Mobilink launches HTC HD7 in Pakistan

HTC-HD7-1Mobilink has shown its love for smartphones recently. After Motorola Milestone, Mobilink has launched Windows® Phone 7 powered HTC HD7 smartphone in Pakistan.

The HTC HD7 smartphone features the latest Windows® Phone 7 platform which includes cutting-edge technologies and a series of unique applications that complements the Windows® Phone 7 Hub and Tile experience.

Launched under the umbrella of Mobilink’s post-paid brand indigo, the HTC HD7 smartphone is bundled with FREE GPRS for the first three months.

HTC HD7 offers a powerful range of innovative online services, keenly sought by high-end users, online social-networking enthusiasts, bloggers and corporate professionals alike. The Windows® Phone 7 also integrates with many popular Microsoft services such as Office in the smartphone.

The HTC HD7 smartphone allows you to watch movie in style on a huge 4.3 inch widescreen display with kickstand. With the 1Ghz processor, the HTC HD7 provides you with an exhilarating browsing experience and access to your multimedia and social network. With the 16GB built-in memory, users can store a huge library of 720p HD videos, music and games.

  • Price: Rs. 55,999
  • Where to Get: Mobilink Sales and Service Centers

You can get HTC DH7 from HomeShopping.PK for Rs. 44,990

  • Hey! sounds fake news. Official website has no info about this.

  • Opps! just got the official page please delete comment.

  • Ahmed


  • ali

    Mobilink has a great offer

  • Adeel

    Price? Conditions? Hidden costs? Contract Terms? Etc…

  • Imran

    56000 ka kon khari dai ga ? Its better to go in grey market !

  • spid3rguy

    Check out the video review!

  • ahsan

    wp7 sucks :P

  • Nadir Janjua

    this is a kick ass phone. good offer Mobilink!

    • Ashhar

      how you come to know that this phone kicks on ass :P heheh

  • Talha

    In the grey market it it roughly for 68K so Mobilink launching it at a 12K lower price with 3 Month Free GPRS is pretty awesome

  • arsalan Aly

    hey anyone knw how much price via mobilink postpaid connection any full info 12K is dat joke ?

  • Good Review. It seems to be a very nice hand set.

  • phonejunky

    Yo, HD7 is around 64-86k in grey market. But there aint no warranty attached. Called the customer center of Mobilink, they are giving hd7 in 56k and it is having one year warranty. cool stuff man, it is good investment. hell expensive phones without warranty are not good, ever!

    • phonejunky

      oops correct 64-68k*

  • Zain

    This mobile is available for 55k on
    Mobilink is selling it with 1k extra.
    Not the deal I was expecting.

  • Aslam Hafeez

    This is most expansive cell.if any custumer observed problem about serves then how customer staisfied with out this serves it is requested to consernd also confirm availibality & complete detail.

  • Yasir

    This cell is available in 55k on shophive and homeshopping.
    Mobilink is it called exclusive offer? You just disappointed us.

    • Zeeshan Shahid is a ripoff! I bought a wireless presenter (Rs. 5K) for office, broke down in first use. They declined any warranty but asked me to send it back (to Lahore) for paid repair which I did. Then they asked me to pay Rs. 1.5k more but without any guarantee of a repair. They’re a bunch of thieves.

      I also think they are selling refurbished goods or other goods they got on some international sale. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 which had the notorious battery problem causing Dell to carry out an international recall. is selling these batteries for Rs. 6k.

  • Mubasher

    such consistency i say! first the blackberry and now HTC, which is THE NEXT IN THING!!

  • fayyaz

    I have HTC hd7 problem is that HTC hub and other market item I can download as it is written,”market not not available in UR country region” please tell me about this thanks and waiting for reply

  • I have almost brand new htc hd7 window phone in very good condition from USA just 20 days used with complete accessories if anyone interested to buy seriously please contact me.

  • 3008343404

  • ijaz Ahmad

    I have HTC hd7 problem is that HTC hub and other market item I can download as it is written,”market not not available in UR country region” please tell me about this thanks and waiting