fine and dandy. It is easy because it requires giving money to equipment vendors and advertising companies, how put up systems to get paid. The real test is to improve service and to earn. Looking at the continuously declining profits, PTCL has to learn to improve basic services.

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