Jazz ki Khushion Bhari Offer: 45 Paisas/30 Seconds

Jazz Mobilink has offered 45 Paisas per 30 second call rate for all networks – all day long, beating Telenor’s offer of 49 Paisas per 30 seconds.

This primarily means that we are not going to see an end to price-war, basically a good news for consumers. Yes, prices are going to go further down with time.

This call rate of 45 paisas per 30 seconds comes at a daily rental of Rs. 3.99 plus tax per day.


  • Customer will have to switch to Jazz Budget to avail this offer by dialing 123 from their Mobilink numbers.
  • Offer is recursive meaning that the customer will be automatically subscribed to the offer every day unless he/she un-subscribes himself or due to low balance
  • 19.5% tax applies on the above mentioned rates

How to subscribe:

Once you are on Jazz Budget Package – subscription to this offer will be done by sending *108#

How to Un-subscribe:

Dial *108*4# for unsubscribing this offer

  • Jazz walo ko aur koi kaam nahi hai, in ko chahiye ke apne staff k in persons ko lambi chuthi de day, in fazool offers ko band ho jana chahiye

  • Well guys let me tell u about telenor offer
    telenor will benifit u if & only if u talk for more than 22 mins till 12.
    till 22 mins it wont benifit u
    so same is the case with jazz it ‘l be a bit more than this so b4 subscribing think twice weather u r going to talk for more than 22 min or not, if not than its completely rubbish for u…
    I’m an accountant & calculated all these figures without taxes as it wont change the decision.

  • wow…wow…..CC hay ya CV..
    bt offer ik dam shandar aur jaandar hay…
    lagta hay telenor aur mobilink walon k bonus tu gay ;-)

  • I don’t know how Humayun has made hsi calculation but if you are on jazz budget and call for more than 10 min in a day then this offer will benifit you..

    10 min call on budget = 10*0.68*2= Rs.13.6+tax
    10 min call with offer=10*0.45*2+3.99=Rs.12.99+tax

  • of course guys this offer is beneficial for those who makes multiple calls in a day . for businessmen etc. not for the ones whose think rs 7 plus weekly sms offer is costly

  • Good offer! Also, thats true, it is only good news for consumers. The price wars will continue, the rates will go down and the customers will benefit most.

  • Dont be fooled by so called price war. In actual, prices are not going down, instead celco’s revenues are going up. Every new offer has strings attached of daily rentals. Very complicated new offers are confusing for our most of people who are not much educated. Sheer deception & looting.

  • All Networks are making the customers fool. There is no such package that benefits consumers, rather it give profit to the Network company. People do not understand the Game of Marketing.

  • i think the competition between the telco companies or in any industry benefits customers more than anyone else. good competitive move mobilink! i love the consistency you’ve shown..

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