40 Sensitive Government Websites got Hacked

Indian hackers’ group, called ‘Indian Cyber Army’ is claiming to have gained root access to one of main servers hosting major Pakistani Government websites, said an email sent to ProPakistani.

This server was reportedly hosting at least 40 government websites of sensitive nature, including Pakistan Navy, NAB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, Pakistan’s Military Account, Ministry of Science and Technology, AGP, FAB and others.

This web-server, reportedly hosted with NTC,  has a total of 162 government websites hosted on it, out of which at least 40 website were effected out of this hacking attempt.

Other websites hosted on this server (and were not hacked – but are in danger) includes PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), Pakistan’s Official Portal, MFA, ABL and others. Complete list can be viewed here.

Hackers didn’t deface the websites, instead inserted a file to just let the webmasters know that they had successfully rooted their servers and could deface the websites as well.

This is a warning for webmasters to secure their websites before its late.

This hacking attempt is said to be related with 26/11. Earlier, Indian hackers had threatened on various forums to deface major Pakistan websites as protest against 26/11 incident.

This is not the first time that Pakistani websites got hacked. This is the time now that the Government of Pakistan should add more professionals to shield its cyber security to protect country’s sensitive data available over internet.

It merits mentioning here that the major crew member and founder of Indian Cyber Army, named rAsCal, was not part of this hacking attempt, as shown by the credit at hacked pages.

Following is the list of hacked websites:

  • http://www.nab.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.paknavy.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.mofa.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.na.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.sindh.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pastic.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.nrb.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.nfdc.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.sindhpolice.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pcb.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.niopk.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.neas.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.navtec.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.dgto.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.msa.org.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.topians.edu.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.usc.com.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.vepcon.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pifra.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pmad.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pwd.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pcret.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pmnh.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pcrwr.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pcsir.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.agp.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.alp.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.pha.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.census.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.cga.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.cii.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.cmsindh.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.cmtl.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.environment.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.eadtraining.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.enercon.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.thenucleuspak.org.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.fab.gov.pk/indian.html
  • http://www.fgehf.gov.pk/indian.html